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Product no.: 13-1-1.4.3e

Undetected by russia land


10.000km Transit through the USSR


1st edition, eBook german language

Product no.: 12-1-1.4.1e

ISBN: 978-3-943585-06-3

The Cat in the name Argos or the search for life

the life history of multiple interwoven between illusion and reality

Product no.: 12-1-1.4.2e

ISBN: 978-3-943585-07-0

In this book is the key to explain the events after the 12/21/2012? The book can save us all?

The first 227 days in 14 chapters of "phantoms to rebirth or a phoenix from the ashes" described in Band I. Band II: "I - The neuter" will follow in the comming months and here we are anxious to see how or what the author means by that! Band III also appears later this year, and so an exciting year full of reading adventure lies ahead. The author emphasizes that he does not consider itself something special or exquisite, and as he says this, you must selbt exquisite!

Product no.: 12-1-

ISBN: 978-3-943585-27-8

Wisdom of Life
an aid to life

A life in poems beginning with the first poem "Childhood" and not ending with death but with a "Goldilocks".
A reading experience for all who like it bright and reflective!



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