Artilleros 666 - Ex Ignis Reviviscimus Tape + Sticker

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Raw South American Underground Metal Holocaust Storm!!

Destruktion Records proudly presents the ultimate raw metal beast of the southern legions: ARTILLEROS 666!
Totally dedicated to the radical underground flame, A666 is one of the most promising new forces of nowadays underground (concerning the old values of real extremism in attitude, sound and style), hailing from the very depths of Bolivia since 2018!!! Pure devotion flows through their veins and made A666 more than just an average band by some 'guys who felt like to play some music?!' as everything relating to this bloody horde was done by the band itself, even the sick logo and cover-artwork (evoked by the hands of Miguel 'Ente Tenebrarum', who's also the editor of the legendary ENTENREBECER FANZINE!!!). More strength and radicalism simply isn't!!!

This Tape-Version gathers all their 6 demo/promo-tracks including one more bonus-track:

01. Ex Ignis Reviviscimus
02. Me Cago en tu Dios
03. Artilleros 666
04. In Nomine
05. Caliz de Odio
06. Solve et Coagula
07. Devotas Sadomorbosas

As this Tape-Release was a very spontaneous and previously unplaned decision (I couldn't wait till next fukkin' year to get this sick stuff out!), it's strictly limited to 50 copies, only! But there's already more planed for the future...!!!
(All copies incl. logo-sticker!!!)

Fear the burning wrath of the bloody Underground and join our legions of death!!!


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