International Summer School and Conference in Economics and Management (ISSEM & ICEM), Cuba

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Lunch Bundle

Artikel-Nr.: ISSEM_2018_Lunch

You will receive ten lunch coupons (including a beverage and dessert) useable at the restaurant “La Roca” located in close vicinity to the hotel Habana Libre and the Faculty of Economics where your courses will take place. Lunch will be together with German and Cuban professors and the Cuban Alumni who are amongst the most interesting people to talk to regarding their country and where to go on the weekend.

59,00 *

Accommodation Bundle

Artikel-Nr.: ISSEM_2018_Acco

Don´t be stressed out by looking for a place so stay in Havana! We organize and book a “casa particular” and make sure it is ready for you. Price does not include costs for the accommodation itself. Even better: If you let them know, our team in Habana will do all to be there when you arrive at your casa to make sure that everything is alright. Of cause they know perfect Spanish.

69,00 *

Service and Culture Bundle

Artikel-Nr.: ISSEM_2018_SCB

This bundle includes the tourist card and various social activities like the famous salsa dancing class, the ISSEM excursion, a day on the beach, a visit to a museum, a bike tour through Havana and other activities. If you book this package we will transfer the number of your tourist card automatically to the ISSEM Organization team at HU. Hence you will not have to do anything. Once in Cuba our activities will complement your learning experience with possibilities to see and learn more about Cuba and get to know your fellow students and Cubas adorable people.

149,00 *

Service and Culture Bundle without tourist card

Artikel-Nr.: ISSEM_2018_SCB_lite

This bundle contains all the advantages offered by the Service and Culture Bundle, except the tourist card. It is intended for people who have already purchased a tourist card. However, we would recommend to buy the other Service and Culture Bundle, as it is very time-consuming to get a card yourself without costing less. 

119,00 *
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