"To live long and happy"

"To live long and happy"

Authors: Vitaly Tichoplav Tichoplav and Tatiana

Excerpt from the book "Planet of the free choice"

M., ACT, Astrel, 2006.


Dear readers! Tell you honestly: If you have a good loving family, then what you want most for each family member? We think that we will not err if we respond like this: Each family member health and a long, happy life. There is a local destination of every human being. All we want to live long and happy. And it may be that the local target would correspond to the global goal of every person of mankind exactly? For this is the optimal way of achieving the objective. It turns out that it may. And, in our opinion, such a goal exists today in humanity. Two thousand years before Jesus Christ has given us the knowledge of spiritual immortality, and has shown the way to attain it. It's been two thousand years and today on the planet, new knowledge appeared to have knowledge of the immortality of the physical body. Is there anyone or not, but the grandiose idea of ​​immortality in the physical body, the man was given like it, you will never forget. The goal of humanity - physical immortality, which is the dream of all people. Does this contradict the goal of God's purpose? No! God has created humanity and all of us for life. Otherwise he would not just create us. Striving for this goal, striving humanity of God after the same goal. Precisely this is the way to the Creator, but expressed in a clear and concrete form, and the essential, which is extremely desirable for everyone. We want to live, nobody wants to die, as well may be the next world. In the beginning we will not even eternity, but a sufficient enough tedious life on Earth, about 500 years. But for the work to achieve this objective, the security is necessary in their reality. And today there is such security. The preconditions for physical immortality. What is disturbing today is the great length of life? Science gives two reasons. First is that our biological "mechanism" of the physical body is just worn out, as the nodes and the items in the technical mechanisms. The second reason is the existence of the program accepted the death, which exist as well as the programs of the birth, development, Aufwachsung. In all likelihood, used both methods, the nature of death. As for the fight with the wear mechanisms, the human race has the technology in the output from the position found by the replacement of old parts and the new node. In a similar manner, the biological "mechanism" is used in medicine more and more donor organs for replacement of worn-out. We remember how mankind rejoiced when the South African doctor Christiaan Neethling Barnard someone for the first time made a heart transplant. It was the breakthrough in science, nevertheless, is that the patient soon died. Today, the heart and kidney transplantation is increasingly an everyday operation. If there would be only "spare organs". The emergency is that it is the "spare parts" is lacking, there exists a serious problem of obtaining and one has not learned all the organs to transplant. If only our own cells could renew themselves and become self in the human body to replace the need might. It is found in our body are such possibilities exist, but we know little about them. And, above all, there are the possibilities of stem cells. By the year 1990 was virtually nothing about the existence in the organism of the human stem cells is known, and today is the teaching about them in relation to the most promising technologies that will be created by the biology of the XXI century. For example, the Academician EI Chazov in his own interview with the newspaper "Arguments and facts" No. 18, 2003, says:. "We have begun to use for the treatment of sick people, the infarct stem cells, we remove it from the bone marrow and we introduce into the coronary arteries. now spreads out "cells Boom" in the whole world. But still at the stage of the clinical experiment ".


Not everyone lives in Moscow. And independently may need in the first stem cells do not occur in the coronary vessel during a heart attack? It turns out that they can. Immediately after the infarction of the bone marrow begins in the blood stem cells to reach, but its necessary amount in the blood can only be achieved on the sixth day. It is too late in the zone of damage has already formed a scar. Experiments on mice conducted by American researchers, the fantastic results of the induction also showed stem cells in 100 percent of the cases on the site of the infarct scar there was a living tissue. And because you can not, on its own stem cells through intentions of recovery act. Experiments for the informative effect on the cells that are stem cells have not yet shown that the expressed idea is not out to be absurd. Especially, the scientific school of Academician of the pamh Kaznacheev has convincingly demonstrated the ability of the people who are in the mirrors of Kozirev , was to make the remote controlled exposure to the cell cultures. It turned out that the person making remote controlled action on the growth of the cells, (slow down or speed up) to notify their disease, for example, when the infection by the virus or the poisoning. The same results were also given by the action on the root cells by the Torsionsgenerator. Thus, the results of the research that was conducted under the guidance of Academician VP Katznacheva, has been shown that with the help of Torsionsgenerator, the "turn" the essential flows to the left (counterclockwise), the effect on the tissue structure ( . human cells) leads to their active reproduction, while below the synthesis of the white blood cells according to the usual order, when changing the direction of rotation of the aether flow to the right shows the following effects: metastases (subdivision), there are not, but the Synthesis of the white blood cells in the cells and the activity of their genomes is unusually high. Even more, the experiments of the informational impact of man on the cell structure without any additional resources are interesting, as a result, depending on the intellectual mission, either to duplicated the cells transformed are, or were the action against the virus.


