Dragon's Blood (Croton lechleri), 20ml

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The dragon's blood is a deep burgundy colored resin of the rainforest tree Croton lechleri ​​from the family of the spurge family. The liquid resin is recovered by scoring the bark. The process is sustainable, without endangering the life of the tree.
The traditional forest population uses the dragon's blood v.a. for wound closure in cuts and abrasions of the skin. The resin dries quickly and closes the wounds like a second skin. Due to the anti-inflammatory properties of the alkaloid taspin contained in the resin in particular, the wounds heal quickly and are disinfected.

In the traditional medicine of the Amazon inhabitants, the resin is also taken internally. Read more in English after clicking on the tab "Further Applications".

Ingredients: 20ml of pure dragon's blood from sustainable wild collection.

When using it, it should be noted that the dragon's blood should be dried on the skin before it comes into contact with garments. Stains of dragon's blood in clothing can not be removed!


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