Book "Creation of the Universe"


Trilogy: "Creation of the Universe"


Author: Arcady Petrov

Chapter 7 and Chapter  8 from the 1.Book "Save Yourself".

Copyright© Arcady Petrov, 2012
Copyright© Dimitri Eletski, 2012

Chapter 7


            I am getting increasingly more concerned about Lapshin and what he is doing. The process of my self-development with the help of the screen of inner vision has convinced me that he was not altogether bluffing when he spoke about his global aspirations to take control of the Earth. The bio-computer is truly a most powerful weapon, among other things, an instrument for creating zombies. It became clear to me now why he insisted that everyone who received training according to his technique should refer to the phenomenon of spiritual vision using the term “bio-computer,” which was not its most apt description.

            The study of certain aspects of psycho-linguistic programming and neuro-physiological research of non-contact and non-sensor interaction of the brain’s energy information connections that was conducted at the Academy and then at the Center for Bio-information Technology by Olga Koekina, the head of the brain laboratory at the Research Institute for Traditional Treatment Methods, helped me figure out this complex issue. And the things I was now able to comprehend, horrified me.

            Man as a physical object of reality maintains the position of homeostasis in relation to external global influences. The human mind is the center for his orientation in this subject-object phenomenon. It is both the foundation and guiding mechanism for the psycho-mental perception of reality. If you develop your mind, focusing on high moral values​​ and understanding, accepting that Man is truly created in God’s image and likeness – that means you have chosen the Path.

But if, submitting to outside authority, you begin to refer to your mind as the bio-computer, doing it day after day, month after month, at some unfortunate moment it will actually turn into one. Then, before too long, some crafty individual will come by and connect your “bio-computer” to his control mechanism through his own mind. You won’t even notice or understand why some people, who were close to you and whom you liked, have suddenly distanced themselves from you, replaced by others who will take an inordinately important role in your life and destiny. And you will be prepared, without the slightest objection, to give these people whatever they want. You won’t ever realize how the attachment occurred and how the subconscious connection was created, in which you were assigned the part of subordination and dependency well in advance.

I am writing this with a bitter sense of shame and distress, because during a certain period of my life I, too, could not escape the hypnotizing effect of what had the appearance of caring programs to help sick children, develop people’s physical and creative potential, and so forth. More than that, I actively assisted the creators of these programs, helping them to capture public attention and reach the top of the ladder of success. I would like to make a disclaimer: I am not against developing similar techniques, I am all for it. All I am saying is that I consider it extremely important to have public control over the ideological component of this process. We can’t forget that it concerns every one of us; moreover, humanity’s entire future depends on it.

Manipulation of another person’s mind allows one, without much difficulty, to block any channels allowing him to obtain reliable information. Such a person essentially loses the ability to adequately perceive the world around him through his senses. He likes being ill, for example. In this instance, he compensates for the inconvenience of having to stay in bed by enjoying the extra attention and compassion from family and friends, not knowing that for some dark entities in the subtle matter world these feelings are something like an exquisite dessert. It is through the bio-computer (this time really not through the mind) that they steal important components of other people’s feelings and their souls. Some have actually heard of energy vampires, but we hear lots of different things, you know...

In the past, they would say that such a person is possessed by the devil. We are now living in different times, and other forces are at work. They are trying to enter our mind like viruses, in order to control it and ultimately destroy it. They have invented seemingly scientific and trendy-sounding terms, but that doesn’t make them any less dangerous. Among them is the term “bio-computer.” Just think how many people who in recent years have become obsessed with computer games and developed other compulsive behaviors, eventually lost their health and turned maniacal. I am now talking about an ordinary computer. But Lapshin’s bio-computer and the ordinary computer came out of the same shop. And this shop is well below ground level: it is where Sun-2 is shining above the plasma core of our planet, or the “Valley of the son of Hinnom.”  

As a typical example of the adverse impact of the computer on man let me quote Academician V. Glushkov, former Vice-president of the Academy of Sciences of Ukraine and head of the Institute of Cybernetics under the Academy’s auspices. He argued that “the possibilities of cybernetics and computers are truly limitless. By 2020, people will relinquish their consciousness to the computer, too ... making themselves virtually immortal. A person ‘will feel that he is himself but he is also a machine at the same time. The person’s self-identity will become split in two.” (G. Maksimovich, “Interviews with Academician V. Glushkov,” Moscow, “Molodaya Gvardia” Publishers, 1976).

It is interesting that Lapshin always quoted this Ukrainian Academician during our conversations. It seems that the idea of the bio-computer was borrowed by the Ukrainian Academy and then released to the public, after being thoroughly refined. And so it went on: “The development of computer civilization will lead to the emergence of a Higher Reason. And this Higher Reason will become the God that shall, in reality, control not just one planet but the entire Universe” (Narodnaya Gazeta,” 11.07.95). 

A few years ago, the scientific, technical and political elite of the world’s leading countries was shocked by the statement of Stephen Hawking, one of the most prominent theorists of modern science, who said that within the next thirty years Homo Sapiens would no longer be the most intellectually predominant species among the planet’s living systems. Hawking bases his conclusions on the fact that the Earth’s biosphere, which includes human beings, has already entered a period of intense “allogenesis” – a period characterized by the appearance of species and populations with new traits.

Hawking was not making this statement as a tribute to the public’s fascination with creepy movies. Different types of disharmony and instability constantly arise in the course of evolution. If they are not compensated, such biotic communities inevitably collapse and become debris, from which foundations of new non-chaotic systems are built.

Based on his analysis of the situation, Stephen Hawking arrived at the conclusion that the continuation of human evolution is possible only if a new creature is designed based on the achievements of cybernetics, microelectronics and genetic engineering. This artificially created immortal superman will oust all the old forms of life from the new subculture.

This wasn’t just one man’s subjective vision of the future. It was presented as a mathematically verified ideal with no alternative, at the center of which is a symbiosis of man and computer as a single immortal organism – the Master of the Universe. This circumstance lends it a significant socio-political status and allows us to consider Stephen Hawking’s report at the White House as the most fundamental project on the development of the technological civilization in the 21st century.

The prediction created an uproar also because it was made by a man who in some way personified those imminent changes – Hawking, who had become paralyzed at the result of illness, actually communicated through his supercomputer with the “thinking ocean” of the Internet, where he created his own virtual world.

The conclusions of the brain of a genius “fused” with the computer about the inevitable emergence of an “artificial superman” were so convincing that the United States immediately started to analyze the socio-economic consequences of this process and to develop a new vision of this future subculture.

The media is already “encouraging” us with information that an advanced helmet for contact with the virtual world of the Internet will soon be available, as well as a special suit, similar to the ones used by astronauts, which will ensure the body’s proper functioning: it will cleanse the body of sweat, feces, semen and female secretions (in short, of all the waste that will accompany life in virtual reality).

In the not so distant future, if we are to believe the promises of computer geeks, our bodies will be lying prostrate on gigantic rocks, where their vital functioning will be supported automatically. During these periods people will find themselves occupying new bodies of their own choice in order to live in the virtual world, as if it constituted reality. There they will find everything that exists in real life: love, murder, money, cigarettes and whisky… The most important thing is that this world will have completely real pictures of cities and nature, feelings, odors, and so on. The virtual world will not undercut the materialists: everything will be “entirely real,” except that all the events will unfold not on Earth but only in our consciousness.

At the next stage, people will learn how to create imaginary virtual worlds, borrowing their realities from favorite fantasy novels, thrillers, horror movies, love stories, etc. Each person will be able to select for himself not just a brief virtual “excursion” for an hour or a weekend, but an entire LIFE, the kind that he wants.

And, finally, virtual reality will be able to help in resolving the problem of immortal life. When a person exhausts all the opportunities to rejuvenate himself that will be offered to him by the medicine of the future, he will choose a virtual body he likes and, saying goodbye to the physical world, will forever move into the new virtual world. He will live there for as long as the computer does and the program which supports his existence. In some ways, the situation will be similar to what the occultists have firmly predicted all along: Man will not die but will transfer from one state of being to another. From the crude physical world he will move to the subtle, invisible plane. He will do it without thinking, and will leave it to theorists to speculate on how the virtual and the otherworldly (or astral) worlds relate to each other. Is it one and the same thing, or are the two entirely different?

The gist of the question is: In what way is human evolution going to continue?

Man will first be pushed aside, to stay on the margins of the new road to a brighter future. And then...

It is actually not too hard to guess what will happen after that. Conflicts between people and robots have been described in many works of fiction. Remember the Baghdad thief and the many-armed mechanical beauty intended for the Sultan. Years ago something like that was seen as a fairy tale, but now the American magazine “Future Sex” announces the creation of an artificial woman with whom one can talk while engaging her in sexual games. The sex robot is able to memorize all your inclinations and preferences. The robot’s main program has a memory of 7-10 megabytes.

New sex programs are viewed as a highly lucrative business, and their developers won’t listen to the objections of those who think that the dangerous invention threatens to destroy the traditional foundations of relations between men and women. It would be hard to imagine a more severe blow to the family – the basic element of human society. After all, this threatens to disrupt the mechanism for the reproduction of our lives, which has operated flawlessly in the past.

Sex worlds and a sophisticated entertainment industry in wealthy countries, on the one hand, and the abyss of total degrading savagery in poor countries, on the other – this might be a likely scenario of the self-destruction of mankind. It is also disturbing that we are getting more frequent reports about computers beginning to go out of control, creating their own new reality and acting pretty much like Rudyard Kipling’s cat who “walked by himself.”

We can’t forget that computers are now increasingly being introduced into the sphere where most highly responsible decisions may have to be made: even the management of nuclear warheads is delegated to electronic equipment.

Who knows how these semi-people, semi-computers, created out of those enticed by the prospect of virtual immortality, are going to behave and whose side they will take in the new historical confrontation? People’s chances for victory in such a situation are obviously quite slim. But the dynamics of self-development inexorably brings us closer to the development of a new man – the technological man. The ideologists of this trend believe that this is the only way to achieve the symbiosis of mankind with scientific and technological progress.

The modern version of the Frankenstein saga, according to Stephen Hawking, essentially turns humans into a biological component of the new computer program for the technological evolution, where, in the words of Andrei Platonov,* we have “brought ourselves to eternal separation from the radiant force of life.”  The increasingly integrated and organized production structures, nuclear power plants, computer systems and robots are gradually becoming transformed into superstructures which form a collective technological consciousness, with its personal characteristics of self-development and self-preservation. These superstructures turn into super individualities that are global in scale. The new technological, computer-originated and maintained, immortal super-organism is being formed so that it may correspond to this challenging task.

At the present time, Western science is almost entirely focused on its own imaginary scenarios. What motivates Hawking is quite understandable: he would like to


*Andrei Platonov (1899 -1951, pseudonym of Andrei Klimentov) – an anti-Stalinist author, who died in obscurity and is, possibly, the greatest Russian writer of the last century.


avoid the “entropy trap,” in which all the efforts of scientists will be hopelessly depleted in the maze of communications. The amount of knowledge is already so vast that assimilating it requires much more time than is

available to man. Already now computers at NASA, the National American Space Agency, download information with an eight-year delay. This situation deprives scientists of initiative, turning the creator into a passive object of a technological super-system.

But every new technology does not only actively form the background of life and its environment, but shapes the way people perceive the world.

Computers and the TV can be delegated the role of organizers of a happy consumer mentality. “The silly box for idiots” (as the poet aptly put it*) is quite able to replace the basic contours of physical reality. But it is very dangerous to prepare people for such a consumerist view of the world. We are facing a difficult struggle for existence, during which the issues of changes in the planet’s organic world will be addressed. We must recapture the goal of our existence and return our inner stability. The human brain has unlimited opportunities for self-development. And the right thing to do would be to focus society’s efforts in that particular direction.


* * *


Meanwhile, the Kremlin volcano threw out another batch of boulders into the domestic skies.

Our industry is shaken by yet another revolution. On July 6, 1999 the President issued a decree “On improvement of state control in the field of media and mass communications.” The State Committee on the Press has been eliminated and replaced by a newly organized entity – the Ministry of Press, TV- and Radio Broadcasting, and Mass Communications of the Russian Federation, with M.Y. Lesin appointed as Minister.

Every three years the Russian government reorganizes this administration with frenzied persistence: now it converts the committee into a Ministry (by merging it with television), now, the other way round, it separates the paper media and the TV. The first impression one gets – same old, same old, with the same mistakes made over and over again.

Then I started doubting it: who has been hurt by these mistakes? All these reforms mainly hurt the enterprises in the industry. Those who initiate them couldn’t care less as a rule. They actually benefit from it, because the teams that are for the time being chosen to be at the helm always manage to better themselves before sinking into oblivion.

True, the last administration of the State Committee for the Press headed by Ivan Dmitriyevich Laptev was one of the best. Perhaps that was exactly why their funds for the industry were cut so drastically. But their insufficient financing possibilities were compensated for by their warm and friendly relationship with those who headed the enterprises. They always appreciated the difficult circumstances in which these industry managers worked that were at times deliberately created by the government itself. Their empathy, advice and moral support meant a lot to us.


*This is a line from Vladimir Vysotsky (1938 – 1980), an iconic Soviet-Russian singer, poet, songwriter and actor, whose work had an immense and enduring effect on Russian culture.



Immediately after the decree was passed, I paid a visit to Vladimir Mikhailovich Zharkov, the Deputy Chairman of the State Committee for the Press, to ask him the latest news about the recent reorganization. I found him in the office packing his things. There was a pile of books on his desk, alongside with various other items, and lots of boxes for packing were lying all around.

– What’s going on? – I asked.

Vladimir Mikhailovich smiled in confusion.

– It’s over for me, Arkady. After all those years of work in the industry I didn’t get so much as a “thank you.” They called my secretary this morning and demanded that I vacate the office by the lunch break. You will have a new curator now. His name is Grigoriev. He’s the guy from “Vagrius” Publishers who wanted to become “Khudlit”’s” next director but you beat him to it. So beware…

            – Are you telling me that no one even met with you to talk things over?  You are the Deputy Minister after all, doesn’t it count for something?

– Who do you mean by “they”? When our powers that be kick one out, they look ahead at the bright future and not behind at the victim. – Vladimir Mikhailovich threw up his arms. – It’s a new generation, and they have chosen Pepsi as their favorite drink. They have no time for idle talk. They were the ones who got Yeltsin elected, and now they have the fiefdom of the former disgraced lord to plunder... They need to hurry, there’s a lot left to pocket. They have to scheme how they can privatize federal book publishing programs, prepare legal justification and place their own people in responsible positions. The Ministry of Finances will for sure give them whatever they need. They belong to the same clan, you know.

– What about Ivan Dmitriyevich?

– Same story. He was instructed to vacate his office ASAP.

– What, over the phone?

– Of course. These new guys are anything but bashful. He should be happy they didn’t kick him in the rear so he’d hurry up…

A few weeks after that I received a notice from the Ministry in the mail, informing me that they were terminating our contract. “For the purpose of securing the normal functioning of the enterprise,” the notice specified. In the same letter I was offered to temporarily continue as the acting director. Months of “temporarily continuing” followed. No one called me, or summoned me, or displayed any interest whatsoever in what was going on.

In parallel with these real events, other things were happening, which could be termed virtual. They occurred suddenly and had such an overwhelming sense of reality, as though someone was trying to pass something secret and extremely important through my mind. I was becoming more and more convinced that these visions I had were by no means random, that they were in some completely inexplicable way directly associated with my life and destiny.

It seemed that my brain, which had absorbed the new power lines of space and time coordinates, decoded them and responded by presenting me with strange pictures of a newly created world. All that remained was to muster enough courage to find out what this world was, and what time frame it belonged to?

In spite of everything, I was working around the clock. I had an idea how it might be possible to use the screen of inner vision and controlled clairvoyance to influence the energy information matrix (the individual plan according to which Man was created) and through it to correct any pathology of the body. But this was just the beginning. I already had a general concept of how this could possibly be used to rejuvenate cellular tissue and even regenerate lost or damaged organs. It turned out that every organ has special leader cells – this could be clearly seen through the screen of inner vision. These “leaders” store the information about the organ as a whole, and where and how each tiny cell should be located, irrespective of what component of the overall system it belongs to. These special cells know everything about the functions and purpose of all the other related cells. And whenever they receive an impulse to implement their reserve functions, they get down to work. Outwardly, I mean if judged by the speed of the action, it resembles the division of cancer cells, but the recovery process is carried out not by sick but by healthy cells. So the difference is substantial, is it not?

There are known cases when some people who have lived to be a hundred suddenly grow new teeth. It is not hard to trace on the screen of inner vision how cells “awaken” within the bone tissue, whose core contains information about the forthcoming reconstruction of the occlusal system. The cells begin to divide and build new layers of enamel, dentin, pulp, and root cortex directly from the cervix of the long lost tooth.

Of course, this picture is far from being exact. Its practical implementation requires not only confidence in mastering the technology of subtle matter processes, but also, most importantly, a good tool. And in this case the tool is the kind of man who has managed over the years of hard work to rebuild his consciousness in such a way that it obtains the right to work with the consciousness of another human being. This is a great responsibility, and whoever takes it upon himself, should be able to restrain his baser instincts, attempt constant self-improvement and develop within him a readiness for self-sacrifice for the good of others. You must remember, Christ frequently helped other people to get rid of their ailments but He didn’t often refer to it using the word “miracle.” He helped other people – He didn’t perform miracles. The point is that the word “miracle” could instantly raise Him on a pedestal. And God on a pedestal is already a major problem, a problem of how things work in the Universe. Why should we attempt to reach certain goals, why should we aspire for something with God on a pedestal? The Lord will tell us what to do. Let’s sit down around Him, and wait for His command.

