Unfortunately the Distro has to remain closed until the end of this year in order to avoid unexpected shit for the future years to come and to keep the bloody mission alive, for which Destruktion Records has been evoked (speaking about possible new tax-laws and all the fukkery, I'd pretty much like to avoid). Destruktion Records is and will always be an Underground Force, so it's a matter of fact that I do NOT wish to play by the rules of a "business company"!!! (They can F.O.A.D.!!!)

Be sure, that I am absolutely NOT fine nor happy with that decision  but that's an essential sacrifice, which I have to accept in order to keep the things the way they are now! My deepest gratitude and eternal respect goes out to all the real old and new maniacs, labels, zine-editors and promoters, who fought with me the same bloody war for the power and glory of the radical Underground during this absolutely killer and victorious year!!! ...and the next one, will be much sicker, more radical and totally ruled again by the iron attitude of true Underground Extremism!!!

Await the final Armageddon at the dawn of the new year!!!
(Bestial Desecration Zine #6 + Witchtrap Special, Tapes of Nekkromaniac, Sphinx, Nebiros; the new R'Lyeh CD and more...) Keep the old flame burning proud and strong!!!

Spirit above all... Forever Underground!!!

Infernal Destruktor

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