Black Cumin 100 capsules

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Packaging size: 68 g box (100 capsules á 680 mg)
Ingredients: 500 mg pure black cumin oil
Suggested use: 4 capsules per day, Children: 1-2 capsules per day

Black cumin magic seed from sunny Egypt
All our black cumin products are 100 % pure. The seeds are cultivated by small family farms according to the latest innovative methods, without the use of any insecticides. The oil cleaning process is very gentle in order to preserve its chemical structure. Based on latest Geman and Swiss research results the oil extraction is processed by the gentle stamp pressing method, that preserves all its essential substances. Before all, it is the high content of multiple unsaturated fat acids and vitamin E (0,3%), that make black cumin so healthy for us. Due to the gentle pressing method, the oil remains imperishable for 2-3 years.

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