Fatal Underground Fanzine - #55 + Bonus Zine & CD

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The newest issue of Fatal Underground just reached me once again by total surprise (thanks Leo!!!), this is total Underground dedication!!! Although I'm personally not a fan of every featured band, it's still important to show respect and support this loyal zine, which has already reached the 55th issue, damn!!! This time featuring interviews with:

-German Democratic Recordings
-New World Depression
-Endless Curse
-Daniel Andrich

As special bonus, this issue comes once again with an additional zine which consists only of reviews and last but not least, each zine-set comes along with a killer CD-Compilation by GDR, feat old tracks of MCB, PLATTFORM, MACBETH, M.A.D., ROCHUS, MUSICIAL MASSACRE etc... all the killer shit, which GDR stands for, which GDR supported for many years!!!

Support the real ones, fukk off fashion-rockstar faggs and keep the true cult alive - it's all or nothing, absolutely radical and dedicated... or whimp!!! Only printed is real!!!

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