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Code (5005) - are in the rainforests of the Amazon, there are several Copaiba Arten.Obwohl they have in some aspects botanical differences is attributed to their oils have the same medical and cosmetic use of possibility. The Copaibabaum adapts to a variety of natural environments and is found both in Terra Firme forests and wetlands. It can reach a height of 25 to 40 meters and up to 400 years old.

The process of obtaining the Copaibaöls is traditionally crafted. With a hand drill a hole is driven by the middle of the stem, which is the opening 60 to 70 centimeters above the ground. Immediately afterwards, a tube is placed below the opening so the Copaibaöl can drip into a container on the floor. The oil can drip off for a few days, and after completion of the harvest, the opening sealed with clay to prevent the infestation of the tree by fungi and termites. The Copaibabaum can be tapped into 2 or 3 times a year. This process is known as sustainable extraction. The average production of a mature Copaibabaumes is between 4 to 5 liters / year. The extraction of Copaibaöls should not be before reaching a trunk diameter of at least 40 cm run.


seeds germinate quickly Copaibabaumes, the growth of the seedling is low for tropical conditions, reaching only 50 cm per year.


traditional populations in the Amazon use the special properties of Copaibaöls especially skin problems such as Acne. In the Amazon, the application of Copaibaöles is widespread. It is also the substance with the largest ever recorded natural content of caryophyllene.


more information on Copaibaöl you can under the tab "About Copaibaöl" to read.


components: Copaibaöl (Copaifera officinalis) Natural pure oil without preservatives !


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