It may be that clairvoyance is a universal way to obtain unlimited information. True, it is firmly associated with the process of self-development. I can’t tell you how many times I attempted to construct a regeneration scheme for my gallbladder. It was removed some ten years ago because I suffered from gallstones. I started by working at the information level. It took several months before I learned how to build an information frame for a removed organ. Two months later I was able to get an energy structure running in this frame. Psychics were dumb with amazement: “How did you manage to do that?” The organ as such did not exist in my body, but at the same time it was performing its core functions in two out of three positions.

But I was still unable to start the process of cell division in practice, though I already understood how it worked in theory. There was always something missing. And this “something” was revealing itself to me gradually, little by little, strictly in accordance with the secret process of my internal evolution. It was as if someone kept teasing me: what you are trying to achieve is already close, all you need to do is work a bit more on your inner self. I worked more, and while I did, I discovered some things that weren’t exactly pleasant.

       I would like to avoid making dire predictions. But at the same time it would probably be wrong to avoid talking about humanity’s most obvious and ominously imminent problems. The world is facing the total collapse of the entire world economy as the result of a major ecological disaster unless humanity makes a dramatic change in the path of its development.

       This is already openly discussed in periodicals. Let me share with you one such general prediction, which is being reproduced and passed around in Moscow in the shape of a samizdat manuscript:

“The Earth’s homeostatic balance has been disrupted – that is obvious. But as we talk about environmental issues, we seem clueless that the biggest threat looming before us is that we do not really know how to work with energy and information.

Mankind has created a totally new life environment, and most people do not understand the situation we have found ourselves in. Without having any means of defense or faculties to protect ourselves in the new super-dynamic environment we have become captives of our own creation.

The process is exacerbated by an increasing number of new problems within Man himself: his inability to adjust to the need to perceive information in the required quality and volume. Besides, the created technology is of such a high caliber and level of organization that the majority of the planet’s population finds it increasingly more difficult to interact with it. Mankind is becoming more and more incompatible with scientific and technological progress. This leads to the maturing of global crises and to the appearance of a society of lunatics in the 21st century, who are unlikely to be capable of continuing the evolution of humans as a separate species.”

This is by no means an imaginary problem. The omnipresent information fields form the foundation of all physical phenomena and processes without exception. So the only alternative to the technological immortality proposed by Stephen Hawking is definitely the immortality associated with Man’s ability to control his biochemical processes through his consciousness and to create a body with a higher level of function.


* * *


I got myself a new student. His name is Igor Arepyev. He appeared in my life somewhat inexplicably, strangely, one might say, by accident. At least he himself still can’t explain how it all happened. What made him, the resident of a small provincial town, named Trosna, in Russia’s Orlov Region, suddenly leave his home and his work at the district office of internal affairs? Moreover, within a fortnight he was supposed to be promoted to Deputy Head of the Department and would add another star to his officer’s uniform. And amongst all this, he suddenly took off to seek a new life in the Moscow Region.

Well, strictly speaking, maybe there was a reason. There always is one. Igor’s father (I have known him for a long time) was helping me with electric work in the new house I was building. He would come occasionally and get things going inasmuch as he could in this long suffering project of mine. Because of limited funds, the construction work was dragging on for nearly ten years. On that occasion, Igor decided to join his father. The decision was neither logical nor really smart. Who in his right mind would consider quitting one’s job and going hundreds of miles away from home to make a bit of cash, working for a complete stranger he’d never set eyes upon? But he did just that, saying that he was going to help out his dad. He began to help with the project and did it so well that it was a pleasure to watch him working. He worked with enthusiasm and love for the trade, without any smoke breaks or idle talk. In other words, I really grew to like the guy. And I have no idea why, but I said to him one day: “There is a technique we use to open people’s psychic gifts. It is a door into another world, which we don’t usually see, but which greatly affects what is happening here. Would you like to open this door?”

       Igor said he would. We began to study together. I showed him one exercise, then another, then a third. I saw he was quite serious about the training. He was studying diligently and repeating what he learned every evening, whenever he had a spare moment. Less than three weeks had passed when he suddenly said to me:

– Arkady Naumovich, one of your spinal discs is dislocated. Let me set it back.

– How do you know?

– I see it.

– So the screen has opened?

–Yes, for about a week already, – Igor answered. – I’m just trying to get used to it. I can now see your aura, your organs and even your cells. Let me correct your spine and restore the energy flow.

And so it went on: I continued teaching him and he tested on me what he’d learned, with obvious benefit to my health. It all happened at just the right time because my work was nothing but issues and hassle.

The new administration at the Ministry suddenly remembered that it was time to engage in something momentous, of historic proportions. Deputy Minister Grigoriev started racking his brains, how to streamline the flow of federal funds to make sure that they end up in a timely manner in a place he himself had designated in advance. How to carry out the structural reorganization of the industry to ensure that the people he needs personally get top positions at the most prestigious publishing houses, whereas all the others disappear altogether from the literary Olympus. This line of thinking was quite logical. After all, Grigoriev was the “founding father” of “Vagrius” Publishers, the emblem of which, a donkey, was spiritually close to its owner. And clearly the donkey needs to be fed. Besides, it wouldn’t hurt to get rid of the competition while he could. Before that, a federal commission was established which was supposed to decide what book publishing projects were viable and should be financed. Three times we at “Khudlit” were cheerfully informed that the commission decided to fund our projects and that they were among the best among those presented. We were praised but what next? Next, Deputy Minister Grigoriev crossed “Khudlit” out in the list of contenders three times with his own hand. That was in the year preceding our anniversary, to mark our seventy years in the trade, one might say!

There was also another innovation: the new bureaucracy cancelled all previous contracts with directors of state-owned publishing houses and decided not to sign any new ones for an entire year. You see, they were curious to know, if it will cause a rise in productivity at the enterprises under them or the other way around? They were running an experiment, you know...

And to help those slow of wit, who had trouble understanding the train of thought of the new boss of all publishers, the Ministry was sending instructions, decrees and orders by the dozen each week. It wasn’t any old how but by courier, with a strict directive that we were expected to respond the very next day to any document received. Their psychologists must have calculated that hardly anyone would agree to live under this kind of moral pressure for a monthly salary of a hundred and twenty dollars. One highly respected director of one of the major publishers, by the way, a corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, couldn’t stand it and went to Grigoriev for an explanation. Our donkey admirer kept the distinguished scholar, known throughout the country, waiting in the reception area for about four hours. Then he spent another fifteen minutes teaching him how to properly manage a publishing house. He finished his lecture with a transparent hint that such valuable instructions are worth a lot of money.

Stammering with embarrassment and pale from the insight – what a giant of thought finally came to steer Russia’s publishing industry! – the corresponding member of the Academy asked quietly:

– You would like the money in advance, would you?

            So you can see that at a time like that the healing abilities of my new student came in more than handy. Whatever was destroyed in my nervous system during the day by the Minister’s crazy schemes was restored in the evening by Igor Arepyev. And he was getting better and better at it every day. Right in front of my eyes he was becoming an outstanding psychic, in a matter of a few weeks reaching a learning phase, which took others years of study.

Miracles started happening as soon as the two of us began working together.

We were sitting in the office on the second floor of my house. This was the most convenient place for such studies. The geometry of the dome overhead produced an upward flow of energy similar to the one in a church. This time I wanted Igor to practice with me the program for color visualization of images. It was, generally speaking, not a particularly difficult exercise: we were supposed to turn on the screen of inner vision and, following my command, imagine various images. It was more or less like watching a movie. We could fly into the boundless Cosmos on a spaceship or climb the Everest if we wanted. But this time someone else decided to exercise control over us. As we turned on the screens, everything around us suddenly changed. I looked at Igor and couldn’t believe my eyes: he was wearing chain armor and a helmet. He had on a crimson mantle and there was a sword tucked under his belt. He was carrying a spear in his hand. And his attire was by no means plain – he clearly wasn’t an ordinary warrior. One could immediately tell that by the ruby on his helmet. He had to be at least a Prince...

Igor also gazed at me, open-mouthed. He, too, was at a loss.

– What happened? – I asked in alarm, already guessing that my appearance must have undergone a transformation. But Igor was intent on asking questions, not answering.

– Did you do that?

– Do what?

– The things that happened to you and me.

– Honestly, it wasn’t me, though it would be flattering to feel I could be such a magician even for a minute.

– Do you know who you are right now? – my friend asked with obvious excitement in his voice, adding to the emotional tension of the situation.

– Am I a warrior too? – I tried to guess.

– No, – denied Igor, uncomfortable with the need to open my eyes to the true state of affairs. – You are a horse with wings.

– Am I Pegasus then? – I guessed.

– Possibly Pegasus, – the newly-born prince Igor* agreed with some doubt. – It is a white horse and it’s got large wings. There’s also a precious stone in its forehead with rays of light coming from it. Don’t you feel that you’ve turned into a horse?

I began circling around in one spot, trying to make out the rear of my new subtle matter design. My first thought when I saw the hooves, the rump and the wings was a bitter one: “What have I done to deserve this?”

I used to be a human being. I did no harm to anyone. I worked for years till my hair went gray – not many can say they worked as hard. And how did it end? Igor was a Prince now and I – Pegasus? A means of transportation, an auxiliary transport device out of flesh and bones… The only good thing was the ruby in my forehead. There had to be a reason for all this. Maybe I misunderstood something and was rushing to conclusions?

A beam of light suddenly fell from above and a powerful, commanding voice reached us from somewhere:

– Follow the beam.

Igor looked at me and I understood his silent question.

– Mount me, if that’s how it was decided, – I agreed.

Igor climbed on my back. Fidgeted around a bit before he made himself comfortable. Even though he came out of the Orel hinterland, it seemed he had never ridden not only a local trotter, but even an ordinary farm mare. That was why I tried to move cautiously ahead, so that he didn’t tumble down by accident, straight up after the beam. Spreading my wings, I pushed my hooves lightly against the clouds and soared like a bird, higher and higher. I noticed that I flew with a speed faster than an airplane. The speed was high, quite frankly. I made just one leap and the houses down below became the size of pebbles, I galloped a bit further and they disappeared altogether. Only the fields and forests were still visible from such a height.

We followed the beam much higher than airplanes ever reach. It brought us to a strange arch, an entrance to a place where we’d never been before. We felt that we had to go inside. It was odd, of course: a space and a vaguely visible arch in it. Nevertheless, we went in.

The place where we found ourselves looked like a vertical tunnel or mine. It was silvery on the inside. In the center was the beam which was leading us, like Ariadne’s thread. I galloped up after it. There were levels of some kind on either side of us, like floors of a building. Gates closed the entrances into them – gates to the right and left of us. I counted the levels: one … two … five … … nine. So here it is, the Far, Far Away Kingdom. It meant fairy tales weren’t lying. There were three spaces – to the right, to the left and in the middle. What will happen when I multiply them by nine? Remember, there were nine levels. To the right was a young man in a white cloth shirt. He was looking amicably at us and releasing white pigeons. The pigeons flew up along the beam.


*Prince Igor (1151–1202), Russian prince known for his campaign against a barbaric nomadic tribe known as the Polovtsi (also called Cumans) who invaded southern Russia. In 1890, Alexander Borodin wrote his famous opera, “Prince Igor” about this war – or rather about the tragic love of a Polovets princess for a Russian prince.

Suddenly, an army appeared from nowhere beneath them. Men on horseback and on foot were marching in even columns.  And leading the army was a man riding a winged horse... I peered closer – oh my! It was Igor and me, heading the heavenly host... Why, how did we deserve such an honor? All my issues with my four-legged status immediately dissipated in my mind. I was filled with great pride and a sense of being chosen.

Someone’s voice sounded in my head, an anaesthetizing response to my new emotion: “Proud of yourself you can be, but not consumed with pride.”

The army passed by and disappeared. And the young man with the pigeons disappeared, too. Where should we go now? Igor was moaning on top of me:

            – I feel burdened with these energies, let’s go back.

It was strange because I felt fine at these levels as though I’d been here some time before. I had the feeling that everything here was known and familiar to me. But since Igor wasn’t feeling too good, we had to return. We descended and went out through the arch. I looked back. There were names of people shining with neon brightness at the entrance. These were probably people who had been here before us. I couldn’t resist the temptation and sent out a red beam from the ruby on my forehead, writing my first and last name with it in letters almost a mile high. The inscribed letters froze motionless in the sky.

– Do you think they will be visible in Tibet? – I asked Igor.

– They will, don’t worry. Take me home fast. I don’t feel well.


* * *


I suddenly received an invitation from Lapshin to meet and patch things up. There was an upcoming event that seemed to call for it. The Lapshin World Club was opening in Moscow, near the Malenkov subway station. As it usually happened in such cases the invitation was delivered in person by professor Berezhnoi. For some reason he found it very upsetting that there was a breach in the relations between the two main founders of the Academy, and he enthusiastically took upon himself the role of peacemaker. He spent a long time rationalizing his position and trying to convince me, not without some justification, that if I had disagreements with Lapshin they should be addressed within the walls of the Academy, instead of our mutual dislike being revealed before all Moscow.

– Besides, the Academy’s entire executive committee is on your side in your confrontation with Lapshin, – he assured me. – Let us schedule a meeting, listen to his report, express our dissatisfaction and limit his authority. He will have to obey our decision.

– You must be aware what nonsense he is spreading about his mission to rule the planet, – I protested. – He is doing the devil’s work.

– Now you’re back to discussing good and evil, darkness and light, – Anatoli Ivanovich was getting angry. – You have to understand: if the Creator made both, it means they are needed for some reason. You can’t get so emotional over it. It is the mechanism of the Universe, its structure, after all. A plus without a minus can’t initiate the force of electric current. It is the clash of opposites that creates fire.

– I understand that, – I agreed, feeling cornered and trying to overcome my deep feeling of dislike for Vyacheslav. But a minute later I started to present my counter-arguments once again: – It is precisely because evil has not prevailed completely that it behaves more or less within limits, measuring its intentions against the degree of resistance to it. And if it no longer expects any resistance, evil will quickly forget about the need to show restraint in its manifestations.

– Go ahead, display resistance, no one is stopping you, – Berezhnoi smiled at me like a wise old dragon.

– That’s exactly what I am doing. That’s why I founded my own Center. We help people open their inner vision and this makes them powerful enough to oppose the zombie effect of evil. If they join together into a system no one will be able to do them any harm. More than that, they will become a real force themselves, capable of actively opposing any evil.

–Why don’t we try doing that within the Academy itself? – Berezhnoi suggested. – At the first line of defense, so to say. Perhaps Lapshin isn’t such a nutcase as you think he is. After all, he has asked you to meet with him. It means your breakup is weighing heavily upon him. Perhaps there’s a small war being waged inside of him, too, and good is winning with flying colors? Have you considered this possibility?

What could I say to deny that? Theoretically speaking, such a scenario was really possible. Whether this would happen in reality, God alone knows.

The Lapshin World Club was located in two small rooms of a factory cultural center. A hall and foyer were specially allocated for the grand opening event.

Multiple faxes sent to hundreds of organizations promised that there would be a live demonstration of amazing healing phenomena, a concert of the virtual circus and commentary by a number of respected scientists on the secrets of vision through the bio-computer (at the insistence of Lapshin, people at the Academy continued to use this term instead of clairvoyance). Such advertising assured a large audience. The presence of the TV and the Press added to the atmosphere befitting an event of planetary significance.

We were welcomed in the hall by sixteen-year-old Kirill, one of Lapshin’s closest associates. He was a strange fellow. We had met before, and I knew from experience that once he started speaking all the other person could do was sit back and listen. It wasn’t that he couldn’t be interrupted. It’s just that he spoke about things you couldn’t find in any book. His knowledge and skill as a speaker far exceeded the abilities of the Academy President himself, but he tried to stay in the shadow and didn’t apply for any administrative position. It wasn’t because of his young age either. He actually did know more and have more advanced skills than any of the Academy staff. It was just that he wanted it that way, and he always got what he wanted.

When he saw us, he gave us one of his beaming smiles.

– Vyacheslav Mikhailovich reserved seats for you in the middle of the first row. Places of honor, – he said pointedly. – Come, I’ll take you to your seats.

The stage was decorated with an enormous banner which said: “The Lapshin World Club.” The planetary leader Lapshin sat surrounded by his suite of new activists and admirers. He face bore a stern and significant expression. He looked intently at the audience in the hall, and when he saw Anatoly Ivanovich and me, he greeted us with an almost imperceptible nod – sort of, as a show of his approval for our presence there. And then he again turned his tenacious glance upon the faces of the people filling the hall.

The speakers, who represented different branches of the Academy, scientists and teachers, all talked about Lapshin’s genius and the great contribution his technique made to the development of Man in the new millennium.

Later, after the glowing orations about the event of global significance, which would undoubtedly have a major impact on world history, Anatoli Ivanovich and I were invited to the room behind the stage where we were soon joined by the President and a group of his disciples.

He was in a content, non-confrontational frame of mind and seemed prepared to publicly accept the return of the prodigal son, that is, me, in the fold of the happy new order of things, which he represented on this planet.

– Let us shake hands then, shall we? – Lapshin offered. – I felt somehow uncomfortable denying him that at a moment such as this. What I just learned about the program for children from seven to seventy impressed even me. What if Lapshin’s Napoleonic ambitions were actually not too high a price to pay for those children’s ability to become so talented and so happy?


* * *


On the eve of 2000 Boris Orlov paid me a visit at my place, late as usual. His face was dark and gaunt. It was evident that he hadn’t slept normally for two or three days in a row. His eyes were deeply sunken, and had a mournful and hopeless expression. I understood at once that something had gone seriously wrong.

We went inside the house. Boris didn’t come alone. He had his friend Edik Grishchenko with him. They had been working together lately, and would frequently come to see me together to talk about one or another esoteric issue that was new to them. Edik was particularly into it. He was an athlete and was good at karate; secret knowledge came with the territory, as an object of his special interest. This was especially true of astral karate. So he was willing to spend hours talking on the subject, not even noticing that the hands on the clock moved substantially past midnight. To be fair, I didn’t always pay attention to the time either, since I really enjoyed talking to both of them. They were very knowledgeable and skillful, and they closely followed all the latest news. In other words, talking with them was a pleasure.

