Outdoor Sword fight – Jillian vs Elena

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This new fantasy outdoor sword fight brings on the stage two old rivals – young Jillian and blonde goddess - Elena. On one side, Jillian dressed in yellow long evening dress and high heels. On the other side, blonde Elena, in black leather hotpants, long-sleeved shirt and over knee boots. This sword fight goes straight into the action, with lots of thrusts, blocking, moving, ducking and plain sword fighting with amazing facing expressions. Both sword fighters have a slight advantage over the opponent during the battle, with great breast and belly rapier thrusts! Who will win this sword fight? Check it out and you will be pleasantly surprised! This action brawl fight will definitely not want to miss and must in your collection! This set is also available in a large version - 3504x2336 pixels.



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Selection: Outdoor Sword fight – Jillian vs Elena

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Customer ratings for Outdoor Sword fight – Jillian vs Elena

Number of ratings: 2
Average rating: 4.5
Elena is fabulous
from on 06/09/2019
Elena is fabulous here - her never-ending legs in boots are just WOW.
Mostly swordfight
from on 18/06/2019
Jillian, in bright yellow dress, eventually defeats Elena at the very end. I'd have preferred a few extra pics of the defeated Elena.

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