Regressus Diaboli Fanzine - #3

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The brand new, third issue of the mighty REGRESSUS DIABOLI Zine has finally been published!!! I've always heard only positive words about this zine and finally I can confirm that till death, this zine is truely one of a kind and absolutely dedicated to the real Underground Warnoise!!!!

Through 86 pages (A4 size!!!) you'll find longer, varying in-depth interviews where you can literally feel the true curiousity and interest of the Editor "PitoMutilator"!!! I've always prefered FAN-zines, as the maniacs behind the rotten pages are absolutely dedicated to the old metal spirit and their creations are results of the neverending bloodlust for real metal madness and REGRESSUS DIABOLI is high on top of the list of them!!!! Brutal Cut'n'Paste Madness, tons of Underground-Propaganda in the background (all hail!) and most important, killer and honest interviews with:

-Goat Synagogue
-Blasphemous Sexfago
-Witchcraft (Fin)
-Witchcraft Mag
-Life Eternal Prod.
-Hidden Dagger
-Earth Crust
-Death Altar
-and also lots of biographies, short stories, reviews and live reports!!!

PitoMutilator is real and dedicated, so unlike most other "newer zines", you will find tons of photos and flyers and most important, a normal english-language here instead of the shitty "look-at-me-I'm-so-intelligent-but-nobody-understands-a-word"-style!!! Also a big Fukk Off to minimalism!!! More means worship, less means shit!!!

Support Regressus Diaboli or die in fire, twice!!!

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