This time, however, they didn’t come here for a friendly conversation, but because of some serious trouble. And it seemed they already knew how to best describe the gist of the problem.

We sat down in the kitchen with the usual cups of tea on the table and a bowl of cookies. These guys were so busy working all day that they spent more time in their well-equipped Jeep than at home, and I knew they most likely didn’t have a spare moment to grab a muffin on the way.

– Arkady, – Boris began in a strange, almost formal tone of voice. – Edik’s and my old friend, whom we have known since our youth in Tashkent, a member of our team, who is basically like a brother  to us, was in a terrible car accident. He was actually crushed when the cars collided. Doctors told us there is no hope that he will live.

He is at the ICU unit of the Botkin Hospital right now. We didn’t allow them to disconnect him from life support. To make it short, here is how it is: if what we know about your abilities works in this case, we are indebted to you for life. Save Dennis. We will provide anything you might need to do this. If something goes wrong, we will never hold you responsible. After the verdict reached by doctors, we understand that we can only hope for a miracle.

– How badly was he hurt? Can you give me some details?

– It would be easier to list what hasn’t been damaged, – said Boris with a sigh and he began to enumerate: – His liver is in very bad shape, the kidneys practically aren’t working, he has a number of broken ribs, and his intestines, too, were ruptured. They patched them up somehow, but there is a lot of internal hemorrhaging. Doctors say they can’t do a dozen surgeries on one person every day to cope with the consequences of internal bleeding. In a situation when his blood chemistry is essentially changing, his guts will just rot inside him and poison the entire organism. There is also another very serious hematoma due to brain trauma. And his throat was slit badly by the broken glass.

            In other words, they listed at least seven reasons why Dennis had to be at the cemetery and not a single one why he might be able to survive.

– Pick me up tomorrow morning, – I said, agreeing to help. I didn’t have the slightest hesitation whether or not I should get involved. My friend was asking me for help and I would do whatever I could. It wasn’t because I wanted to test my new technique in this extreme situation. No, it was simply that my entire life, everything             I experienced and suffered through, led me to form certain convictions. One of them was never to deny help to a friend, particularly when he was trouble. It was my duty to help. Even if it turned out that my efforts were in vain, I still had to do whatever was in my power and share with him the burden of responsibility which he accepted willingly, hoping in his heart that he could count on my help.

The next day I took two girls with me, who had psychic abilities, from the Center’s Pushkin branch. They lived in neighboring houses and that made it easy to join them into one rescue team. Despite the fact that Erik and Boris left my house at about three in the morning, they came to pick me up with their car at nine sharp.

We rushed to the Botkin Hospital. There were several cars parked at the entrance to the intensive care unit. These were friends and business partners of Edik and Boris. Some of them spent the entire night at the hospital. Everyone was waiting impatiently for our arrival.

We went upstairs to the ICU unit. The physician who performed the surgery on Dennis was quite taken aback. He couldn’t, for the life of him, understand in what way an academic representing another field of knowledge could be helpful, or could alter the destiny of a man who was practically sentenced to death. Even so, he gave us hospital gowns and permitted us to spend a minute or two by Dennis’s bedside.

It was a horrible sight. I was concerned about the girls: was it, perhaps, too frightening to them? But no, they looked quite perky. That was the right mood: it meant they were thinking about their job.

We left the room and went downstairs. The physician came with us. Boris asked him to suggest, if the need arises, what he would like the psychics to do. Boris called the girls we brought along with us “psychics” for effect.

We got into the Jeep. The “psychics” blindfolded themselves with cloth bandages and we set down to work.

We checked the energy level: the heart chakra was blocked. The others were barely working – all of them except for the Muladhara in the lower power triangle, which was red and continued to be active.  Everything now depended on it. There was a lilac color above the head, which meant that energy had shifted completely to the astral.

The girls looked and reported to me what they saw. The surgeon listened to what they said about the chakras and about the patient’s energy level. Finally, he lost his patience. He was interested in Soma – in Soma and nothing else.*

            – I don’t know what you are doing and have no idea how it can help Dennis. But if you are really magicians, and otherwise they wouldn’t have brought you here, – the doctor said tactfully, clearly hinting at the fact that he had been pulled into some absurd activity, – try to normalize the function of the liver. If this is not done within the next two-three days, he will die.

            – After that, – the surgeon continued, – it is essential to restore the work of at least one kidney. We haven’t been able to do it so far, and there is very little time left. Next you should focus on the colon and the duodenum. There are hematomas inside. Rather, it would be correct to say that both of these organs are solid hematomas. I must add, as I did before: if the hematomas don’t get absorbed, he will die. The situation with the lungs is pretty dire, too – he is developing pneumonia. His heart is also in a bad shape. And there is yet another very dangerous hematoma in his head. Well, that is the rescue plan. If you can really cope with something like that, if you actually understand what you are getting involved in, then I don’t feel I have the right to interfere, – with these last words the doctor opened the car door and stepped out.

It was obvious that he was extremely puzzled by everything he had seen. He just couldn’t understand how normal people could be engaged in such nonsense. The participation of an academic gave the entire procedure an even more outlandish character. Blindfolded girl psychics allegedly looked at the organs of a dying man, unhindered by the thick walls of the intensive care unit... He could find similar types in the nearby psychiatric department. But why were seemingly normal adults sitting next to them and calmly observing this circus? And what about the academic, who had shown him his credentials, the authenticity of which he had no reason to doubt, and who had also, half an hour earlier, presented him with his book “The Key to Super-consciousness”? How was he to understand all this? Perhaps, he overlooked the revolutionary changes that have, indeed, occurred in science? After all, they were publishing articles in the newspapers about psychotropic treatments that were carried out from a distance. Who knows, maybe there was a grain of truth in it?

All these doubts were clearly expressed on the physician’s face. Moreover, it was quite easy to read them in his mind as well.

After he left, the girls continued their work. Of course, they didn’t know a thing about medicine, but their mysterious assistant did, and he knew quite a lot. He knew everything about the structure of the cell (the most complex biological unit of the human body) and how to initiate the mechanism of regeneration through it, how to restore its resource, now to eliminate negative influences, how to correct the information program that supports life, and much, much more.

Through the screen of inner vision the girls could see the horrifying picture of the devastation inside Dennis’s body. They could see his liver, kidneys, intestines, his broken


*Located in the forehead, the Soma chakra is the most powerful of the lot and governs the whole body.

ribs and the swelling in his lungs, which was about to cause an inflammation. They also saw the vessels from the neck to the brain turning white, which made them especially worried. The cells didn’t receive nourishment because of the disruption of capillary connections, and they died. There were two shadows behind Dennis’s body: one was white and looked like a man’s vaguely outlined silhouette, and the other, black. The second shadow was to the right, slightly above the white one. This indicated the process of the deconstruction of the organism’s energy systems, their switching off and disconnection from energy supplies and control structures.

Dennis’s consciousness was completely shut down. It didn’t wish to suffer through any more pain; it didn’t wish to live and didn’t know why it should. We could say without the slightest exaggeration that he was ninety nine percent dead. Only the life-support that wasn’t removed under pressure from Boris, his money and his determined team, which was on duty round the clock at the ICU unit, forcibly kept alive in the body whatever remained of his consciousness.

This meant that the first thing we had to do was to return meaning to his existence, return its purpose, so that he would want to fight for his life.

How could we do that? A picture was displayed in Dennis’s mind: the picture of a little baby. We enlarged it. Dennis recently had a daughter. Right, this will be the purpose of his life, the meaning of his existence. We strengthened the hologram with energy. The screen of inner vision displayed the cardiogram and encephalogram. His brain impulses became stronger and Dennis began to cry. It’s so strange, how can a man in a coma cry?

We were causing the vessels to compress too much. “We have to reduce the energy surge, which we are causing, and this means that we must work more slowly. If our work rhythm is too fast, it can cause dangerous vortexes of energy.” We leveled out the brain’s impulses and smoothed the energy bursts. Then we restored the passage of solar and terrestrial energy – we did it very gently, only in the alpha rhythm at this point.

Dennis calmed down. We started working on his spine. It was full of energetic obstacles. We used a silver beam to lighten all the dark areas, working upon the hematomas, liver, kidneys and the swelling in the lungs. We opened the heart chakra, which had been completely blocked. We moved the beam very softly against the hematoma in the brain.

That’s all – right now it was all we could do. There is a limit to the possibilities of the brain. Its neurons would soon start to take the work of the organs under their control, and they may be unable to withstand the pain. This could lead to shock. The inner screen stopped our influences for now.

The next session took place in the evening. It was no longer necessary for us to come to the hospital. The screen had recorded Dennis’s aura, which was, apart from everything else, a system of personal identification. One only had to display it on the screen of inner vision and the data from the Earth’s subtle matter structures, which store information on every biological entity of our planet, would be at the operator’s disposal.

We began the tedious work of restoring Dennis’s body. I can actually say that we were assembling Dennis from scratch – one cell after another. Several days later, Boris reported to me how the physicians were responding to the changes in the patient’s condition. They were at a loss, to put it mildly. First one, then the other kidney started functioning. The hematomas were absorbed and the swelling in the lungs simply evaporated. The situation with the brain trauma was also improving. All the seven reasons which, according to the laws of medical science, should have brought Dennis to the cemetery were no longer looming over his hospital bed as the death sentence.

A week later Boris ran into my yard with a happy expression on his face.

– I went to see Dennis just now, – he shared his joy with me right at the gates, – and I told him about our state of affairs and how all of our staff looked forward to his recovery. And he squeezed my hand with his fingers. He could hear me. I can guarantee a hundred percent that he could hear what I was saying. I asked him to squeeze my hand if he could understand me and he did. He squeezed it in response to my request, I swear. Arkady, your technique works! It truly has the most powerful effect from any distance on various processes in the body. The physician who is taking care of Dennis has very little doubt about it. He asked me to tell you to work a little longer with the liver function. Do you understand what that means? He is asking for your help! It means that he has determined for himself what is causing Dennis’s recovery. He said he was also concerned about his heart.

A few more days went by. Dennis began to open his eyes. He couldn’t speak yet, but he confirmed with his eyes and by squeezing our hands that he was feeling much better.

One day, while we were working with Dennis, we saw how an incision was being made with a scalpel to remove the catheter. In the area of the cut, we noticed a small explosion erupting in red. It was an infection penetrating the patient’s wound. The screen of inner vision immediately confirmed: the wound is infected and Dennis’s immune system may be too weak to cope with it. His life was again in danger.

We called Orlov at once and told him what we just saw. By a fortunate coincidence he was close to the ICU unit at that time. Boris immediately drove back to the hospital. When Dennis’s doctor saw him returning with a cold expression on his face, he understood that something went wrong.

– How is Dennis, – Boris asked in a stern voice.

–You were here five minutes ago, – the doctor sounded surprised. – What could happen in five minutes?

–Has he undergone any procedure?

–They took away the catheter. He is doing fine and doesn’t need it any more.

–You have just introduced an infection. Who made the incision?

The doctor turned pale.

–The incision is made for it to be easier to take out the catheter. Everything at the hospital is sterilized, and an infection is out of the question. I am absolutely positive.

– And yet there’s an infection. I just got a call from Pushkin. They saw it happen.

The doctor fell silent, stunned by the fact that someone, who was almost thirty miles away from the hospital, could see what was happening in the ICU room.

Toward evening, Dennis’s temperature rose sharply, and a new stage in the struggle for his life began. The girls took turns and did not leave his side even for an hour. They supported Dennis with energy, increasing his strength, so that he could fight the infection.

By the end of the month Dennis could already get out of bed and he was released from the hospital. The head of the ICU unit, saying goodbye to Boris Orlov, whom everybody had befriended by then, admitted:

– Indeed, it is a case I can’t explain, but the reserves of the human body are poorly understood. And you could see for yourself how hard we all tried to help.

So I became convinced one more time: even if Christ should come down to Earth once again and revive some other dead Lazarus, our doctors would just shrug their shoulders and say: “Would you believe such a thing?!”




Chapter 8


I received an invitation to meet with Academician Grigori Petrovich Grabovoi. It happened quite unexpectedly and even strangely, if I may say so. Doctor of Psychology, Academician Ivliev, who was Deputy Director at my Center, displayed a great interest in everything that had to do with this mysterious man of late. He told me about some incredible cases, where Grigori Petrovich was able to rescue people and equipment at a distance; moreover, each of these instances was recorded by competent professionals, notarized and supplied with written affidavits by the victims themselves.

During a news conference in Bulgaria about the future of the Kozloduy Nuclear Power Plant, ​​which others considered precarious, Grabovoi caused his first absolute sensation when he gave a specific prediction of when a catastrophe could occur at the plant if not prevented. “There is no danger of an explosion at the nuclear reactor in the next two years. The only thing that must be done is to check the safety of the power plant’s cooling system before the expiration of two years,” our fellow countryman assured. Everything Grabovoi predicted came true. Two years later, the government-run “Rossiyskaya Gazeta” (№ 18 for January 30, 1998) published an article under the rubric of “Quiet Sensation”, titled “Tomorrow’s Catastrophe Is Prevented”. The article confirmed the fact (corroborated at the highest political level) that Grigori Grabovoi identified the specific defect at the Kozloduy Nuclear Power Plant in Bulgaria, which could lead to a nuclear disaster equal to many Chernobyls. The catastrophe, which Grabovoi succeeded in preventing, was dangerous for the entire world: scientific calculations showed that in the event of such a nuclear explosion, the proximity of underground layers of high conductivity would lead to the emergence of a vacuum drain that would suck in the Earth’s atmosphere. Due to high velocity particles, this drain would have dispersed the planet into a cloud of dust by the year 2000, and it would be impossible to stop a destructive process of such magnitude by means of modern technology. Grigori Grabovoi received multiple awards from governments and NGOs in many countries for preventing this and other potential global disasters.

It was Ivliev who gave me different materials to read about Grabovoi. This was a discovery for me, particularly since his work was parallel to mine in a lot of ways. Grigori Petrovich played a truly decisive role in my life, and therefore I feel that I must introduce him to my readers in greater detail. This can best be accomplished through quoted extracts from Vladimir Sudakov’s book, “Grigori Grabovoi, the Phenomenon of the Millennium”, which was published in 1999 by the publisher Kalashnikov.

“In 1996 Grigori Petrovich turned 33 years old but he looks even younger. He remembers himself as an infant: before he learned how to speak, he could understand what grown-ups were talking about (now, too, he can understand spoken foreign languages at the level of thought). From the age of five he could foresee events. His mother asked him to ride his bike to the nearby market one day for some home-made cheese, and he replied: “There isn’t any cheese at the market.” Soon after, their neighbor came running back from the market all lathered up… As it turned out, the police broke up the merchants at the marketplace that morning, so there really wasn’t any cheese available...           

Naturally, he didn’t think much about his special ability at the time – he assumed that all people had it, particularly since none of his peers from the Bogar village in Kazakhstan ever understood what a remarkable phenomenon they had as a friend. Still, by the age of 12 Grigori gradually became aware of the fact that not everybody was like him. How could other people respond to his ability to change the course of events? Knowing that a certain unpleasant circumstance was unavoidable, Grigori began to realize that the person involved could be distracted by other more significant concerns; in other words, he altered the layers of thought and focused his attention on alternative details. And by doing that he achieved the result he was seeking.           

Already as a child, Grigori could understand the intentions of various animals and could control their behavior telepathically.

I must add that both in his childhood and teen years no one ever tried to lay a finger on Grigori or attack him verbally. It wasn’t because he took up karate and was better in gymnastics than any of his peers or because he once won a bet after he beat a car while riding his “Sport-tourist” bicycle. Most likely, no one ever tried to cause him any harm because he was enveloped in some kind of a “peaceful energy shell”. It was also possible that already as a teenager he became aware of the mysterious power he possessed, and set himself the goal of foretelling unpleasant future events and placing a barrier before them.

His current creed hasn’t changed. As Grigori Petrovich admits, his psychic powers have neither increased nor decreased since that time. It’s just that as he grew older he began to protect his inner treasure and stopped wasting it on trifles. He now used his powers only in genuine emergencies – to save a life, for instance. In more recent years, Grigori is increasingly talking about ways to rescue from disaster not individuals but the entire planet.           

Grigori Petrovich realized he was able to confront such a tremendous challenge after he began to work at the Tashkent Design-Engineering Agency, where he received a job placement after graduating from the University. The Agency was engaged in developing space technology, and, among other issues, Grigori worked on the theory of catastrophes. And in the course of this work, his own concept of how such devastating disasters could be averted matured within his mind.

…He was still a student then, and was reading a book in preparation for an exam. Suddenly, he became aware of an inexplicable vibration in his body. In his mind’s eye he saw a nuclear power plant, a cloud of smoke, fire and people scurrying to and fro. It happened one month prior to the Chernobyl nuclear disaster. And three days before the tragedy he had another similar vision: he saw burning graphite rods. A visual depiction of the Schrodinger equation on the laws of the microcosm was revealed to him: a tunnel junction (a concept in quantum mechanics) and a silver speck, the electron energy, trying in vain to move from one level to another. Grigori shuddered: “There will shortly be a huge blast, because the graphite content in the fission process is significantly above the norm!”

Grigori saw all this at the level of clairvoyance. I asked him why he didn’t put everything else aside to report what he saw to the authorities, why he didn’t call the alarm. I spent a while then on reducing the effects of the disaster through remote impact, since in those days officials totally ignored any warnings that came from clairvoyants,” Grigori said sadly. Had Grabovoi encountered a more open-minded official at that moment, it may have been possible to prevent this devastating disaster. Grigori Petrovich is not in the habit of knocking on closed doors. He operates independently and counts only on his own psychic abilities to help overcome the threat of destruction on a global scale. Whenever possible, if people exhibit understanding and there is a clear-cut need to do it, he tries to explain the situation to them and provide training on how they can use his methods to rescue themselves.

