Nocturnal - Serpent Death Tape

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The newest deathstrike of the german underground thrash force NOCTURNAL!!! Here it is finally and I can already tell you: Pino did a fukkin killer job on the vocals and due to the fact that I've never been a huge fan of Tyrannizer (the last album was good though), Pino delievered once again another sick side of his vocal variations (you wouldn't recognize him, when you try to compare it to his work with Witchburner arghhh! All Hail!)!!! Serpent Death became a solid Nocturnal album and I'm very glad to see that Nocturnal is still around, alive and kicking! Although the sound could have been better (and especially the strange layout...) this is still fukkin Nocturnal, so grab yourself a copy and make your own opinion about it!!!

Official Tape-Version by Dying Victims Prod. incl. Sticker & Button!!!


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