Hi Svetlana, Hello Sergey,

I'm sitting at home in the sun while having breakfast and reading your report in the "Space and Time", I think it's great, sensational, how your work be value.

After my course with you and Svetlana their daily work, etc., with the numbers is simply Ingenious.

Everything you love everything

and sunny regards, Dirk

Dear Mrs. Smirnova,

Last weekend I was at your seminar in Wiesbaden on the techniques of consciousness for healing's. I am very grateful that you have this "extraordinary knowledge" passed on to us. The seminar has me many new ideas, practical techniques for consciousness-mediated healing work - but also to problem solving. Thank you for your wonderful energetic delivery, every minute was precious and exciting. With my enthusiasm, I was able to infect patients and friends. So I would like to do a seminar in Munich with you if this is possible, so this knowledge undergoes rapid proliferation. Today was one patient with me, with cell proliferation in the eye with blindness could occur as soon as possible result. I gave her the number of eye diseases, and while I was working with her on the teeth, I let them visualize the numbers and work with it playfully. She told me that the life of their own numbers had developed and that this had suddenly slowed her high eye pressure. She is very happy and would like your help to heal in-take claim they will call tomorrow. Especially love, best wishes

Your Silvia

Dear Svetlana,

just the "technical knowledge" practicing I got the impulse to write and thank you for your work. I had the good fortune to participate in the seminar in January, close to Vienna. So I am now in the middle in the 31 day program and feel like the process more and more to the benefit of all to begin work but also for my benefit. My whole intention is to understand how these mechanisms work in humans to quickly move forward in space and time. More and more often is Grigory Petrovich Grabowoj present. I wonder what projects of this nature at the moment is working well. I am a creature in Christ and I send you not only my thanks but the power light and the love of the Creator. I must confess my heart is already laughing for joy when I look at the second part of your seminar call to consciousness. It would be very pleased with you, to the extent permitted your time in a periodic replacement to come.

Best wishes also to Sergey


Dear Svetlana,

I want to thank you for a wonderful seminar last weekend in Saarbrucken! You have brought the practice with so much love over, one could feel that everything you have told us and shown came from the heart and how you're connected to this work.

I am happy now very excited to work with the techniques to be able to!

I will certainly book this year, yet another seminar with you, because I really liked.

ch wish you and Sergei, who unfortunately was not there this time, all the best in your work, you will reach many people so determined.

Kind regards,


Hi Svetlana,

I was 2 weeks ago at a seminar in Vienna (Klosterneuburg). Thank you so much for using Directory, and your time. It was finally that, in what I have always believed that there is, but I do not know how that goes. Now I know.

In between I have tried several methods, to me and about 10 family members and friends. The first successes have equaled. For example, digestive system problems, or generally in the abdominal area - controlled within 1-2 days. It works beautifully and I decided some time to practice and work with others and give seminars in their own area of ​​Wiener Neustadt. In my previous group had Lightworkers Directory Friday presented methods and all were enthusiastic.

Thank you,

All light and love,


Dear Svetlana, dear Sergey,

I've visited in the 5./6.09.2009 Penzin near Rostock your seminar. I must say here that I attend a few seminars, since few of them speak to me directly. In your seminar, it was totally different, I knew I had to visit it. Since I'm about 15 years ago came to this topic memory cells, healing, etc into contact, including myself a few times, and other "cured" was successful, I'm pretty much went with great anticipation. The beautiful is that all of my expectations have been sensed! I just get the information for which I have been looking for about 14-15 years. I think the most beautiful in the seminar that you only get a simple tool, and what you do with it is up to us, no hard shadows that you have this or that just do it. Everyone should / should follow his intuition and make the best of the Tool That.

I want my side of my sincere thanks for your work and you on your way quite yet wish all good luck and miracles.

All Love


... This seminar taught me quite a bit of confirmation, some very valuable new things, but above all it has me back to the so-wise words of St. Exupéry's little prince recalls: "One sees clearly only with the HEART ..." J

And this is what I want to bring in a recommendation: who takes part in an open HEART in this seminar and then also as consistently as possible with the techniques continue to work (actually I would like it in terms of call me "play" more substantial becoming lightness rather - it is also the inner child like one of the party!), can I feel an enormous amount of benefit to them and to have a lot of pleasure!

I personally really work every day with the exercises, to which we are excited in the 31-day program - and of course it happens to me every now and then that my mind is restless, because he does not understand a thing or J, but then reports , my HEART to speak, and it is LIGHT ... LOVE and I met - and the effects unfold ...

e = "mso-margin-top-alt: auto; mso-margin-bottom-alt: auto; line-height: normal; mso-outline-level: 2"> At the same time I turn on the course, seminar and learned in Written well nachzulesenden techniques - and what makes me happy because above all it is, the new confidence that unfolds bit by bit - a former doctor is not just a matter of course that the physical and mental decline halted not only, but perhaps can even be reversed J

I thank our HEARTS Wolfgang Franz and that they have brought to Vienna Svetlana - Svetlana and I thank you from my HEART Wonderful for this seminar!

Dr. Michelle H.

Zdrastvujte Svetlana,

spasibo for the seminar, it was the best of my life.

I want to learn Russian, and better understand.

All the best wishes to you and Sergey Svetlana please.