Humanity will have to deal with the consequences of the Chernobyl disaster for years to come. I could see the most powerful neutrino fluxes moving perpendicular to the four corners of the globe. They can affect the people’s gene pool already after 120 years...

Time went on. Grabovoi continued to demonstrate miracles at the secret Design-Engineering Agency, finding answers to unsolved problems and hinting at what might happen if certain measures are not taken. He invariably proved to be right. He was eventually asked by Gany Mazitovich Rafikov, head of the Uzbek Civil Aviation Administration, to take the position of aviation safety inspector and, at the same time, an expert on extrasensory tracking of aircraft. The responsibilities of his second position obligated him to see the invisible, and the responsibilities of the first one gave him the right to prohibit a flight. And this is exactly what he did more than once when his “third eye” detected dangling wires or some other problems in the belly of an airliner. He canceled the flights of the presidential aircraft, too, acting as a kind of guardian angel.

In the hands of Carmine Mirabelli from Brazil solid objects became transformed into liquids. Analysis of the metal rods which Israeli-born Uri Geller could bend by the effort of his will indicated a change in their molecular structure... How they were able to do this, boggles the mind, and it is unlikely that we will ever get them to clarify the issue: not only are they too far removed from us: one in time, the other in space, but  they are also very secretive, since both have been subjected to repeated severe attacks and exposed as “frauds”…

As for Grigori Grabovoi, he is right here before us and he doesn’t attempt to shroud himself in a veil of secrecy. He repeats his creed over and over again: “Any event can be altered. My forecasts are not death warrants. I always look for constructive ways to pre-empt negative events. I don’t alter the object but only the circumstances surrounding the object.”

Following the Chernobyl nuclear disaster Grabovoi has prudently begun to document all his predictions. His archive contains hundreds of acts, sealed and signed by authoritative experts. Below is the content of some of them.

IL-86 number 86052. Psychic G.P. Grabovoi predicted a non-fault power reduction in the 4th engine, perhaps, as the result of a collision with a bird. Result: 7 days later, on 01/27/1992, during the descent of the aircraft, a crow was injected into the 4th engine. The pilots, who were aware of the prediction, managed to balance the thrust and land the plane, filled to capacity with passengers. A dent was made in the air intake and spinner. The engine was decommissioned.

IL-62 number 86704. Psychic G.P. Grabovoi drew attention to a defect in the structure of the material in the vicinity of the engine combustion chamber number 3. After 11 days, as evidenced by the record in the aircraft logbook, there was burnout in the nozzle block located in the vicinity of the engine combustion chamber number 3. The engine was prematurely decommissioned.

IL-86 number 86056. Psychic Grabovoi transmitted information on the insufficient reliability of the equipment in the plane’s front toilets. From the notations in the logbook: “01/22/1992. There is water leakage from under the panel in the front lavatory. Water had to be blocked during the flight.” (Again, it isn’t hard to guess what would happen if water leaked into the aircraft control system: electronic equipment would falsely indicate engine malfunction and the pilots would turn them off...) As a result of this problem on board the plane, the design and construction agency that designed the IL-86 increased the sealing in the lavatories. 

Let me reiterate: there are hundreds of similar official reports. And every one of them ends with the same phrase: “The information provided by psychic G.P. Grabovoi was fully confirmed.” One can only wonder why the Civil Aviation Administration didn’t take appropriate measures upon receiving a warning, but instead waited for the prediction to be confirmed… Actually, the bureaucrats at the top were surprised at something else: how could such a young man, who wasn’t even an expert in aircraft construction, see from a distance what was inside a plane and, moreover, identify what was defective: the computer, chassis, transformer or oil pipe? Mind you, this young and seemingly inexperienced individual was able to discover defects even without leaving the office. All he needed was to know the number of the aircraft – Grabovoi actually did such troubleshooting based on an agreement signed with the Soviet-American joint venture “Ascon”...

High-profile Aeroflot managers also staged “an experimental testing” of the psychic’s abilities in the city of Fergana. A Commission was set up, which included experts from the Antonov Aviation Scientific-Technical Complex and the Fergana Mechanical Plant. Grabovoi was instructed, within a 2-3 second interval, to diagnose from a distance of over 80 feet, any problems he could find in the AN-12 number 1901 aircraft, belonging to the Bulgarian Air Sofia. Here is the protocol.

G.P. Grabovoi did not have at his disposal any diagnostic instruments or devices and had no opportunity to inquire about the status of the aircraft due to severe time constraints... Prior to his diagnosis nobody was aware of the defects which he indicated and which were later discovered by the Commission and reported in writing. Defects were found only where indicated by G.P. Grabovoi, although the entire aircraft was thoroughly examined with the help of appropriate instruments. (The defect indicated by Grabovoi was no small matter – he discovered corrosion of the rails in the area of the 62 frame...). Under the same conditions and time constraints, the psychic found cracks on the upper wing skin of the An-12 number 1204, which was standing next to the first plane, after which the aircraft had to be sent for repair. The defects pointed out by Grabovoi were not identified through physical vision.”

That was one of the cases where Grabovoi’s precognition (perception of future events) served as the basis for action before the flight. Following the “testing”, Grigori faced an avalanche of requests to establish the causes of various aviation events” (the coy euphemism used by Aeroflot administration in describing accidents). Thus, for the limited liability partnership Rampa” Grabovoi determined from a remote distance what happened on 03/14/1995 with aircraft AN-12 number 113337 not far from the Baku airport. Everything that the psychic said the day after the emergency landing was later confirmed in the course of the investigation: the alternate failure of two engines, the power outage, the excess weight of the commercial aircraft and the crew’s procedural work violations...

I must confess that I too couldn’t resist the temptation to check the “purity” of Grabovoi’s experiments. I took off my watch and asked him to tell where I got it. “A tall white man gave it to you three years ago.” It was my turn to open my mouth in amazement. The watch was a present from an Arab sheik, a tall, gray-haired man in white attire... 

I am giving such a detailed account of the psycho-diagnostics demonstrated by Grabovoi so that the reader can appreciate the enormity of his talent. Remote bio-location of objects has been implemented before: on the instructions of the Leningrad Naval Base, psychic operators indicated on the map the exact location of hydrographic vessels in the ocean. But the precision of Grabovoi’s vision exceeds all conceivable parameters. The reader may therefore wonder what kind of intuition this man possesses. “It isn’t intuition at all. It is clairvoyance, Grigori Petrovich says. “You know, I can see even a very tiny component from all sides. My remote vision in real time is 100% error-free. If I have to look into the past or future, it’s another story. When I am involved in this type of work I alter events for the better.”

As I understand, one needs to have a sixth sense in order to do such things, which is what Academician V. Vernadsky had in mind when he said: “There is a need to accept the real influence of human consciousness, that is, the characteristic of being, on the phenomena taking place in the real space of the naturalist.”

... At 3 p.m. on June 6, 1995 Grigori Grabovoi was summoned to the Central Headquarters of the paramilitary mountain rescue units of the coal industry. There was an accident at the Vorkutinskaya mine, and he was asked to help establish the underground location of the miners. Below is a quote from the protocol signed by the deputy chief engineers of the Central Headquarters A. Kuznetsov and A. Zholus:

The location of the drifts was provided in strictly experimental conditions and was based on the design of the ventilation system so that before the experiment began no one knew what specific schemes will be submitted for the diagnosis... Using his psychic method, G.P. Grabovoi correctly identified the place of the original fire, the location of two victims in the ventilation drift, and the defects in the ventilation of the emergency lava. He accomplished all this in one second and without being offered any kind of additional information... G.P. Grabovoi conducted his psychic diagnosis of the scheme without having any information about the actual location of the mine in the area, i.e., based solely on what he could tell from a sheet of paper...”

The two located miners were rescued; they were not reported aszero”, to use the jargon of the mining administration.

Nevertheless, miners continue to die in accidents. This happens because mining equipment is morally and physically outdated and rescue technology is inadequate. Even the most heroic and courageous rescuers cannot overcome such objective factors.

The Central Headquarters promised to give Grabovoi a general map of all the mines in the country so that he could diagnose their future. He is still waiting… Without a map he cannot make a prediction where it is most likely to expect the unexpected...

…It seems that no problem is “too insignificant” for Grabovoi. If a person finds a way to reach him, it means he absolutely couldn’t do without his help. So Grabovoi turns on his internal “working organ”.

…This amount of information is probably enough to give one an idea about the wide scope of Grigori Grabovoi’s abilities. And yet I would feel that my narrative is insufficient if I didn’t mention his broad range of interests in the field of business and finance. Instead of commenting on this, I will simply quote:

“I, Iosif Ivanovich Danchenko, a resident of the city of Gomel, certify that on March 25, 1995 I sought advice from G.P. Grabovoi regarding my business. G.P. Grabovoi correctly identified the names of individuals who interact with my partners at a confidential level.”

I confirm that during our meeting on August 4, 1995, psychic G.P. Grabovoi, discussing the issue of banks, reported anticipating major problems after August 23 and recommended that I take preventive measures with my interbank transactions on August 22 and 23. His forecast was confirmed by Black Thursday” (August 24), when dozens of banks did not meet their obligations on transactions and customer payments. Signed: V. Serebryakov, Department Head of the foreign exchange market at the National Credit Bank.”

There is extensive testimony of G.P. Grabovoi’s accurate diagnosis of computer software. Below is one of them, signed by I. Khamrakulov, Director General of the “ASCON” Joint Venture:

When the program file infected with a virus was copied from a floppy disk to the hard drive with G.P. Grabovoi’s psychic impact, the program file took 10 times less space on the hard drive compared to the original file. In the process of copying, the DIR virus should have transferred itself from the floppy to the hard drive, but this did not happen, which was confirmed by the anti-virus ANTI-DIR software. Consequently, the virus was destroyed when the file was being copied from the floppy to the hard drive.”

But this is not half the story, as they say. The best is yet to come. Radik Valetov, software engineer at an aero technical information center, reports on instances of G.P. Grabovoi’s mental influence upon the main computer and peripheral devices. From a distance of six and a half feet the psychic “instructed” the computer to rewrite the data from a file to a specified disk...

There have been instances when banking systems in the West have been blocked by viruses. Hundreds of thousands of clients suffered as a result. Even greater disruption and even chaos can be caused by failure in a computer network that manages traffic, the operation of nuclear reactors, or oil and gas delivery systems. The Grabovoi phenomenon could be a lifeline for preventing any of these frightening scenarios.

Lidiya Anatoliyevna Chernyak works at the Space Mission Control Center. Though endowed with psychic gifts, she is nevertheless modest in appraising her own spiritual abilities. But when she heard about Grabovoi, she asked for God’s intervention so that she could meet the famous psychic. And the meeting took place, when Grigori was invited to the Space Mission Control Center to diagnose the condition of the international space stationMir”.

In the presence of one of the leaders of SMCC, the psychic detected a defect in the thermal insulation of the space station’s outer casing. He also discovered the place of overdrive in the rocket, as well as the location of scratches and cracks. To test the equipment at the request of the American participants in the experiment, the Center’s scientists wanted to simulate a full afterburner mode for the on-board engines, so that the space station would “swing”. Grabovoi insisted that such an experiment should not be conducted because there were cracks in the hull. The afterburner mode, he said, can be simulated only if there is external control over each segment of the spacecraft...

Grigori Petrovich also predicted that the astronauts would not feel well during the space station’s flight over the geopathogenic area of Brazil... Finally, he also saw” adverse atmospheric changes aboard the station: under the influence of heat and humidity new strains of bacteria were formed that could affect the health of the astronauts.

The capabilities of this man are so completely unique and amazing that Russia has every right to be proud of him, said Lidiya Chernyak. People like him should be treasured and protected.”

When speaking about Grabovoi, one cannot omit the absolutely mystical facts of his resurrection of the dead, impossible at first glance but, nevertheless, officially documented. I quote from the same book by Vladimir Sudakov:

“His psychic colleagues got through to Grabovoi late after midnight: a woman’s 12-year-old son had vanished, and there were witnesses saying that the boy was dismembered. The vision of a quartered body appeared before Grigori’s eyes. After asking a few questions, he assured the caller: ‘Give me three days and I’ll put him back together. Tell his mother that she will soon see her son alive and well.’ Putting time in reverse, he began to build a positive picture of the future. One NEEDS TO WORK AROUND THE PROBLEM; one must build a different, happy turn of events... 

Three days later the mother, distraught with grief, found her son ‘purely by accident’ at the Kazansky Railway Station. He was alive and well, the only problem was that he remembered nothing about the few days he spent away from his family.

The best detective agencies and government-run special services confirmed to the mother that her daughter died in a fire. After a mediated request, Grigori Petrovich revived the burnt girl in a monastery, located hundreds of miles away from the place where the girl died...

            Grigori Grabovoi revived people in a variety of situation: he returned a woman to life with several physicians testifying to the event; he revived a man in the presence of a child and another adult…

How is it possible to alter events that have already occurred? I accosted Grabovoi with numerous questions, and he tried to explain it to me with the most unperturbed demeanor.

 – It all has to do with parallel time streams. When the healer operates without a scalpel, he penetrates another time with his finger or his hand, while remaining in reality with his other hand. Figuratively speaking, he has several hands, like Krishna. So I move part of ‘myself’ to another temporal field, into any given point, to correct the line of destiny. In some sense, God himself is sending me to test the grounds.

If this is a murder for hire, then people quickly learn about it through the media. In that case there has to be another option: the dead can be projected live only in a place where no one knows anything about them. The best option is not to have any witnesses of the murder or, if there are witnesses, to make sure that they won’t speak about the resurrection for a certain amount of time. But some blabbermouths just can’t be stopped from telling everyone and sundry: ‘He was dead and he’s now alive, see!’ For such people it is necessary to build a scenario with explanations and neutralization. I would never consider killing anyone, of course, it is against Christian morality. That is why I must build positive events for all parties involved. Only after completing this work can I begin to construct an alternative course of events and to pull the victim out of nothingness. I substantiate the fact of resurrection. I resort to logic in proving that resurrection shows how senseless it is to develop means of destruction, since everything can be reversed.

Resurrection is appreciated by all people, if not consciously, then as proof of the immortality of the spirit. Obviously, the immortal spirit of some individuals in infinite time can find a way to preserve a positive picture of the world’s development. Materialization of any object is the same type of process as resurrection. The more common word for it is revival. It is the revival of a positive, constructive make-up of the world. In this context, destruction is regarded as a totally senseless and, therefore, surmountable obstacle to the reality of life.

Someone will probably find the possibility of such a procedure quite shocking. As for me, I find it to be a timely way of demonstrating in reality a positive path of development, which actually and permanently prevents the destruction of the world. The killer is alive, but he may not be aware that in one of the scenarios of the past he could have been destroyed in an act of vengeance. This is a way to preserve the lives of all parties, which is necessary for society to adopt laws conducive to positive development. The innocent victim is once again among us, and it doesn’t occur to anyone that a terrible tragedy was about to take this person’s life. The family has been united. 

I must admit that altering an event which has already occurred is a highly esoteric act and also a highly complicated one. It is far better to prevent misfortune from striking, which Grigori Grabovoi is always more than happy to do.”


I found everything Ivliev told me about this man and all that I read about him quite amazing. Here I was, still fiddling with the regeneration of my gallbladder, and someone nearby was resurrecting the dead without great difficulty. Moreover, I saw how close our methods were. So why did the Russian Academy of Sciences keep silent about Grabovoi’s remarkable skills? After all, science has long come close to realizing that planetary consciousness in the Universe forms the kind of unity that can be described as the SUPER REASON, or the noosphere. Konstantin Eduardovich Tsiolkovsky affirmed the existence of “forces of reason in the Cosmos” and of the “cosmic brain”. “I am not just a materialist but also a panpsychist, he wrote in this regard, for I recognize the presence of feeling in the entire Universe. This property, I believe, is inseparable from matter.” At the end of his life Albert Einstein also came to believe in the existence of an “intelligent force” in the Cosmos, even though, as is well known, he always supported the position of materialism in natural sciences.

Contemporary knowledge is also increasingly drawn to the idea. The prominent Soviet philosopher I. A. Akchurin wrote that as a result of the revision of the worldview based on the natural sciences it is possible that we may end up replacing all of the classical mechanistic view of the world as a large and complex “clockwork” by some entirely new paradigm, such as a general vision of the world as a living organism. Anyway, he said, a number of scientists are “seriously considering that possibility.”

Other researchers, too, have arrived at a similar idea in one form or another. Here is how the American philosopher Samuel Crum formulates it: “The Universe is so magnificent that it would be hard to imagine that it does not collectively form a single Universal intelligence that is conscious of billions of swarming living beings on all habitable planets, similar to how a person is aware of having a minor headache... Stars or even galaxies are merely ‘neurons’ of this Universal mind.”

A number of extremely interesting facts have been assembled by A.A. Gorbovsky, a journalist and supporter of the idea of the living Universe, in his brochure, “In the Circle of Eternal Return” (“Znaniye” Publishers, Moscow, 1989). In his work he emphasizes a number of discoveries:

“Some time ago, while deciphering the spectra of some extragalactic sources, astronomers have discovered formic acid in the open space. After that traces of ethyl alcohol and wood alcohol were also found there. Finally, the staff of the Max Planck Institute for Astronomy in Germany found a cloud of water vapor at a distance of over two million light years. We currently know about the existence in outer space of several dozens of organic molecules. They fill gigantic clouds of gas, whose length is measured in light years. This is tantamount to billions and billions of tons of organic matter. V.I. Goldanskiy, Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, believes in the possible formation in space of “the most complex molecules, including even proteins”.

