Fencing Duel – Tess vs Jillian

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Two beautiful ladies – Tess and Jillian – cross their rapiers for the duel in front of our camera. Jillian enters the room attired in hot blue body with open back, black pantyhose and overknee boots to do rapier buel against Tess, attired in shiny red gymnastic pants and skin-tight long-sleeved gymnastic top, also in overknee boots. Jillian is our veteran duelist and has lot of knowledge in all forms of unfair fighting, during the battle she thrusts her rapier into Tess’s well formed breast and belly, also mixed her rapier thrust attacks with unfair below the belt kicks. Tess counter attacks with face punching, but is it enough, could she really offer the resistance against her opponent? Find out which steel is the best in this fencing brawl! This set is also available in a large version - 3504x2336 pixels.



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Selection: Fencing Duel – Tess vs Jillian

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Fencing Duel
from on 26/03/2018
I like your work. I would like to see a firing match with these swords, white dresses and white leather opera gloves, maybe once.

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