Fencing Duel – Darcy vs Sabrina

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New fantasy rapier duel between our gorgeous women – Darcy and Sabrina. Darcy, in blue shiny catsuit and over knee boots takes on her young rival Sabrina, in hot black catsuit and gloves. What a nasty fencing action here in the dancing room in front of a big mirror - both combatants are quick with their rapiers and vast in their knowledge of the places where to hit. Breast and belly are the vulnerable places for the rapier thrusts for both ladies. These duelling women display their quickness with a series of well-placed rapier thrusts. Also hand combat and punching to the face is usual tactic by both fighters. The end of this fight will definitely surprise you. The invisible attacker shot Sabrina from the bow, sending an arrow into her belly. Finally, both combatants lying spread wide on the ground. Absolutely fantastic fencing action, dramatically face expressions, well-placed rapier thrusts and surprised end for both women! This set is also available in a large version - 3504x2336 pixels.



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Selection: Fencing Duel – Darcy vs Sabrina

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Customer ratings for Fencing Duel – Darcy vs Sabrina

Number of ratings: 2
Average rating: 5
Super sexy!
from on 24/03/2017
So hot to see Darcy lose in that outfit!
Everything I ever wanted
from on 26/02/2017
This was a set that I commissioned. It came out beyond all expectations. The costumes were nearly exactly as I asked for the action, facial expressions, posing, weapons were all superb. I could not be more happy the way it turned out. May I recommend that others commission works. It is wonderfully satisfying to see one's ideas become reality in such capable hands.

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