Journey into the past - Vicky, Darcy vs Renee

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This image set takes us on a journey into the past as three very hot ladies fencing each other and fighting for their rights. Super intense action from beginning to end, with some of the best fencing photos imaginable. The duel takes place on the wooden pier. Darcy, in corsage, golden hotpants and heels, is a Vicky's bodyguard, who attired in long red dress. Both have been attacked by Renee, in lingerie body, leather coat and over knee boots. First Renee duels with Darcy and after some great fencing action, she thrusts her rapier into Darcy's breast and lower belly. Vicky grabbed the rapier of her limp bodyguard and replaced her in the fight, but Vicky had no chance against experienced Renee, who masterful fence all the time. Renee thrusts the rapier in Vicky's breast and you will see painful expression of Vicky's face as the tip of the rapier shoved into her sensitive orb! Great fencing action, dramatically face expressions, hot bodies and beautiful outdoor location will make you want to watch this image set over and over again, just to make sure you didn't miss anything. This set is also available in a standard version - 1450x967 pixels. Buying this set in a high resolution, you will get the same set in the standard resolution for free.



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Selection: Journey into the past - Vicky, Darcy vs Renee

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The best rapier duel yet
from on 05/05/2015
Long-haired victims, one in an evening gown and one in a corset. Good facial expressions, lots of breasts and crotches being dimpled with rapiers, good body pans. Perfect outdoor lighting. How about something like this with evening gowns or skirts, heels and arrows?

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