Cupuaçu Praline (fruit puree with chocolate coating)

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A deliciously exotic sphere with fruit pulp filling and chocolate. An absolute taste sensation!


By autumn 2005, we were allowed the ball does not officially call it "Cupuaçu ball" because the Japanese food company called Asahi Cupuaçu as a "brand" worldwide has registered. That was absurd and a classic case of biopiracy at the expense of the local population in the Amazon, especially Asahi has also made a patent application for individual processing steps before the European Patent Office. Together with about 30 world shops, we have subsequently carried out a protest and collected more than 10,000 signatures against trademark and patent application.


We have succeeded! The mark was erased of the Register and the patent application was rejected!


The processing of fruit cupuaçu including the production of chocolate and oils of the seeds is maintained for generations by the population of Amazonia.

Flow in the production of 100 cupuaçu balls following resources:

3 kilos Theobroma grandiflorum fruit pulp

6 kg sugar

3.95 liters of condensed milk

3 kilos of chocolate


The balls are randomly examined by a specialist food chemistry laboratory for microbiological safety.



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