Hellcrash - Krvcifix Invertör LP

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Blasphemic Speed Metal Krvcifix Invertörs!!!!
The first full-length of the italian blasphemers and as already mentioned in the Morbid Faith Newsletter, this shit will rip your damn face off!! Especially the vocals remind so damn much on young Cronos (Venom), that even the old feeling of raging metal madness returns within the blink of an eye straight into your blood!!! Nine tracks to break your fukkin neck on criminal speed! Sick album-cover, sick tracks, sick maniacs!!!! Worshippers of early Venom, Baphomet's Blood, Bulldozer and early Slayer should grab a copy NOW!!! Total Support!!!!

Official LP-Version by Dying Victims Prod. Incl. Postcard and Poster! Pressed on black fukkin waxxx!!!!



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