Hatespawn - Abyssic Conquerors DLP + Poster


Hatespawn - Abyssic Conquerors DLP + Poster

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Alright you fukks! A lesson of traditional Death Metal in in coming: HATESPAWN!!!

Brutally underrated, this killer LP-compilation contains the demo "Ascent from the Kingdom Below" & "Blasphemous Redeemer" by this oldschool Death Metal horde from germany (under the leading fist of the master himself: ANGEL OF DISEASE (Patrick W. Engel!!!)) HATESPAWN! As everything, where the Angel is involved, this band was truely one of a kind... delievering nothing else but true oldschool Death Metal!!! No damn idea, why Hatespawn never received the deserved attention while tons of other boring bands got hyped till death?... nevertheless, I don't care though, so I recommend you to grab this black piece of evil Death Metal and hail the old spirit!!!

Pressed on black waxxx by Sepulchral Voice Recs.! Comes incl. printed innersleeve and super big poster!!!!


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