Perverse Rites - WitchSlutHaunt (Regular Tape)

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OUT NOW on Destruktion Records!!
The ultimate Black Thrashing Holocaust Attack from peruvian Hell: PERVERSE RITES!

The new EP "WitchSlutHaunt" contains five hymns of storming black-thrash devastation in the most traditional south american vein and became a strong emissary for the peruvian Underground Hell-Legions!!! The mighty horde of Perverse Rites has walked a hard path since their formation in 2010, thus the newest EP gathered all the forces and experiences of the past years to an ultimate outburst of blasphemy and satanic lust, known as "WitchSlutHaunt"!!! An essential element, which guided P.R. since the beginning is and has always been the honesty and true devotion to the real underground cult, which has been pushed into all of their creations... which also made the huge difference and separation from all the other faceless clown bands of today, who seemingly care more about their image than their music and message!! Perverse Rites marches high above all of them!!! Spirit above all!

Official Tape-Version (Regular), pro-done tape & cover!
Limited to 200 copies in total (150 Regular, 50 Die Hard-Sets).

Perverse Rites represent, what the real Underground Spirit and Morbid Faith is all about! Honesty, Loyalty, Extremity and absolute Dedication for the only thing that's real!!! (Detailed Interview will be published in Bestial Desecration Zine #6!!!) FUKK OFF TRENDIES & DESTROY YOUR LOCAL ROCKSTAR FAGGS!!! SUPPORT THE UNDERGROUND!!!


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