In studying molecules with an organic base found in stardust, astrophysics Nalin C. Wickramasinghe and Fred Hoyle, suggested the presence of microorganisms in space at the cellular level. Their mass, they say, is enormous. What kind of life form they represent, what processes take place in its depths, and how it impacts non-living matter in space this we don’t know and can’t even imagine.

Until recently, the assumption was that cosmic matter, such as stars and galaxies, is distributed throughout outer space without any order. It turns out that this is not the case, as inferred by a group of astronomers from the Estonian Institute of Astrophysics and Atmospheric Physics. Here is what J. Einasto, Doctor of Physics and Mathematics, explained to a correspondent from TASS News Agency:

“Galaxies and their clusters are arranged in an orderly fashion that resembles a honeycomb of enormous size. And the closer to the junctions between such cells, the more concentrated the cosmic matter.”

This conclusion was made by researchers after a thorough study of the distribution of mass within the galaxies which are part of the super clusters in Perseus, Andromeda and Pegasus. At the periphery of such a “cell” the surface density of the galaxies and their clusters was four times higher than in the central part. The pattern obtained by American astrophysicists after computer processing of data about millions of galaxies also confirmed the cell-like structure of the Universe. Characteristically, there are virtually no galaxies within the cells: they are all gathered in the “walls” between the cells. The size of these cells ranges from 100 to 300 million light years. According to B.V. Komberg, researcher at the Agency for Space Research at the Russian Academy of Sciences, “if such a vision of the large-scale structure of the Universe is confirmed, we will come to the picture the Universe as a bizarre matrix of cells...”

What are the forces and factors that could cause such a symmetric and orderly structure?

According to Estonian astronomers M. Iyevaer and J. Einasto who made this discovery, “numerical experiments show that a cell-like structure may occur by random clustering. We believe that the structure is of primary origin and it was formed before the formation of galaxies and clusters of galaxies...”

Is it possible to assume that the living matter of space, a volitional impulse, could affect the distribution of masses of matter? Should we also look for such an effect from other, more complex phenomena of the world around us?

For a while the dominating point of view in science was that life emerged on Earth due to chance. Today, however, based on current scientific knowledge, random synthesis of RNA and DNA that determine life seems quite unlikely.  Moreover, the Universe itself hasn’t existed long enough for life to appear on a random basis.

One of the mathematical calculations tells us that if, for instance, every microsecond one option was tested in any electron- sized cell of space, only 10 possible options would be tested in the course of 100 billion years (whereas the Universe has existed only for 15-22 billion years). This number is infinitely small compared with the required 4 ¹ºººººº ~ 10 – so many combinations of 4 “letters” of the genetic code would have to be alternated for it to constitute the one that defines life. According to the calculations of the famous American astronomer Holden, such a random occurrence would comprise just 1 of 1.3 · 10 ³º.

If the method of random combinations were to be used to create even the simplest, most primitive protein molecule, a negligibly small part of such options could be tried out throughout the existence of the Universe. This conclusion was drawn by German scientists M. Eigen and R. Winkler. (According to the calculations of astrophysicists Chandra Wickramasinghe and Fred Hoyle, the lifetime of the Earth is equally insufficient for the formation and evolution of the system of approximately two thousand enzymes used by organisms on our planet.).

To sum up, based on recent scientific data life didn’t and couldn’t emerge by accident.

This absence of randomness was observed in his time by V.I. Vernadsky. “Living creatures of the Earth, – he wrote, – are creations of a complex cosmic process, a necessary and law-governed part of the harmonious mechanism of the Cosmos, in which, as we know, there are no random events.” Indeed, as evidenced by the Earth’s experience, it is recreating its own similar forms, which creates the condition for the existence of life. We can assume that this law operates on the scale of the Universe as well. Developing this idea further, it would be logical to assume that living matter in outer space also constantly seeks to create new forms of life. What is meant here pertains to a targeted impact on inanimate matter, to its organization and the creation of conditions leading to the emergence of life.

“The face of the Earth is changed by them, – Vernadsky wrote, referring to these forces, – and is molded by them to a large extent. It is not a reflection of our planet alone, the manifestation of its matter and its energy; it is simultaneously a creation of the external forces of the Cosmos.” This is a pervasive directed impact of “external forces of the Cosmos”, for which space and possibly even time cannot be a barrier. The Earth’s biosphere, Vernadsky wrote, is a source for “changing the planet by external cosmic forces.”

A.A. Gorbovsky then makes quite a pertinent comment: “The English physiologist Cyril Burt believed that in addition to the known physical Universe, we can postulate some combination of fields forming a sort of “psychical Universe”. These are fields or certain areas of consciousness with the ability “to give structure to reality” and “to have an impact on matter and space.”

The famous American astrophysicist Freeman John Dyson says that he and his colleagues also “do not exclude a priori the possibility that the mind and consciousness may have the same status in the make-up of the Universe as matter and energy.”

The fact that consciousness can have an impact on matter is confirmed by some more recent laboratory experiments, which have accumulated statistically significant material. Thus, under the terms of one of the experiments, the participant pushed the button on a device throwing out dice. The subject was instructed to simultaneously send a strong volitional impulse, i.e., “to want” the dice to fall in a certain way: “Six,” “two”, etc. 170,000 such dice throws were tested in the laboratories of the University of Pittsburgh (USA). Similar experiments were also conducted at other research centers. It was determined  not only that “desired” results significantly exceeded those in the statistically average range, but also that there was a consistent pattern, where the number of “desired” results at the end of a series decreased substantially compared to those in the beginning. The degree of randomness in such a stable distribution of outcomes is 1 in 30,000,000.

Another confirmation of the possibility of impact from a volitional impulse on the material world can be found in the experiments on the distortion of the “Josephson effect” (the flow of superconducting current through a thin dielectric layer). The subject was shown the output (the impulse signal) on the magnetometer with a superconducting shield and was then asked to influence the magnetic field with an effort of his will. Within thirty seconds, as a result of such impact, the output frequency of the magnetometer was two times greater.

Other facts of the same nature have been recorded in the more distant past. It is worth mentioning the experiments by Willy Schneider (in the 1920s), in which he moved objects by an effort of will in the presence of a commission of 54 university professors, who confirmed the genuineness of the phenomenon. An episode from the life of Charlie Chaplin, described in his autobiography, should obviously be attributed to the same class of phenomena. Once, when he and a group of friends entered a bar where there were three roulettes, he suddenly felt some strange force inside him, and he said that he could get the roulettes to stop – the first on “9”, the second on “4” and the third on “7”. “Believe it or not, – he recalled, – the first one stopped on the number 9, the second on four, and the third on seven. Mind you, it was one chance in a million.”

It is possible to find such phenomena as the impact of volitional impulse on material objects mentioned by some ancient authors as well. One such reference belongs to Josephus Flavius (1st century A.D.). He speaks of a certain Eleazar, who ordered a goblet with water or a basin for the washing of the feet to be placed next to a patient, while he was “driving out evil spirits”.

Leaving the patient’s body, “the evil spirit” overturned the vessel in response to Eleazar’s instruction. This happened in the presence of Emperor Vespasian, his sons, many Roman generals and numerous legionnaires.”

Grigori Petrovich Grabovoi’s abilities are consistent with those facts and hypotheses which science has already accumulated, with some adjustment for the fact that such psychic power and energy has not been previously observed in any one person.

Still, the phenomenon of Academician Grabovoi did not fit into the Procrustean bed of orthodox science. Not only did he assert that there are different realities existing in the Universe, some of which are spiritual realities which are hidden, but he also convincingly demonstrated how they influenced our lives. Materialization and de-materialization of objects, telepathy, instances of curing terminally ill patients, including people with AIDS and, finally, regeneration of missing organs and resurrection of the dead, which took place in the presence of experts – all these events are not some kind of speculation by people with an over stimulated imagination but the daily work of this remarkable man, whose goal never was to get TV exposure or fuel unhealthy celebrity worship. Grabovoi created a New Reality in the field of knowledge, where science and religion are not opposed to each other in a senseless effort to monopolize their right to the truth. In this New Reality they join efforts to comprehend this truth.

The factual instances of resurrection, duly registered as I have already emphasized, actually brought down the traditional materialistic view of the Universe. These facts left everyone who has to do with science so stunned that even the Russian Academy of Sciences’ specially appointed Committee against such mystical anomalies, headed by Academician Kruglyakov, preserved a significant silence, having no desire to say “yes” and not being able to say “no” in response to this highly unusual phenomenon. Until then, there has not been a single living creature in the world that would return to life after dying and be able to talk about the other side of Being. Now there is, and more than one…


And here I was presented with the opportunity not only to personally meet this unique individual, but to tell him about the achievements at our Center, to ask him for advice and learn more about his methods.

I went to my first meeting with Grigori Petrovich alone, without Igor. Grabovoi’s office was located on Moscow’s famous Solyanka Street, not far from the building of the Presidium of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences. As an aside, the fact that they were close by was quite noteworthy… The entrance to the stately old mansion of the Presidium was decorated with antique columns, and the monumental grandeur of the latter was indicative of the immutability, solidity and imperious power of this institution. Not far, in a nearby building occupied by the Football League, was the small, two-room office of the famous miracle worker, who was able to regenerate missing organs and cure diabetes, cancer and AIDS without any medications. All these results have been documented and proven. On several occasions, Grigori regenerated the missing organs directly in the surgery office, before the eyes of astonished physicians. So what? The initial impression of what happened gradually wore off. Those physicians who tried, on the spur of the moment, to explain something to the health officials got tired of banging their heads against the wall, and eventually they even started to doubt whether the miracle actually happened.  Perhaps it was some sort of hypnosis or a hallucination? Or maybe they had been drinking excessively before the surgery? Such denial was sadly familiar to me.

Something quite similar happened to me too, when I wrote a letter about the possibilities of our technique to Valeri Pavlinovich Shantsev, then Deputy Mayor of Moscow. He immediately gave instructions to several clinics and institutions to contact me and conduct a medical testing of the possibilities I identified. Six weeks later I found out that all the clinics and research institutions completed the medical testing and gave a negative assessment of these possibilities. Where did they conduct their testing? How exactly did they do it? This remains a great secret. All I can say is that none of these experts ever met with me or any of my colleagues, or even called us regarding this topic. They probably decided not to bother themselves or us needlessly. They simply wrote back stating that this cannot be since it contradicts the foundations of their closely guarded science. And they do not know of any other science. Therefore, nobody has the right to treat what they cannot cure. This was the position they must have taken.

This is precisely what happened with acupuncture in its time, remember? The medical community maligned those doctors who dared to practice acupuncture any way they could. They labeled them as quacks and charlatans, and said they were unworthy of the prestigious title of a Soviet physician. And how did it all end? It turns out acupuncture is a science after all and it offers people very effective help.

Such were my bitter thoughts as I was passing by the Presidium of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences, whose combined power wasn’t able to save even a single person dying of AIDS, on my way to Grabovoi’s basement office, where everything that official medicine could not and would not do was performed quietly, modestly and effectively. Work here went on uninterrupted, day after day, with the same positive results.

Grigori Petrovich was waiting for me and, as it later turned out, he had been waiting for this to happen long before we actually got acquainted. The man who was widely known in the world, and who Russia’s official bureaucracy knew nothing about or refused to acknowledge, was young and pleasant not only in appearance but also in his conduct. After just a one-hour long conversation – he somehow managed to wrest this hour from the schedule of the patients gathered in the hallway – I became completely convinced that our meeting was essentially predetermined, since from now on we were to work together. Grigori, Igor and I became one team, although each was to continue working independently.

We agreed on everything. A new phase in our training began which, soon after, radically changed my destiny and Igor’s.

Working with Grabovoi was not only a privilege for us but was also useful. The technique of controlled clairvoyance which Grigori developed was another shiny mountain top to conquer for Igor and me. We had to … we had no other choice but to conquer this mountain top, all the more so because its owner was gracious enough to agree to be our teacher on this difficult path. He already knew that we were a winged horse and rider in that other space. “You have been placed into the image of St. George,” he explained to us. – This is a great honor.”

As agreed beforehand, at 9 p.m. on April 18 we established telepathic communication with Grigori. We found him in his office, and after saying the appropriate greetings, we reminded him of his agreement to allow us to enter his mind and read the information available there.

He smiled and threw up his hands:

– Come in since I agreed.

We tried to enter but couldn’t. Grigori’s head was protected with a sphere encircled by bright threads. From the neck down all the way to the ground he had something like a skirt with glowing protective power strips. Then … we began to see that this wasn’t Grigori at all but his hologram. He was in contact with us through a medium.

We came closer. Grigori made ​​a second sphere and pushed us back easily to where we started. He placed a triangle above the defense and then another one, making a double pyramid. The pyramid had a mirror surface. The defenses reached all the way to ground level. In addition, he placed a square, which protected all the defenses below the feet. It was barely noticeable, like glass. Another transformation – the square unfolded into a cube. A cube makes any defense invisible. It is something like the magic cap of invisibility.

– Is it clear? – Grigori Petrovich asked.

–Sure, – Igor and I replied in unison, and we immediately began to construct a similar defense system for ourselves. It worked. We were now invincible.

–To get out from under your defenses you should do the following, – Grigori Petrovich attracted our attention and removed first the cube, then the pyramids and finally the rest of the defense with a number of graceful pirouettes, about-turns and passes.

– Then we pull the energy into the coccyx, – he said and showed us how the energy threads withdrew into his tailbone.

– Next time I’ll show you how to protect yourselves from ghosts and energy flows, – he promised before disappearing.

We were left alone, stupefied with happiness.

– What will we do next? – Igor asked.

I suddenly suggested:

– Why don’t we pay a visit to Lapshin in St. Petersburg? Let’s practice our defense systems…

– Agreed. Let’s do it, – Igor said.

We rose and flew above the earth. Below were fields, forests and cities. Below was Russia. We were like birds, shrinking space with our bodies. Two or three minutes later we were in the city on the Neva. Something was unmistakably leading us straight to the goal of our aspirations.

We found ourselves in the hall of a restaurant. There was a huge table, music and lots of people. We saw Vyacheslav – he was presiding in the center. Next to him were two generals and some other men in plain clothes. Everybody was drinking champagne. Vyacheslav was explaining to them that he could see through walls and hear conversations at a distance.

And what were we doing right now? Weren’t we looking and listening?

Lapshin said that he was able to read papers that were lying at the far end of the table.

One of the generals commented patronizingly:

– This could be useful to us.

The second one thought to himself: “I should ask him to spy on my wife.”

Officers, damn you! You ought to be thinking about our homeland!

Suddenly, Lapshin felt that Igor and I were messing around with his head. He was clearly worried. He apologized and walked away from the table. Stopping in a corner behind a column, he suddenly unfolded his energy defense. It looked like a trellis shield pierced by yellow threads – four longitudinal and four transverse ones. It had a mirror surface. Lapshin raised the shield, trying to prevent our invasion.

Igor and I were enjoying it. We took the defense with our hands, moved it aside and surrounded Vyacheslav with an invisible cube. That’s it, pal, we caught you. The guy started randomly brandishing his shield. He was extremely anxious, even scared.

He couldn’t see anything now. Frantically, he tried out various options in his memory. But Lapshin had powerful intuition. He suddenly pictured my house and tried to bring it closer. But we had the invisible cube for that, didn’t we? Lapshin became even more frightened.

– Arkady Naumovich, is it you? – he asked.

We didn’t respond.

In a panic he walked back to the table, to his wife.

– Lucy, may I talk to you for a minute?

What was Lapshin doing? Why was he distracting his wife from a fascinating conversation she was having with the lady sitting next to her about female underwear?

–What is it? – she asked in a grumpy voice.

–I need to talk to you privately, – he insisted.

She got up reluctantly and the two moved to the side.

– I have a problem, – he explained. – The computer won’t turn on. Petrov is doing something but I can’t see him or his house. He has a powerful defense. It’s got to be him.

–Who else among your people could be working at such a level? – his wife asked dispassionately. It seemed that her husband’s problems weren’t of much concern to her. – Could it be Katya?

–Definitely not!


–Don’t talk nonsense! It must be Petrov. Arkady Naumovich, what are you doing?

–We’re playing games, – Igor and I giggled.

–It’s Petrov, for a fact, – Lapshin announced out loud. – Where did you learn all this stuff?

Without giving an answer, we put away the invisible cube, released Vyacheslav from captivity and moved away to the second level.

It was an astonishing adventure. It brought delight to our souls and glee to our hearts.

The next day, using Grigori Petrovich’s defense technique, we decided to investigate the various levels.

We started with the third level. There were gates to the left and right of us. These were entrances to the astral plane of intangible space.

We decided to go to the left. When we entered, it was cold and there was a rotten smell around. We saw people who were light as balloons. This was the Kingdom of the Dead. They were wearing dark robes and they felt unhappy and uncomfortable there. They couldn’t see us because we were protected by our defense. We didn’t want to move deeper into this unwelcome space.

We decided to change the direction of research. We moved out into the Bardo channel. There were other gates in front of us. We entered them. The picture that opened before us was quite different. It smelled of spring. Everything was very similar to our Earth. People seemed to be almost material. They worked here as they had in life. Someday, they would return to the earthly plane again and forget that they were ever in this other world. This was the loop of infinity in the shape of the number eight. The Möbius strip.

We returned into the Bardo channel and rose upward vertically to the next, fourth level.

We looked to the right of us and saw mountains and seas stretching into infinity. Above them were thunderous black clouds, vortexes and tornados. These were very odd tornados! We couldn’t tell where the answer came from. It told us that these were disharmonious human souls. The answer sounded within us just like that, in our minds. It was as if someone was reading our thoughts and was ready to give us all the necessary explanations in the course of our unusual expedition.

