Clone Attack – Jillian vs Elena - HD

This new movie – „Clone Attack“ is our next part of full edited - ACTION VIDEOCLIPS. If you liked our fantasy outdoor gunfight shooting movies – Escape from druids, Capture the Flag, Danger package, Gangster War and more other.- you also will enjoy this one. Story plot – Beautiful Jillian is guarding the camp, armed with machine pistole. She had a camera which mounted on the gun, so we will see from time to time the action from her point of view. Clone Elena, attired in black catsuit and over knee boots, constant attacks the camp. You will see in this movie five clone attacks, but all in vain, Jullian blocked all attacks successfully, shooting her enemy all the times. Lots of prolonged machine gun shootings. This movie features lots of FX special effects, muzzle flashes, impacts, fantastic background music and FX sounds. The action went non-stop and a must for your collection!



720p HD FORMAT: [ 1280 X 720 ] (290 MB)

Clip Duration - 03 min. 18 sec.


Video Format: MOV. H.264 CODEC, ZIPPED


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Customer ratings for Clone Attack – Jillian vs Elena - HD

Number of ratings: 2
Average rating: 5
Jillian! <3
from on 19/03/2016
I'm happy Jillian made it! She looks amazingly sexy in those shiny white leggings.
from on 16/03/2016
This is a wonderful application of clones. Elena is super sexy as the assassin, who just can't get anywhere close to target Jillian who is armed with a machine gun.

I especially liked the machine gun and the machine gun sound effects. This particular video used sort of a tracer effect so you can track the bullets as they tear into Elena, who does a terrific job of shaking to the machine gun fire. I rather liked the POV of the shooter as well.

Short, fast, and full of action, this video delivered. Of course now I want to see Jillian be on the receiving end of that machine gun

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