Long wrestling brawl – Maya vs Renee

(Resolution: High Resolution)

Time for another prolonged no-rules and no-holds-barred wrestling match between our hot gfintess women - Maya and Renee. Both of them look incredible in their spandex aerobic outfits and matching high heels. They do a fantastic wrestling, showing off their abilities in some very hot action. Both fighters are very dominant, using all kinds of wrestling holds and attacks, especially crotch hits are often to see in this struggle. This match offers a lot of what you want - leglocks, legbars, wrist holds, ankle holds, chokeholds, figure-four legholds, neckholds, armbars, crotch claw holds, crotch stomping and more another great and dirty submission holds. Fantastic holds and super turn-on action with many crotch attacks between these two terrific looking ladies delight this prolonged picture set.

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Duration - 30 min. 30 sec.


Selection: Long wrestling brawl – Maya vs Renee

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