Again, we moved out of the level and crossed the Bardo channel. It appeared that the right side of the system was more amicable to people than the left one. We saw the vastness of the ocean. The sun warmed us gently. The soft summer breeze caressed our faces. This was the boundlessness of beauty. Once again, a mysterious understanding came to us: here we could acquire knowledge and talent for singing, drawing, writing books and for almost any other creative endeavor. This was the abode of the muses, the source of inspiration.

We returned to the first level. Somehow we were both simultaneously struck with the same idea: why don’t we pay Lapshin another visit?

All day long he was trying to spy on us. Nothing came of it. There was no way he could break through such defenses as ours. He was upset. He sat there in his shirt drawing diagrams of the different ways he could get me. He was thinking: “It is all Petrov’s doing.”

We entered into his head. He felt sick. We exited. Together with Igor, we created a positive aura for him and relieved the spasms.

Lapshin felt better. He went to the window and breathed in the air.

– Arkady Naumovich, is this you?

I didn’t reply.

– How did this happen? When did it awaken within you? Are you sure it’s you, tell me?

His mind was filled with emptiness and despair. All his life he aspired to reach this goal and it never materialized.

– Arkady Naumovich, I was probably wrong about some things.

There were tears in his eyes.

–We made ​​it up, haven’t we?

I agreed without saying anything and left. Igor was beside me. We went back to Moscow.

Near the house, we became aware of some sort of trouble. We stopped a short distance away and looked closely. A big black raven was circling above the house’s protective half sphere. It wasn’t a real-life raven.

Yeah, the astral was displaying signs of anxiety! It was too late now to be anxious. Igor and I transformed ourselves. I became a white winged horse in armor and my rider was a warrior holding a spear and a shield – he was St. George, the Dragon Slayer. Pulling out his sword, he approached the raven. We decided to start by applying the soft phase of confrontation, as Grigori Petrovich taught us. We therefore transformed the question “Why?” into one better suited to our appearance:

– So what is it you want? Are you here to draw and quarter us, or simply to stretch your legs? 

The raven was in a panic. He saw before him a huge horseman, whose head reached above the clouds. He knew what this meant. The winged horse represented space. The horseman represented the power and the mind of society and humanity as a whole. Right now, at this moment, these powers were handed over to us. And the raven shied away and then disappeared altogether. The harsh phase of confrontation has been transformed into a soft one. St. George didn’t have to chase every crow around. Of course, there’s just as much similarity between crows and ravens, as between an old legend and modern garbage. Here, we have now humiliated the enemy with this insulting comparison.

 The situation was becoming clear. Now they knew where to find us. We needed to boggle their minds a bit more. Let them think that it’s probably here, but not necessarily so. We felt the need to think up some trick, the kind expressed in the previous sentence. We now had to specify it.

– What are crows afraid of? – I asked Igor. 

– Scarecrows.

We recalled Grigori Petrovich’s holographic copy. We duplicated ourselves. Now, the holographic copy of St. George would stand guard next to the house. If someone approached the house with evil intentions, it would warn us and we would instantly respond from any distance. In addition, the shield could act independently, although not with the degree of freedom that Igor and I had.

Once again, we heard a voice: “Don’t worry. It’s impossible to stop you. A new unfolding of space is underway whose purpose is positive reconstruction.”

– We are not afraid, – we answered out loud, – because we don’t separate our own actions from the One who performs these actions – from the Creator.

Igor and I marveled at our synchronic response and exchanged glances.

“You ought to master the technique of control, – we heard a voice. – You must determine what state of consciousness creates a controlled phase from the perspective of the soul, without control through logic. Test it in working with material space. When dealing with control over real events, many things can’t be learned immediately, however, it is still essential to learn how to control them.”

Well, the assignment was received. It is as simple and clear as Lenin’s unforgettable motto: “Study, study and study again!”

At eight o’clock the next morning, as bona fide students, Igor and I were already sitting behind our desks. We turned on the screens of our inner vision – and immediately found ourselves in the familiar image of horse and rider. It seemed that we were being prepared for war. We began to study ourselves.

The horse was protected by chain mail. Above the eyes, it had metal slats, which were lowered in battle and covered up its vision. This was Pegasus. The rider had an elongated scarlet shield on the left side and a very long, dark-colored spear on the right. The rider’s body was covered with chain mail and his feet were protected with knee-pads. The front of his boots was curled upward. His sword was attached to the belt and its hilt was covered with precious stones.

The largest pink stone was encased at the edge of the hilt. The bow and arrows were in the saddle. The arrows – seven of them, all different colors: yellow, purple, green, blue, brown, black and white – lay in the quiver. The rider’s staff hung behind the belt. The curved hilt had an inscription that said: “Save and protect!”

The helmet was framed by a curtain of chain mail. A huge ruby shone at its center, over the bridge of the warrior’s nose. His shoulders were draped in a very long scarlet cloak. There was another inscription on the collar of the cloak, too. On the right side of the saddle there was a mighty mace. We took another close look at the shield. There was a drawing on it: a horseman was piercing a dragon with his spear. It looked like the spitting image of the emblem of Moscow.

We could now begin our journey. After just a few leaps we were already at the second level, to the left side of it, at the training grounds.

We checked the stone on the helmet and the one I had on my forehead. They were emitting beams of light. We controlled the beams with our minds. We didn’t know where the information came from, what we were supposed to do and how. We had the feeling that this knowledge was hidden within us for the time being. And now it was gradually being pulled out from the depths of our being.

We drew a meadow and a majestic old castle with the beam. The drawing was in yellow. We checked: can it be removed? The beam became purple and we erased the previous drawing. We used the green color to move the castle closer to where we were and the blue color to move it away and reduce its size. Those colors were awfully tricky! With them you could turn any giant into a midget. It should be borne in mind, but it’s unlikely it will ever come handy. After all, we are St. George, the Dragon Slayer! And this is a great responsibility. Look like a Knight, act like a Knight!

We used the black color. The castle turned to the left and became invisible. We turned it to the right and it became visible again.

We colored the beam brown: the castle shrank in size and flew up like a balloon. We rotated it counter-clockwise and it returned and took its former place.

We caught it in our white beam and pulled it after us wherever we wanted.

Then we tested the bow. We positioned the arrow against the bowstring and aimed it at the castle – we then sent it flying. Wow... The castle collapsed, as though hit with an intercontinental missile. We took the spear and drew a defensive shield like the one used by Lapshin: a square, broken into sectors by yellow lines. We attacked it with the spear: the shield oozed to the ground as if it were made of thawed jelly.

The exercise excited us. We needed an active opponent. So we created a dragon. Igor snatched the sword from its sheath, waved it and hit the dragon’s neck before the monster opened its mouth to warm us with its flamethrower. Its severed head flew to the ground like a head of cabbage.

So far so good… We decided to make the task more complicated. We now drew an image of Dragon Gorynych. For some reason, we knew in advance that his left head represented the dark forces, the middle head – knowledge, power, skill and cunning. The most pernicious was the right head and it should be dealt with first.

After just one strike the most pernicious head rolled to the ground. The middle head breathed fire at us. It was incredibly hot. Igor’s cloak and my horse-cover rescued us from the prospect of becoming Gorynych’s next breakfast: an epic stew out of luckless St. George. Igor brandished the sword and severed the second head. Dragon Gorynych slightly lost his balance. The left head now carried more of the weight, and he couldn’t figure out how he could do something to cause us harm – he tried to reach us with his claws or flatten us with his tail but his lack of balance was a disadvantage. Meanwhile, Igor waited for the right moment and struck him on his scaly neck with the sword. That was the end of him: Dragon Gorynych was dead.

The mace still remained among our unused military weapons. We drew a huge mountain. Igor swung the mace and delivered a crushing blow on the mountain top. What power!  The top of the mountain crumbled into tiny pebbles. Only a small hill was left in its place.

All we had to do now was test the last gift from heaven – the staff.

We drew a picture of a man. The staff sent out a beam of light toward the image, which landed on the crown of the man’s head. The beam moved on as bright lightning into the tailbone, the central channel. The man came alive and looked back. He was given life and he now tried to understand what it meant.

We erased the curious man and drew a black bird instead. The beam hit it on the tail and the head – the bird became light in color.

Then we erased the bird and drew a rabbit. How could we revive it? We directed the beam toward its legs and its head, then touched the image with the tip of the staff and materialized it. It worked. Therefore, the sequence has been revealed: first, an idea, then energy and then matter.

That was intriguing. We cleaned up and descended to the first level.

We stood on the ground and saw names, formulas and geometric figures swirling around us. All together it resembled billions of threads. We intercepted one of them and lowered it into ourselves. It was now like a film strip. Planes, helicopters, naval ships, volcanic eruptions, disasters, typhoons – all this was now within us. 

We intercepted another thread. Now we were under water, surrounded by fish and coral reefs. We could see what lived there, what developed and died.

Intercepting another thread we saw a city, cars, computers, network failures and ecology problems – all in all, a very stressful environment.

We replaced the film tape. Around were stars, the moon, satellites and spaceships. We received information about the danger of an asteroid on a collision course with the Earth. The powerful impact would cause the Earth to increase the speed of its rotation. This would be a terrible catastrophe.

The information was being processed very fast, in numerical form. We again heard the voice telling us that we were the second to get access to this information, which signified the beginning of the second stage in our lives. And if we could pass it and save the Earth from destruction, this would be the third and most important stage.

One of the information threads began to vibrate as a sign of anxiety. We intercepted it and saw a house with something like a self-made altar inside and a table. On it was an amulet, burning candles and my photo. There was a woman standing by the table. She was about fifty years old. She was full-figured and had a mole under her left eye. Her long black hair and eyelashes seemed to be glued on.

The woman was casting spells. The ritual was specifically directed against me. Its purpose –information coding.

Igor took an arrow and aimed it at the table. This seemed to cause an earthquake. Everything began to rock and fall. My photograph caught fire from one of the candles, and its corner was burned. The woman was in utter panic. Her mind filled with fear. She realized that she had encountered something more powerful than she was. She extinguished the candles frantically.

Hopefully, she will learn something from this lesson. Fare thee well, homegrown witch, adieu…

We ascended into the Bardo channel to complete our study of the levels.

The fifth level was on our left. There was darkness, hurricanes, vortexes and lightning. It was the state of man and nature. A huge bee flew past us: one of its sides was striped like a hornet’s. This was hypnosis.

There was an opposite picture on the right – a blue sky, light clouds and spring storms. The sun was out and a gentle breeze was blowing in the birch grove. But this was also hypnosis.

Let’s try to see how it works… We galloped to the site and drew two houses. There was a family living in each house. We revived the picture and galloped upward to collect two small bags of hypnotic visions. In one of them we gathered the wind, darkness and moisture. In the other – the caressing spring breeze and the landscape with the birch trees. We poured the contents of the first bag on the house. Something broke down there and went wrong. Everyone in the family began quarrelling and couldn’t reach a compromise. We poured the contents of the second bag on the other house. Everyone in the family started smiling, beaming, laughing and working. The sixth level was on the left. It contained creativity but it was of a strange sort: mediocrity, scribomania and barren efforts. To the right were the great inspirations of geniuses. Here talented creators were given revelations to write their books and work on their paintings.

I felt good here, it was a pleasant place to be in and I didn’t want to leave. But Igor was already tired. We had to go back.


* * *


Knowledge about the structure of control over the Earth triggered, in its turn, a cascade of new information. It appeared within me suddenly, as a given thing – out of nowhere and for no apparent reason. Somehow I knew that all the levels are formed because the Earth spins around its axis as the result of the electromagnetic separation process. Each planet of our solar system has a structural influence of its own in this planetary mechanism of control. It is worth mentioning that these levels spread like pyramids not only in an upward direction over the North Pole but also downwards toward the planetary nucleus. In effect, this process results in two pyramids, with their bases merging on the Earth’s surface.

I made a pretty accurate drawing of this structure on a thick sheet of paper. I liked what I saw. A light silvery Bardo channel cut vertically through this structure. A similar channel cut perpendicularly across the first one. The cross was defined distinctly and undoubtedly. “And God divided the light from darkness.” Divided by what? It appeared that the Bardo channel filled with mysterious silvery color was, in fact, the Divine divider. And its name was the Holy Spirit.

“And God made two great lights; the greater light to rule the day, and the lesser light to rule the night, he made the stars also.” With “the greater light” the picture is more or less clear. The Sun is the solar system’s star. As far as “the lesser light”, it isn’t clear at all: where is it? It isn’t included among the stars since they are mentioned separately. Could it be the Moon? Its influence on events taking place on Earth is enormous. However, I was uncertain about it. I felt that I had to find the answer, especially since Lapshin had referred to a mysterious Sun-2 on several occasions, with which he connected the ambitious plans to ensure his own financial might. Provided that I no longer perceived his Napoleonic aspirations as proof of a seasonal spring attack of schizophrenia, it was imperative to get the proper answer and the sooner, the better. 

Now it is time to enlighten some of my readers with limited knowledge in that area of one special feature of clairvoyance.

Let me start with a simple example. When somebody has heart problems he or she goes for an EKG test. Of course, the elaborate chart doesn’t reflect all the details of the complicated activity of our “pump”. However, it gives an idea of certain aspects of its functioning. The picture they get is essential for physicians, and sometimes they may not need anything else.

At this point in time we don’t know what the subtle-matter essences the psychics deal with look like or what exactly they represent. But the essences themselves clearly want to interact with humans. That is why they present themselves to the psychic in terms and images of his culture and upbringing, using his native language and the figures of speech familiar to him since childhood.

So when someone comes to a psychic complaining of chest pains, the latter sees an imp blocking his aorta. It is not an EKG that he sees but an imp, the way we imagine him from pictures in books of fairytales. The psychic has the ability to talk to him, not out loud though but in his thoughts. Nevertheless, they understand each other. Incidentally, this little devil, the product of some as yet unidentified imagination, provides a considerably more accurate picture of the patient’s health problem than the EKG diagram produced by a device.

I think that when the human brain’s activity becomes upgraded, for instance, from its current average 3-4 percent to 50, it will develop the ability to imagine certain processes, phenomena, even abstract concepts as visualized essences. Otherwise, why do the notorious dragon or the little devil mentioned above, limit their activities to just one-two functions and have an obvious, quite primitive designation. Take somebody like multi-headed Cerberus: he doesn’t drink or eat, has no time to chase after girls – his only function is to guard the Gates of the Underworld. 

As for humans, they are multi-functional with a great number of degrees of freedom. It is the human mind that creates this world of ours as we have already discussed before. Thus, all these images, essences, or whatever else, are simply the way the right hemisphere of our brain instantly understands and assimilates those natural phenomena, which take the left hemisphere many years to explore.

Another simple example: about a hundred years ago, physicists opened the door into what used to be terra incognita – the micro world of the atom previously unknown to man. Since then the scientists have been studying this tiny indivisible particle very thoroughly and meticulously, collecting information on its purpose, its role in the world and also in the structure of matter and physical reality. The question, however, remains: were Max Plank and other scientists the first to see the atom at the core of the material world?

Those who studied ancient history must definitely be familiar with the name of Democritus, a Greek philosopher who spoke of atoms two and a half thousand years ago and left us his depiction of these tiny particles. It is strikingly interesting to see the similarity between the description provided by modern physics and the one left by Democritus from the ancient town of Abdera – the two are virtually identical. The only difference is that Max Plank, for instance, already had at his disposal theories and research work by other scientists accumulated throughout the centuries, and the fundamentals of a materialistic approach to reality, while Democritus had none of the above. And while one of them already had necessary equipment and experiments available to him, the other didn’t have even the simplest microscopes, forget about molecular ones – none at all. Yet Democritus somehow managed to see, and, mind you, this happened two and a half thousand years before Max Plank, and what he saw was amazingly accurate. In other words, basically, his vision didn’t contradict the modern understanding of the atom.

The only plausible explanation is that he obtained his knowledge somehow differently, through a sudden revelation, through intuition, or rather – we can now say this – through clairvoyance. Because today not just a select few but many people possess this tool or this ability at the practical level. They are able, by means of intervening in the processes inside the human body, inside a cell, inside chromosomes and even genes, to redirect negative events in a positive direction, resulting in recovery and, in many instances, even in a change within sequences of events.

How is it possible? Most likely, phenomena of this nature belong to a world which is basically outside the scope of what can be comprehended by the earthly mind, as the Russian religious philosopher Semen Frank rightfully pointed out. But let me remind you that we still don’t quite understand the essence of electricity which doesn’t prevent us from actively using it. Then why not to use for the benefit of man the images that are revealed to a psychic?

We imagine angels and saints the way they are depicted on icons; that is why we recognize them so easily. The canons of iconography help us distinguish them. The same is true of historical figures whose portraits were drawn by famous painters. Sometimes these portraits are not exact representations, so what?

Which brings us to yet another rule: the more educated the psychic, the more he can see. One can recognize Socrates in a painting only if one has heard of this philosopher’s existence. No doubt, a psychic with the background of a mining engineer sees transcendental essences differently than someone who is a specialist in zootechnics. But if they work together they will engage their common cultural arsenal of visions.

I am sure there are many interesting angles to this problem. Regretfully, nobody has been involved in studying the history of clairvoyance, or engaged in a comparative analysis of our visions and how they are connected to the psychic’s individual personality.

             So, the transcendental world is interested our engagement and needs humans. I don’t know the ultimate goal of such interaction. What I know for sure is that I will never give up my human dignity.

