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This webpage contains 18 years of experience in the Waterjet Industry and is now available for you.
You'll find here parts for high pressure pumps and cutting heads for the following brands:

  • Flow
  • KMT
  • WSI
  • OMAX
  • Tecnocut
  • Bystronic

Our top priority is to offer you the most complete range of spare parts and consumables. At the same time we care about quality and fair prices because reducing your production costs is the main object of our service. Amongst others we accomplish this by smart inventory planning that allows us to respond quickly to your orders.

To find your product please fill in our part number, the OEM part number or the part's description into the search box. Or you can also browse through the catogories.
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not be listed since our e-shop is being updated almost every day.

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All original manufacturer names, drawings, colours and part numbers are used for identification purposes only and are trademarks for which the respective manufacturers own the copyrights. GT Machine Components claims in no way whatsoever that the products contained in this catalogue are genuine spare parts except explicitly stated.