Audio-Visual Aberration - Vol l+ll DVD (90s Mexican Death Metal Documentary)

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A true piece of mexican Death Metal history!!! The mexican underground answer to "Death... is just the Beginning"!

This is the official Re-Release of the "Audio Visual Aberraton" documentary VHS part 1 + 2, now officially available for the first time on DVD with english subtitles!!!

Contains rare interviews, rehearsal- & live videos of the most representive Death Metal Bands from mexico of the early 90s (The glorious times!!!), such as:

-ERESHKIGAL (the only Black Metal Band in this documentary)
and many more...!!!

This release is limited on 500 copies, only and you shouldn't miss this one! That's an important part of Metal history, far beyond your average already too well known "us/european metal history"; there are already too many of the same "Metal History"-documentaries...!!! This DVD is a fukkin diamond of the underground, representing the strength of true Death Metal from the other side of the world (...and NOT only scandinavia!)!

Highly recommended for all fans of traditional extreme metal!!!

Released by "American Line Prod."!


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