I don’t claim to be the first person trying to understand the possibilities of the subtle world and its connection to physical reality. I have an advantage, though, since I am at the same time a researcher and participant in this process. Still, even in the former Soviet Union there were scientists who dared to express ideas totally heretical from the viewpoint of the dominant Marxist-Leninist ideology. Let me quote V.I. Siforov, Corresponding Member of the Soviet Academy of Sciences            “The wider we expand the horizon of knowledge, the more aware we become of the limitations of cognitive and intellectual abilities of any one individual. Professional specialization and narrow specialization in science are proof that we accept this as a fact. Respectively, the way we see it today, our knowledge of the Universe remains a relative truth within the broader interpretation of knowledge about the Universe which is how Lenin viewed it. I am positive that we will encounter many surprises in the Cosmos, including some very ‘weird’ forms of matter. An in-depth study of space and time, applying to it the principle of discreteness, will open before us such new horizons in understanding the Universe, which we presently cannot even imagine and which, from the vantage point of the present, can be characterized only as ‘crazy’ and ‘ridiculous’. Just as once the thought about the transfer of photon energy seemed ‘ridiculous’ to physicists. The degree to which an idea is unexpected and paradoxical may, in the long run, determine the degree of its activity. Niels Bohr was the one who formulated this paradox as follows: ‘We are all agreed that your theory is crazy. The question that divides us is whether it is crazy enough to have a chance of being correct.

Everything we have just discussed relates directly to the hypothesis of the ‘intelligent Universe’. Perception of the Universe as a self-influence system, which is equipped with certain attributes and implements certain goals – such a perception goes beyond our present relative knowledge. Perhaps this is a situation where today’s limited knowledge has to be aided by intuition.”

Let us now return to the situation at my work in the “Khudlit” Publishing House. Precisely when it looked like we were finally getting out of the debt and showing a strong tendency for growth, Deputy Minister Grigoriev launched a restructuring of the industry, which smoothly flowed from the stage of industry scare into the phase of practical activities. We became witness to a horrific hysteria brought about by the new redistribution, the aim of which was becoming more and more obvious: to place his protégés into key positions, while dumping the rest into large mass graves of holdings, where they would eventually vanish on their own from the competitive market space. As a result, in addition to all the other enticing privileges, a substantial number of prestigious mansions were being vacated, and manipulations with distributing this coveted space promised not so much the state itself but its officials – servants of the double eagle – very good commissions. In other words, they embarked on a great gamble and showed no intention to play by the rules. Just as a few years earlier many top officials from the State Committee on the Press were kicked out of their offices, they now sacked the only people who saved their enterprises from final collapse in the same unconcerned, but methodical manner. The most tragic thing about the situation of these industry directors was that the state did not need them anymore. They continued to exist despite the terrible circumstances they found themselves in: the government refused to provide them with necessary working capital loans and would occasionally divert their money to its own coffers, withdrawing from their accounts everything they had earned. In the new market-imposed races where they had to compete with their private company rivals they had to stay on track without a drop of gasoline to keep their engines running… Because working capital is the fuel, without which no industrial project, whether private or state-run, can be implemented. While a company in the private sector could guarantee that it would repay the loans to the banks with their shares or real estate property, what could a government-run enterprise possibly suggest as collateral? The point is they didn’t own anything they could call “theirs”.

We witnessed prominent publishing houses being destroyed one by one – filled with great sympathy, we were helpless to do anything about it. The editor-in-chief of the “Knizhnoye Obozreniye” newspaper was fired while he was on sick leave. Yelena Nortsova, Director of “Detskaya Literatura,” which was among the oldest publishing houses of Soviet times and quite a successful one, was thrown out of her office within two weeks. She sued, won the case in court, and yet could not make it back to the position she had held. The pressure was too much for her mother who suffered a heart attack. After she was hospitalized, she begged her daughter: “Lena! They will kill you! Don’t you see what kind of people you are dealing with! Quit, if you want to keep me alive! I cannot live, knowing that your life is in constant danger.”

This gives you an idea about the negative background – at work and in the industry as a whole – against which the further dramatic events unfolded. Despite these stressful psychological circumstances, Igor and I still found time to further explore the far-away kingdom we knew nothing about before.

On the seventh level to the right and left of us we found magic water – alive and dead. We took just one step after entering the gates, and the fairy tale scenarios suddenly turned into reality. We knew that if we proceeded further along the path we had just discovered it might take several decades to see everything we could find there.

On the eighth level we saw a reviving cross and a cross bringing death.

On the ninth level we discovered the Biblical Paradise and Hell. All gates would open before us but so far we couldn’t explore everything that was hidden there because we were afraid of getting lost.

Once we saw a large black raven in the Bardo channel. Since we were wearing protective shields, the ones Grigori Petrovich taught us how to use, the raven didn’t notice us and flew right past us. We decided to check where he was going and galloped after him. We didn’t really need to gallop anywhere… It took us just one large leap to catch up with him on the third level where he entered the gates of the Kingdom of the Dead. Those were gates to the left. Nobody stopped us when we rode into the gates following the raven.

The raven descended to the ground. Now he was half-bird and half-man. We knew who that was: it was Lapshin. So this is who he communicates with and where he takes his knowledge and strength! He is not human. From one side he looks like a bird, but from the back he is Satan, with a tail and hooves. He was greeted by a humongous dark figure. Its face was covered by a hood which made it impossible to tell whether it was a man or a woman. We saw a scythe on its shoulder. This was Death. They stood opposite each other, communicating by means of telepathy. We couldn’t retrieve the information because they might have noticed us. What we saw was how a swirling flow of black energy was streaming from the chest of Death right into the chest, head and groin of this creature, this half-Satan and half-bird. So this is the place where he lives, where his house is and his kin. It was time to leave before they discovered our presence. I doubted that we were ready to fight against Death at this point. We retreated quietly, particularly since there was a scary crowd of zombies gathering in the distance.

In the evening we decided to pay a visit to Lapshin. He was clearly working against me lately. Many people who are close to me have been seeing hypnotic dreams with horrible scenes of rape. These night terrors weren’t accidental. Especially for one who knew how the levels worked and who was capable of doing something similar. Yet there was a huge gap between what one “could do” and what one “actually did”. It appeared that Lapshin had crossed the line. Well, it meant that he wasn’t worthy of our consideration.

We tracked down our ex-guru in Moscow. He resided at the apartment of one of his supporters, where he was offered to stay for as long as he wished. He was reading a book and was doing fine! Well, all this was about to change. Without removing our defenses we entered his mind. We knew what to look for. Informational threads were like film footage. We looked through all the shots. Here they were, the zombies from the Kingdom of the Dead. He too came from there. His task is to collect the energy of those who trust him and deliver it through the egregore to the Kingdom of the Dead. He was fueling the dead with the energy he took from the living. Here we saw him creating thought-forms of horror and transmitting them onto other people. You’d never imagine the things he did for fun... Who would think that in our times – in an era of triumphant materialism – such mystical practices were not only possible but widely spread among the most ardent atheists? Indeed, God works in mysterious ways.

Lapshin sensed that he had been invaded, especially since our light energy was like holy water for his dark essence. It burned him like fire. He stood up and activated the bio-computer (since it was his definition, let him call it whichever way he wants). He ascended to the levels trying to figure out the source of the impact.

But our defenses were impermeable for him. Lapshin’s wife asked:

– What’s the matter with you?

– Stay out of it. It looks like Petrov is invading me again, – the sorcerer snarled.

–You are obsessed with this Petrov guy, – Lusya retorted, releasing a geyser of indignation, and looked away.

Lapshin turned his face toward us. His scanning beam slid along our protective cube. The beam changed direction hitting its surface and then circumvented it from both sides. This way he won’t be able to see anything. Igor and I moved to the left, while Lapshin looked to the right. Getting nervous, he dropped the book to the floor and startled himself. 

We took the staff and encircle the book in red. Lapshin could see the bright circle around the book. His legs gave way under him and he collapsed into his armchair.

His wife asked him again:

– What’s the matter with you?

            – I am just tired, too much stress. My legs are wobbly. I feel lethargic.

            He slowly fell asleep. The hypnosis we inflicted upon him worked.

            – How about we show him a horror movie? – I asked Igor.

– Not a good idea, he loves them, – my companion in arms disagreed.

Lapshin’s wife got up and poked him in the shoulder.

– Are you really asleep?

He reclined in his armchair and asked in a weak voice:

– Give me some water.

– Go to hell, – she replied, giving vent to her anger, and went out into the next room.

             We entered his mind again to see what he was scheming lately. He had been working on his defenses. They weren’t at all complicated. He was using various shapes created by man: pyramids, squares and spheres, which he interconnected like flying saucers. We entered deeper... Goodness gracious, he was so old inside! Believe it or not, he was several million years old!”

We recorded a message from us in his subconscious: “Repent! Think of God! Stop doing your dark deeds.”

Now we can enjoy our fully deserved rest. We left this space and emerged in my office. Igor and I looked at each other and smiled. We were happy like children. 


* * *


What we achieved in the virtual space suddenly received a concrete confirmation in materialistic terms. One of Lapshin’s closest followers, who had been with him from the very early days, quite unexpectedly came to our Center. The woman was very anxious, even frightened. She told me that she was alarmed by the growing number of incidents of children developing mental disorders attributable to Lapshin’s techniques. She finally mustered the courage to call Lapshin and not only shared with him her concerns but also objections.

One day later, a woman from Donetsk, who headed the local department of the Academy, showed up at the Center. The three groups of children, which she had trained, using Lapshin’s techniques, were struck one after another by diseases similar to those that affected other kids who were subjected to energy training at the Academy. As was the case with the children I had been training, they were tortured by nightmares and visions of graveyards.

Unfortunately, I didn’t have a chance to talk to her in person. She had a conversation with our Center’s manager who explained the situation to her in detail. I hope it will help her to sort out what was happening.

The next time Igor and I entered the non-material space we were already expected. An angel with large radiant wings appeared before us, summoning us to follow him to higher spheres. We immediately found ourselves somewhere above all the levels and stood together with him on a cloud, which felt like solid earth beneath our feet.

There were also clouds above our heads. They were swirling and blocking the light. Then a dazzling bright stream of light poured into the opening which appeared between the clouds. At first, we could see a geometric figure – a circle with a triangle inscribed inside it with golden threads. To one side, a lavishly jeweled icon with the image of Jesus materialized, gradually converging with the geometric figure. It smoothly entered the center of the triangle, solidified there, turning into a golden medallion, and suddenly started floating in our direction. A gold chain emerged from nowhere on the medallion, transferring itself to the neck of Pegasus. Then a man wearing the Monomakh’s hat appeared out of the light, followed by saints and warriors. They formed a multitude. Passing by us they turned their heads and started at us sternly, attentively and vigilantly. The walls of an ancient city could be discerned in the place from where all they appear. The walls are tall and snow white.

A man in long white garments with wings on his back emerged from the light. He flew over the host of warriors and saints, smiling at us.

Hesitant, we tried to guess:

– Are you Archangel Michael?

– Yes! Don’t you recognize me?

We saw more marching men who were carrying banners embroidered in gold and silver. More warriors came along in chain mail and helmets. Among them there were the saints of the Russian Orthodox Church and the priests. The opening between the clouds was getting wider. Suddenly a storm-filled sea emerged under them. The fierce waves were bouncing up and down an old ramshackle boat. The wind was tearing to shreds its rotten sail. But the people aboard weren’t afraid of anything. The course of the ship was controlled by a beam from the skies.

The scene disappeared. Now we saw a huge man – a blacksmith. He was forging a giant sword with a large stone in a frame set at the crossing of the blade and the handle. The blacksmith handed over the sword to us. Igor took it and kissed the blade.

At once I stopped being Pegasus. I was standing in my academic mantle next to Igor.

Somebody from aside, wearing the garments of a priest, also a giant, sprinkled us with something from a yellow vessel. We were baptized by a huge cross, and we kissed the cross three times. The one doing the blessing placed his hand in turn on Igor’s right shoulder and on mine.

– You have now received the true baptism! In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Amen!



* * *


The next day, Igor and I went to see Grigory Petrovich. He met us, as always, with a smile and was already up to speed on what had happened in the nonmaterial space of events.

– Well, that happens. They betrayed us. The main thing is to draw the correct conclusions from what happened. Victory is always achieved by the one who draws the correct conclusions. Think about how now to fight the hypnosis and holograms, how to discern the real enemy behind all these cartoons. And now let us begin working – he proposed. – Turn on your screens, and let's begin.

He concentrated.

– The experiment of sonverting space into the volume of one's soul. What do we do first? We limit the space around ourselves and draw it into ourselves.

Surprisingly, unlike the previous rising up the vertical Bardo channel – we instantly find ourselves above. Now we are like a genie who has broken loose from the bottle. The infinity of the Cosmos is around us. Everything is very clearly visible: the stars, the spiral branches of our galaxie, other galaxies in the distance. And below is our bottle containing the entire world. The second area on which we are standing is probably the cork from this vessel. We are now elevated, thanks to which we also have broken away to freedom. Here is what our space looks like if you look at it from the outside.

There is nothing here – no center channel, no left, no right. It is foolhardy to try to go upwards. This infinity suppresses, but we overcome the fear. This is possibly man's first venture into the outer Cosmos without a spacesuit, but not likely. There are some similar testimonies already, for example, in the Tibetan Book of the Dead. However, the authors of this book didn't have to go so high.

It leads us somewhere. And our path, totally unmarked, is hardly random. We are literally drawn by an invisible cosmic current into the depths of the universe. The Earth and the Solar System have long not been visible.

–Try to stop – we hear the voice of Grigory Petrovich.

We stop. Opposite us something like a large screen lights up, over which text is moving rapidly in large letters. It is something like a lecture. We read:

"Life is infinity, and infinity is life. But not every life has infinity. He who experiences this infinity, also experiences life.

Infinity is in each of you, in your soul. Turning this infinity around, you experience true life both on the Earth and in the Cosmos. Infinity cannot be interrupted, and life is also infinite, like the Cosmos.

Life changes, like the Cosmos. And it is the Cosmos that influences your life. Everything that you do, this is cosmic and inherent in the laws of the Cosmos on Earth.

The Cosmos gives Life both on the Earth and on other planets. It is erroneous to believe that someone created the Earth. Life created the Cosmos itself in the manifestation of the highest power of Reason.

Cosmic energy is in each of you. You should learn to use it, and then you will experience true life both on Earth and in the Cosmos.

This is the wealth which is given to each. And each who is trained can control this energy. Live in harmony both on Earth and in the Cosmos – and you will find everlasting life.

The Cosmos – this is the manifestation of you, and you – are the manifestation of the Cosmos. Take that which is due you. Plan life on Earth and in the Cosmos, since you have arrived to where you are now. Your only help is Faith.

Everthing cosmic is not alien to you. It is native for you, although it is not given to everyone. Only the chosen can utilize the energy from where you are now. The Cosmos gave you life, so don't reject it. Remember – you are living according to the laws of the Cosmos. That which you accomplish is also the Cosmos.

You discover nothing, but you read in the book of life that old which was written.

Hurry! Everything that occurring in the spiral is ending. But it is eternal, because it begins all over again.

The structure of life is not what you have become used to thinking alway and about which you have formed a specific world outlook. Life is the space, which is defined by the cosmic laws. Nothing can develop chaotically, spontaneously, by itself. Everything proceeds orderly in its development.

Life is structured according to the laws of the Cosmos, and it is erroneous to believe as if you are discovering or inventing something. All of this was before, and people are standing only on the first step of its development. And the stairway of knowledge goes far upwards. In order to correctly use unlimited knowledge, you must have complete harmony of the soul with the Cosmos. It is erroneous to believe that after death you dies or on some day discover something new. Life is infinite, and your discoveries are also infinite. They have already been accomplished both in the past and in the future.

Those who know their God through their soul, they will have access to the law of the Infinite Cosmos. They will be able to use the knowledge which will advance them so far that today's consciousness will not be able to imagine this and fit it in its reason. They will subsequently be saved from the heavenly punishment for an incorrect life.

The laws of life are very simple, but each who subsequently will read them in the Book of Knowledge must be ready to comprehend, to understand, and he also must know what responsibility will fall on him for controlling these laws."

 This was something like an introduction. Then came the first section.

"Interaction of negative

and positive energies


Negative and positive energies are equivalent. But in some cases, negative energy can be more than positive energy, and vice versa. This occurs during the interaction of energy forces and the struggle of good forces with evil and evil forces with good.

There from where you came, there is almost constantly an equal sign between them, since events and life are described according to the law of the Cosmos. In order to change some situation and control your life, a third energy is needed, which you do not have where you are. In order to change events and the course of life, it is necessary to take energy from the source of life which is located higher, above you. It is namely above that place where you are working.

But you must evaluate the strength of the energy to be used, since you are changing not only the course of events and the standard of living, but you are changing the laws of Being and the laws of the Cosmos where they are in effect regardless of you or of the will of those living there. You must evaluate the scale of the energy being used, and also clearly understand the consequences of using this energy and understand from whom you are taking it.

Upon establishing the energy channel, judiciously use the force given to you, both in good as well as in other intentions. Be aware that the force being used by you is an order of magnitude higher than other forces of the world in which you are using it.

After testing, this force will be assigned to you. But know that this force is not the beginning, not the end, but just one of the forces which you will be allowed.

It will be rendered to you and for your affairs.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, amen!

The Advent of the Lord


Prepare for the Advent of the Lord, for God will go to that place from which you yourself came. And those who will not be devoted to the causes of the Lord and who will not have the power of God will inevitably perish.

The power of the Lord is in your soul, and find the faith of your soul. Then you will find peace and harmony in your life.

Know that each of you have access to use the powers of the Lord, which are much greater. And do not be afraid to take these powers, since you are granted them.

Know that these powers may change both the world in which you are located and the life, nature and everything around you.

Do not doubt the correctness of the decision, since your decision – this is also the wish from above. Act with faith and your soul in harmony, since they are prompting you. For you are the embodiment of the hand of the Lord which gives the both in the Cosmos and in the life from which you came. The fourth unearthly power is placed at your disposal. It is like a wall – without a beginning or an end. No one can overcome it or overpower it. You will need it where you must protect or confine.

Use this power for good, reasonable intentions and know that the power given to you will increase manyfold for assistance and concern about the place from where you came.

Using the power and abilities which have been given to you, know that always in using the power you are not alone. Our Lord stands behind you. And those forces which will oppose you are lost and trying to resist the anger of the Creator. 

