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ROCOL Thread Cutting Compound, 50g tube

Product no.: LB0100-1
Not in stock

ROCOL Thread Cutting Compound, 500g can

Product no.: LB0100-2
Not in stock

FML-2 Grasa, Food Grade

Product no.: MS10087305

for high pressure fittings
contenido 411 g

OEM# MS10087385, 10087385, 10087305, 49865603

In stock

Extreme Pressure Lube #3, 0.25 oz

Product no.: LB9000

OEM# 202496

In stock

Blue Goop - 2 oz

Product no.: LB1000-1

OEM# A-2185, 400001-1, 302692

In stock

High Purity Goop, 1 lbs (450 g)

Product no.: LB2100

Product isr usuable for:

- high pressure fittings

- thread of high pressure components


Not in stock

High Purity Goop lubricants

Product no.: LB2000

halocarbon-based thread lubricant

OEM# 10084440 / 49864887

In stock

Blue Goop, 1 lbs (450 g) can

Product no.: LB1000-2

Oil-Based Thread Lubricant

Use this for:

- high pressure fittings

- threads of high pressure components

- stainless steel, steel, titanium and nickel alloys

Product features:

- resists galling

- for temperatures up to 400°F (204°C)


In stock

Parker O-Lube, 2 g packet

Product no.: LB1200

Use this for:

- O-Rings

- especially recommended for low pressure pneumatic and vacuum systems

Product features:

- extends life of synthetic o-rings


- avoid contact with eyes and prolonged or repeated skin contact

In stock

White Grease, 5 g packet

Product no.: LB3100
Not in stock

Lubricant "SILVER ANTI-SEIZE" 207 ml

Product no.: LB1300

OEM# (A-20386-1)


LOCTITE LB 8150 is a general purpose, aluminium based Anti-Seize paste, it prevents static and slow moving parts from seizing and galling up to 900°C.


In stock

Semi-fluid grease for centralised lubrication, 0,9 kg

Product no.: LB1151

OEM# L-T-1134-151-1

In stock