Maya vs Zoe - long struggle with toyknife

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Nasty catfight with telescopic toyknife in the apartment setting is our newest production that features amazing struggle between two hot-looking women – Maya and Zoe. Both women wear gorgeous outfits and they look very tempting. The friendly talk at the beginning between these two ladies turned quickly and furious catfight in the room. These ladies fight each other using gut slugs, toyknife stabs to tall areas, hair-pulling, face punches, elbow hits, dress pullings, crotch kicks and punches, chokeholds, wrestling holds, knee between the legs and all other things they can find in their arsenal. So much pain on such beautiful bodies and so much intensity and fury. Fantastic acting, amazing face expressions and dirty knife thrusts highlight this awesome catfight. Finally, you will find one winner standing over beaten loser on the ground.

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Selection: Maya vs Zoe - long struggle with toyknife

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