All parts will be shipped from our warehouse in Germany.
All orders that come in before 12 o'clock p.m. German time will be shipped at the same say, subject to product availability.

We've selected reliable logistic partners that allow us also to keep the shipping costs as low as possible.

Transpotation costs can vary depending on the country of destination. However, we want to make the calculation of the freight costs as simple as possible for you. Because of this we charge flat rates to the different country groups.


Please find the flat rate for your country here below:


Europe I

Europe II

Europe III

Europe IV


9,90 EUR

18,00 EUR

18,00 EUR

20,00 EUR

39,00 EUR

Express surcharge

10,00 EUR

13,00 EUR

23,00 EUR

23,00 EUR

25,00 EUR

Standard lead time

1 - 2 days

2 - 5 days

3 - 6 days

3 - 7 days

5 - 10 days

Express lead time

1 days

1 - 3 days

2 - 4 days

2 - 4 days

3 - 5 days


Above mentioned prices are valid for parcel shipments, only.
Oversize items, e. g. high pressure pipes or shock attenuators, must be shipped by truck and will be quoted seperately.
Duties or any other extra fees are not included in the flat rates.

Lead times are at the responsabilty of the forwarders and can't be changed by GT Machine Components.
Please contact us if you need a more precise indication of the lead time to you address.

Country Groups:


Germany:        Above mentioned costs and lead times are not valid for the delivery to German Islands.
Please add at least one extra day and extra costs of 10,00 EUR.
Europe I: Concerns the countries -  A, AND, B, DK, E, F, FIN, FO, GB, GR, GRO, I, IRL, L, MC, NL, P, S, SCV
Europe II: Concerns the countries - BG, CY, CZ, EST, H, LT, LV, M, PL, RO, SK, SLO
Europe III: Concerns the countries - GBZ, IS, FL, N, CH, TR
Europe IV: Concerns the countries - AL, BIH, HR, MD, MK, MNE, RUS, SRB, UA