Book "Cosmo Psychobiology"



Extract from the book "Cosmo Psychobiology"

Author: Arcady Petrov


"Improving Health in Oncological Diseases"

Practical Exercises


Every person – also those who are not (yet) clairvoyant – can work on improving their health through visualization. People, who have not yet learned our techniques, also have the possibility to help themselves and others when they use the techniques that have been especially made for beginners. Those aspects of the practical work that are for some reason at first inaccessible can become comprehensible through a process of contemplation.

One should work to increase the ability to receive information through a process of visualization (with open or closed eyes) in order to improve the results with each new application of the technique. The starting point is always the diagnosis through clairvoyance or a detailed study of the existing medical reports.


I. Performing a Diagnostic Reading:

  1. Any work on the correction of a health condition should begin with a diagnosis. With clairvoyance, it is best to use red and violet colors.
  2. On the beginner’s level, negative information can be perceived in the form of archetypal shapes. These are the result of dark spots created in our consciousness where distorted thoughts have established themselves. And distorted thoughts project distorted forms, figures and shapes onto the screen of perception.

A person’s field of perception makes itself available through a shape or a form, or it melts together with the external information matrix. With time one develops a clear vision that is no longer dependent upon a shape.

3. You must use your direct or spiritual “power of sight.” While making a diagnosis, it is important to consider why “this” has happened. (You may want to consult your intuition.) When you have found the cause, you go to the horizontal scale of time and work to change the precise event that is critical in causing the disease. Then, looking forward, see a beneficial event in the future in which you are healthy and happy.



When you have completed the work on the time scale, your problem is solved to 50%. You have constructed your happy future, you have corrected the past, and you are occupied in the present with this technique.


II. Performing the Correction:

  1. Once you have completed the diagnosis, you have located the area of pathology. As mentioned above, it will look like a dark spot or blotch. In this dark blotch there is a point of origin for the negative information from which the disease basically began. You have to remove this point from the organism.

When you illuminate an unpleasant area with your consciousness such as this negative point of origin, which is hiding as dark in dark, it becomes visible through the influence of a white or silver color. The spot will try to escape your attention. Be awake and do not allow this, so that later you do not have to continually hunt it down.

Squash the spot with your consciousness and wind a silver thread around it!

Do not be afraid of it. It is not so terrible as it tries to appear. There is one thing to which you need to pay special attention. If you are only thinking of yourself, then you are – in your separate self – alone with the disease; then the disease will seem to you to be gigantic and overpowering. You seem like a dwarf and the disease like a giant. But when you consider yourself to be an essential part of the infinite cosmos, then the disease immediately becomes very small – and you very large.

Then your consciousness gains power and can squash this unhealthy spot and expel it from the organism. Direct it (mentally) to that place on the skin that is the closest. Here you will encounter a resistance. The skin is elastic and will not immediately let your prisoner out. Be insistent, stretch the pores out and press the point out through the skin. By the way, this is the same way in which the Philippine healers work that open the skin with their hands and their thoughts.

Once external to the body, the negative information loses its form and begins to disintegrate into small segments as if the scales on a snake were falling off. This happens because you have removed the form from the disease. The form of the disease had been held by your consciousness. As soon as you moved the negative point of information outside the body, it lost the mechanism of determining its form and disintegrated. This is like mixing up the letters in a game with words.

2. After you have (mentally) illuminated the area of the pathology up to the state of visualization of the cells, you have to find the first cell, the one with which everything started. Then you enter this cell with a ray of your consciousness. You will probably see the following scene: you are standing on the bank of a river. The water is black, polluted. It is not “water of life,” but “water of death.” Look at it and purify it mentally until the water is clear. The verbal code for the original template is: “crystal clear water.” At this point you will see the sand at the bottom of the river and various pebbles and algae. The grains of sand are liquid crystals; the rocks are organelles; the algae are receptors.

This is, of course, an allegory with which the right side of your brain presents the problem in your organism to your imagination. But this allegory is not random. It is connected with the given situation and the potential for its correction in the most direct manner possible.

In as far as the anomalies of the image were corrected, the informational situation between the left and right hemispheres of your brain is corrected as well as the informational basis of your disease.

3. Now you must exit the cell in which the information has been corrected and place yourself next to it. The first cell with which the disease began is connected with all of the other diseased cells through an information network. But now it is “normal” again. Therefore, you now give it the mental command to transform the disease information in all of the cells that it involved in the pathological change into health information. You will see how light signals begin to radiate out from this cell and how it begins to shine like the sun.




In this moment the oncological cells lose their information status. They become less dense and lighter. Many of them begin to move and to come out of the organism – to disintegrate.

At this point a blue blotch can therefore form on the skin: a normal, blue blotch, which through the fact of its existence confirms the activity of the disintegration process. Afterwards, it becomes yellow. The most important thing to do in this moment is to direct the negative information out of the organism, to scatter it and transform it into something positive.



The sphere from which you gave the impulse to recreate the original template should be preserved so that it has a continual, controlling influence on the situation.

There are many techniques for working with oncological diseases. This is why we advise every student at our center “Noosphera” to develop their own techniques in addition to the information that they have received here as a module, an algorithm. We would like to introduce you to a technique developed by Tatjana Bogdanowa. She is a doctor of neuro-surgery. She was first trained by Grigori Grabovoi and then at the center “Noosphera.” We are bringing examples from her work, because we hope that the artistic freedom she shows will excite you:

From the information field of the ultra-distant realm of one’s consciousness, one can take a living, healthy cell, a rescuer cell. We implant it into a diseased organ, where it begins to multiply.

Clockwise in the shape of a spiral, it unrolls itself and unwinds the healthy information like from a ball of twine. As it begins to increase its circumference, it displaces the diseased cells that the method described above is meant to dispel.

When you consider the fact that cancer is always seen in conjunction with an unpleasant life situation, the collapsing of the information of the life problems should be undertaken at the same time.



Information Expulsion

  1. Imagine that we push the tumor, which has been split up into its separate cells, in between and past the muscles. We take them into the space above the head (heavenly perspective) where, on the information level, there is no skin. Each cell must be expelled through a separate cylinder and the cylinders may not touch each other. This is the model of the brain. The cells that are expelled on the information level may not cut across each other, nor may they emit any nuances of light. The light impulses must be kept under control.

Model of Non-Muscular Expulsion of Information



Information of the Tumor-free Environment




  1. In the restoration process you must be able to transfer the form of the information into reality. The foundation for this work is the element of permission, allowing for this perspective to exist. The more you allow this perspective, the easier the correction to the health condition will unfold. The restoration is carried out on the basis of the phantom (on the informational level).
  2. With this we conclude our instruction. We hope that you have gained much new and perhaps for you unusual information and that you are able to take what you have read and put it to work. Everything that has been given here has been tested and has proven its effectiveness.


We, as well as our students, have reached a stage where it is possible to transform negative information and energy. But especially when the destruction in the organism has gone on for a long time and was extensive, problems on the cellular level may still remain. This is the level on which modern researchers – biologists and geneticists – find their strengths.

We are not opposed to working together and hope that with time more and more specialists will connect with our work, which leads to the complete freeing of people from illness, from aging and from prostration of their creative powers. It leads to every person experiencing him or herself as a part of existence and becoming conscious of their significance for and integration with the ENTIRE COSMOS.