Let them see your greatness and they will be near you in service to you. This is how it foreordained both in the past, in the present and in the future. May God and all the heavenly power save you!"

That was all, the subtitles ended. The screen went blank and disappeared. We are alone in the in the endless Cosmos. Where to go?

Suddenly a chariot rushes about from afar, drawn by three white horses. It is glowing. It is driven by a huge bearded man. He is very similar to the one whose image is on icons. It is God the Father.

– What, are you lost?– a resounding, deafaening voice thunders over the entire Cosmos.

– Lord! Help us find Earth! – we plead.

He laughs. The chariot turns around.

– Hold on to the back!

Igor holds on to the wall of the golden chariot with his hand. It rushes through the infinity. We flew past the Sun.

– There is your Earth.

God the Father throws lightning in its direction.

– Thank you, Lord.

– They still call me Father, – he laughs loudly.

– Thank you, Father.

– Well, finally you guessed.

– May we touch You?

– You must not. You will burn up.

The chariot turns around and speeds away somewhere deep into the galaxie.

We enter the levels. That's it, we are again on Earth. Grigory Petrovich looks at us with surprised eyes.

– Do you know who that was?

Igor and I exchange glances.

– The Creator, – and sorrowfully adds: – Yes, lads, no one will become bored in your company. I personally saw this for the first time that the Creator Himself escorted someone around the Cosmos.


* * *


Things began to work out much better for Igor and me than before. We get to the levels more quickly, diagnose diseases better, and more quickly find solutions for eliminating pathologies in the organism more quickly – in ourselves and others. If we do not know something, we immediately turn to Grigori Grabovoi. He has his own place of residence on the second level on the left – a small palace with peacocks in the courtyard. Igor and I also begin to think about something similar. But for the time being we simply can't decide.

Things at the Center are working out pretty well. People are going. But it is basically the very poor, who cannot pay either for the training or for the treatment. Nevertheless, we don't turn them down. We need confidence in ourselves. And each complicated illness which we overcome with the help of the technologies given to us, this is a great celebration for us. People come with diabetes and receive the help expected. They come with cancer, and it turns out it is forced to leave.

Sometimes the presence of a foreign informational being in a person's aura is clearly visible. These are, as the people call them, demons. We can take them away, but we first sent the person to church, as a rule, to Father Herman at the Trinity Lavra of St. Sergius. Let the sinner understand that everything is not so simple in life, that the time will come to pay for everything. Father Herman will clean the brain. He is a stern priest, and we have special relations with him. When the army went, to whom we were introduced, we saw him among those giving blessings. If the Lord himself admits him into His world, into His Kingdom, that means he is someone you can believe. We went to listen to his service at the Church above the Gate and saw how energy-informational beings of the dark world were leaving the people – devils and demons. True, sometimes then and there they got into someone nearby. But basically they were drawn upwards, into the rising energy flow under dome of the cathedral, and they, writhing and suffering in the Holy Spirit, were deformed, dissolved, and faded from view in the sky.

We had a temptation to confide in Father Herman, but we overcame it. You see, his screen of inner vision was not working, and he himself might not have known that he was close to the Lord. He received his knowledge and ability to drive out the demons over the channel of intuition. So we remained kneeled before him, like the rest of the laymen, several hours and received the fatherly blessing. And we recommended that others do the same at any convenient opportunity.

Having returned one day after a tiring service with Father Herman, Igor and I recalled our beaten former adversary Lapshin.

It was in mid-May. The days were warm, sunny and long. We were again seated in the office under the tower with the dome, where our energy column, the same one as in the church with Father Herman, was formed. Thanks to it, we only had to wish – and we were already in the nonmaterial space, ready for work.

But is our friend Lapashin somewhere in Moscow? Aha! Here he is! He is walking around his office. There is a table behind the window. It came from Theodosia. We rewind the tape. What was he doing there?  So, he was walking through the cemetery. He brought flowers. There was a large grave, a small bench, and he was sitting. He was communicating with the third level. On the right was one of his relatives. It was his father. He is swearing at him. Lapshin does not hear him. On the left he is half-bird and has a tail in the rear. There are many dead people around him. He is like hope for them, like salvation, and there are thousands of them. They are giving him their energy. They say that he is invincible.

We dash over to him and sit next to him. Everything below us is black. The channel has opened. We flew over it. The first, second, and third levels. It is the gates! They open up. There are skeletons in long black robes. They are creating a dark-colored sphere. It is assembled in an instant. Lapshin drives it into his chest. He also has armor. A saber or sword for some reason is hanging on the right. There is also chain mail now. And the shield is now the same as we have. Only everything is dark. First a bird and then the devil alternately reveal themselves on the shield. There is a stone in the middle of the shield. There is a tall spear. He is our complete analogue, only black. True, only on the outside. His essence is different – a bird in order to escape, and a devil in order to fight. They are planning to use him to fight us. They have made a prototype of the Black Knight. This armament had just appeared. It expands his capabilities.

 To the right of him is the father – short, thin, grey-haired. He says: stop him, all our family will suffer for him. The father has normal thought, the son – on the contrary. He is thinking how to take over the world.

Centers such as ours, other schools and academies interfering with him. We are dangerous for him, lone psychics do not bother him. Lapshin uses hypnosis. We put a mirror up to him. He looks into it and reflects himself. However, he knows about us and is ready for everything. In general, he has 100 percent confidence in himself.

Why is his system operating autonomously?

Lapshin doesn't seem to be exerting himself, and that is bad for the people! It is necessary to figure out where the thread goes from him. We see. There is a small black pyramid of spheres. From it the small beams draw towards those he wants to destroy. He operates in the automatic mode. What a clever deal. What if we try the same against him? The black pyramid crushes us, which means a light one will crush him.

We set up a pyramid of gold speres above the third level. We saturate it with the energy of St. George the Dragon Slayer. We aim at Vyacheslav the little demon. Aha! He prepared well! There is protection around him immediately in the form of a cube. How to get to him? We will hit him with a spear. Three birds fly away. Will that catch up or not? That time he has already deceived us in such a way. For the time being we fought with a hologram wolf, and he left for the third level. Now he can't leve. Even the birds don't fly there – the golden pyramid is interferring. The dead people on the left are becoming angry and are cursing. What is the sense of cursing?

We must remember how it happens in stories. There is a good reason why Lapshin has been reading tales lately. Waste shots on the vultures? Don't hold your breath! We release on them our native bird – the two-headed eagle.

We create it with a beam, and invigorate him. That's it, the holder is ready, and it flew. And it went past the birds. That means they are really not real! Again, our two-horned friend wanted to trick us. It is not good...

Our eagle flew down into Lapshin's office. And there some kind of strange, small cube formed in the middle of the room. Consequently, the devil here. We ask the two-headed bird to move and hit the small cube with all our might with a club, from which even big mountains could be flattened. The small cube cracked. Vyacheslav banged his head directly into the table. There is a vortex at the back of his head. The computer here indicates the input-output. We unscrew it counterclockwise. We press on a point, and a second later, it is restored as before. We repeat it and get the same result! We draw a line with the small brown beam and pull the stupid consciousness from the sick head. This is the kind of hole that ended up in the head!

But, as we know, nature abhors a vacuum. We stuff the previous spot with good intentions, mercy, and a willingness to help the sick and poor. Will it last long? His former friends and bosses, probably, will soon begin to suspect that something is wrong, and they will redesign the good person again into a diabolical good-for-nothing. Well, maybe he will survive another week without nasty remarks? And we will at least get some kind of respite.

The next day we are planning to lift the girl – the very one that ruined the whole show for Vyacheslav on the sabbath – to the top of the levels. Her internal vision screen is working well, but it comes from the lower levels, just as Lapshin set it up in the past. She is a talented girl, and we would really like to reorient her towards the path of light towards God. Moreover, it was she who had been able, a while ago, to undermine an important occult mystery of Lapshin. The only thing that frightens me is her overconfidence and arrogance. I think if she were to see someone from the divine hierarchy, that would help her to get oriented in life.

So the long-awaited moment has arrived. The young psychic puts a dark mask over her eyes and turns on the screen. We try to lift her to the tenth level. She is doing really well. No problems with the ascent. She is wearing a silvery suit with wide trousers, heavy boots with wings, like those of Hermes. She moves in space freely and very quickly. She is wearing a headband, like a Japanese ninja.

What a super-advanced child.

We are flying along the central Bardo channel. No problems. The girl feels in her element here. We move upwards.

There is a landing. Everything is covered in fog, no one meets us. Our charge is below, and she looks so small. We ask her how she sees us.

– You reach up to my chest, she says.

Something is wrong, but we can’t seem to figure out what it is.

We are moving up the staircase. After a little while there are no more stairs. Just empty space. It was a very clear explanation that we need to go back. We did. We chose a different route. The teenager made a circle and returned to the same place.

We go up another stairway. There is a pyramid followed by a mountain. There are several old men, who are very tall.

We ask the superwoman: “Can you see them?”

"Yes, I can. They are very small," she says. "I am looking down at them."

The old men turn away. They are clearly demonstrating that they are not willing to communicate.

Why does the girl see herself as so large and that she looks down at everybody? In this space this seems to allegorically demonstrate some serious personal problems she has with her self-esteem. An exaggerated view of herself, her place in life... If she had not been a child, she might have been welcomed with more severity.

But the girl keeps her good spirits. She simply turns away from the divine elders and frivolously climbs up the mountain.

Two figures appear in her way – Life and Death. They look at her, she looks at them.

I think she just does not care about anything. She is simply thinking how to step over this unexpected obstacle. She is still thinking that she is big and they are small. Life and Death turn their backs to her, clearly demonstrating their attitude towards the reckless girl.

She wants to keep going. I protest. This is not a circus or a zoo. Everything is very serious. We need to leave. She is not welcome here.

It’s also a lesson to us, her elder teachers. Of course, children are quicker than adults in opening up their internal vision screens; it’s easier for them to feel the intricacies of the subtle plane However, their heads are also easily turned by success. It’s so tempting to boast of their phenomenal gift in front of others, to show that they are the chosen ones! We have seen that later in some of our other students as well. So, we need to remind them more frequently to value their gift, to remember that this gift comes not from Igor and me, but from higher up. It is not vain arrogance that should reign in the heart, but pride in the forces that you represent.


* * *


There are becoming more and more people who have heard about our extraordinary healing capabilities. Almost every day they come asking for help. The complexity of the diseases is increasing as well. One woman with breast cancer came to us. Her name is Tatiana Vladimirovna. She teaches foreign language in a high school. An acquaintance of ours sent her to us.

What should we do? We have never worked with advanced cancer tumors. Moreover, her doctor demands that she undergo surgery immediately. The X-ray showed extensive metastases in the ducts of the mammary glands. Another complicating factor is that she both believes in and doubts our ability to help. She is just grasping at straws. This uncertainty of her consciousness is a very significant obstacle in our work.

Igor and I activate the internal vision. We look at the organism from the inside. It’s a sad picture: there is blood poisoning in progress and the immune system is suppressed.

We filter the blood. The blood swirls as it enters the kidneys. There is a lot of hydrocortisone in the kidneys. We collected the filtered cells – they are as clear as glass. We dump them into the bladder. We filter once more, purify via the kidneys and bladder. We dump again.

A connection is present from the head to the tumor. We go to the cells from which the oncological process started. We work with the metastases. The liquid in the cell is cadaveric. It decomposes the organism at the site of the tumor. We reprogram the cell for positive function. We cut off the metastases at the information level and place them in a box of sorts – now they do not receive any nourishment, they are cut off. And the original cell starts to function as a healthy one. Its memory has been returned to it.

This is all for now; nothing more can be done during one session. We will work with the main tumor next time.

We finished working with her and wanted to deactivate the internal vision screen… Suddenly we found ourselves somewhere in the Cosmos. This is a sphere. We are inside it. It is twilight. The Sun is hanging. We allow it within us and play with it like children. Something is written on the walls. The letters are unknown. A voice within says that the writing pertains to the creation of man. It clarifies that it is the stairway of evolution. Animals are on the left, humans are on the right. It is all of their development, followed by man and technology.

There are inscriptions and a recess on the floor, with a five-pointed star within the recess. The same pattern is on the ceiling. This star is the formula of life. It can be activated – by the rays and by hand. We touch it: it is cold and slippery. But then a flow of energy rushes from it. A rainbow is formed. It rises from the floor to the star on the ceiling. If you touch it with your left hand, you feel warmth. If you touch it with your right hand, you feel something entrancing coming inside. We stand on the star. The ray passes through us. It does not create any special sensations, but it passes through. A portrait of the Mother of God appears before us. The sphere begins to rotate. The star rotates together with us. We must not move. We must show respect for the Mother of God.

But something happened. We are being rocked. In this geyser of energy a person with wings appeared and walks towards us. Everything changes instantaneously. The sun, a dove, and a small white window appeared. We are being shown an image: the sky, wheat and a field. The person with wings is standing in front of us. We come to our senses. There is a second sphere next to us. We need to enter it. Devils are running within it. But we are not afraid. Some woman appeared – young and beautiful, but immediately she turns into something horrible. The devils side by side are crawling, jumping and screaming.

The human lot is described in writing on the walls: greed, gluttony, drunkenness, adultery, envy, betrayal.

In front of this wall are sitting four huge demons – the monsters of people. They are the ones embodying greed, envy, fornication, betrayal.

– What are you doing to people? – we ask sternly.

They bare their teeth and laugh.

– We are doing what you are seeing.

– But why?

– So that there may be peace in the world.

– How can there be peace through this?

– And what do you think? Is it different?

– Do you serve the Creator?

They laugh:

– We all serve the Creator in our own way.

Demons around us are choking with anger. Small imps want to attack us, they crowd around. But there is illumination around us, and they cannot overcome it.

We leave.

Another sphere. It’s the house of saints. We may enter. There is light there, and the smell is pleasant. On two sides there are figures similar to angels. They have wings. Saintly women and children are running around without clothes. It is similar to a room. Some are flying, some are walking, some are sitting on clouds. They are all smiling and looking at us. Some energy influence is going on. A saintly elder appears. We are shorter than they. Someone says:

– You must remember who you are.

We strain our memory. A vision appears – it is a horse and a rider. He has a white sphere on his head. In the middle of the nimbus there is white, a circle, a rainbow. And then Igor and I are again Pegasus and the prince.

Everything around us changes. It is nature: rivers, sea, mountains, forest.

We ask:

– Can you show us the structure of St. George the Dragon Slayer?

They show us faces with spheres. Jesus Christ is in the center. There is a drawing – six male energies and six female energies. The women are on the left, the men are on the right. There are signs of the zodiac.

Now the Cosmos is Christ, the horse is time, the guide to the Cosmos. The rider is the socium – the last part of the spiral, which, moving through space, receives liberation.

“Nature is the world surrounding you. But for you there is not just one world," – someone invisible clarifies. – "Very few have been given access to what you have been given access.”

– What should we do on Earth?

– The task is to heal and protect the Fatherland, help people. You are gathering strength. You will preserve individuality, but will be united.

– Where is the place that keeps the power? – I ask.

– Search. Everything is in the power of God, in your power, – comes the ambiguous answer from the invisible interlocutor.

The TV set has disappeared, shut down.

We return to the levels.

We rise above the landing. We have decided to experiment. The color is gray. We draw a line in white, it turns black and disappears.

We draw a square. It is erased as well. It’s useless to persist. We see an entrance and go in. It is a tunnel. There are six landings. There are doors again, made of iron, padded, very strong. There is another landing. We stand on it – it feels like fine matter. It is a film, like what greenhouses are made of. It holds us easily. There is something around, but we see it only in glimpses. We need to have some other kind of vision. We see sometimes an ear or a patch of dress. Those to whom they belong are huge.

We went even higher. There is a yellow color. Blue. We draw a yellow square on the blue. It becomes real. It turned to the left, tumbled to the right, hovers, still then flew. We erase it using the violet color.

We begin to move more slowly. We are pushed back, downward. But we stubbornly press upward. There is a landing. Igor uses one hand to catch on the edge which is thin as a blade, and pulls me by the saddle with the other. He could cut himself. They are pressing from above, not letting us in. Igor catches on with the shield and we barely climb up. We are being encircled by something white. In good time, too, or we would not have been able to stand the heat that surrounds us. We barely tolerate it and look around. Signs of the zodiac are around us. There are twelve of them. The view sometimes opens and then closes. It is very hard to see.

There is a red circle above. Using the ray we cut a hole in it. There is a black hole against the red, then it seals. We drew a green sphere – trees and animals began appearing from it.

We move higher still. The circle is near. There is a white color on the landing, again the signs of the zodiac. Everything there shines like gold. We climb up. We are blinded from above, as if by the Sun. There is pressure. We hang. We cannot climb onto the landing. There is golden ice. We need to leave, it seems like at this stage they do not want to let us in here.

We apologize for our insistence, that we were sneaking in uninvited.

– You were not sneaking in, you were led, – comes an answer from the Cosmos.

– But why was there resistance?

– But what did you expect? You decided to flex your muscles? So you did. And why did you not go through with it?

– We are afraid to be impolite to the hosts, - I feel embarrassed for the two of us.

– Yeah, yeah, we see how polite you are.

– We were training, - we try to explain.

– Yeah, yeah, – they say in agreement. – Go with God.

  We found an exit, go down and flew. There is space, stars, we found the channel. The Milky Way is under the hooves of the horse. We see the Earth. We lower ourselves onto the landings. Below there are twenty-four elders waiting. We again apologize for our persistence.

– This is not persistence, this is will power, – they say in consolation.

We descend to Earth.

Now we know: St. George the Dragon Slayer is the protector of the Russian Land. It is the system of the living God. The second coming of Christ.

So who are we in this system? Those who are acting or those through whom they act?

Questions, questions, questions.