Doctor of physical-mathematical sciences, the senior staff of the Institute of Molecular Biology, WA Engelgard RAN Poletaev AW has in the walls of the Academy of Sciences, a series of experiments on the effects of mental Arepjev Igor, a man who has unique skills, act on the cells of humans, carried out that have been grown in artificial conditions. Arepjev was proposed to "look", in applying his skills and his Hell See Homer method looks the same as the culture of human cells screened. Igor Arepjev has described in detail "the seen image" and has suggested that acting on the cells to accelerate their division, has simultaneously made aware how the cells will look like in two days: as grapes, which filled most of the perimeter have that in store for them to develop. "After cell stimulation, which were brought from another building, which was located at a distance longer than 100 meters from the place where was the experiment carried out were returned, and the following three days were they subjected to analysis: under a microscope was considered her image, by means of laser Zytrofluoriment the speed was analyzed with which shared this cell culture The results were as follows:. after exposure to Igor Arepjev on these cells culture, the cells have begun to double at a much faster and namely: the doubling of the cells is thought about in 12 hours instead of 28 hour as it did, and after 2 days they have filled in all the practical space where they could grow up under the microscope, they looked just like grapes.. have completed the whole view area of ​​the microscope. Without the process of stimulation is needed to these cells to grow to this size for 3 or 4 days, but they have carried out the plan of multiplication in 2 days. "No less interesting is another experiment, the was also conducted at the Institute of Molecular Biology RAN. AI Poletaev, Igor Arepjev invited "real" look at under the microscope, the preparations of human chromosomes. Igor Arepjev that has extraordinary properties of the clairvoyant abilities, in many cases the chromosomes of its patients seen, but just wanted passionately to see the picture you see the geneticists under the microscope, the chromosomes of research and reconstruction inherited diseases associated with them. And have such a possibility provided the scientists Igor Arepjev.

Looking at the electron microscope, has started a new Arepjev give immediate information about the people from the cells whose chromosomes have been given the drugs, partly through his illness and the remedies with which we dealt with these people.

AI Poletaev writes: "It was quite interesting, because this information to the news of the cell culture from which the chromosome preparations were received, concurred (the culture was received from the Russian medical center).

Next Igor Arepjev was shown no more chromosomes, but cells that were used for specific biotechnological experiments. Igor Arepjev quickly began to worry, and has indicated to us that these cells are poisoned by something extremely unpleasant. Employee who has prepared these preparations, has admitted that really, in preparing these preparations, a radioactive label was used, radioactive tritium. Then Igor Arepjev has said that there are not only the tritium-this is only an inconvenience, which exist in this preparation. The employee fell into confusion, and has admitted that in this preparation is also a radioactive carbon. It was the truth. Igor Arepjev has described, in which visual figures he has seen in this preparation, additional elements may be not in normal cells. "

The conducted experiments confirm the ability of Igor Arepjev various diseases to diagnose. In the center of intellectual technologies "Arigor" (Moscow) has collected a large amount of medical documents, which testify not only accurate diagnosis of diseases, but also about the amazing healing the sick, who have garment for the help of Igor Arepjev.

If you look through the collection of these documents, you can see the results of research before beginning the healing of Igor Arepjev and after its action, we read the words of human gratitude, confusion, and you take. It will disappear nodes of the thyroid, fibroids, cysts of the uterus and ovaries disappear, as well as intermediate-spinal fractures occur in the norms, the structure and size of the prostate, it will normalize the parameters of the blood and all thanks to the informative effect of Igor Arepjev. Let me think: to live an ordinary life, dealing with their own work, and in that time will be treated. And you should only go through the check in a certain time, so it is convinced of his own healing.

Here's the quote from the testimony of a patient. She writes: "I've got problems with my health. First I turned to the regional hospital, and then I was transferred to the oncology health care guide Razansk office of the city where I was the established diagnosis confirmed. There, my surgery was proposed. I turned to Igor Arepjev that I began to treat without any physical action. At each stage of the treatment my condition was monitored by medical research.


The first analysis (ultrasonic inspection in Cardiology sanatorium "Podlipki") has shown that I am still of the fibroid uterus and recharge in the area of ​​the left ovary is present. The next test I took in his own district, this research has shown that the fibroid uterus and ovarian cysts change in 5-6 weeks is available. The next test I took in just two weeks, and then at me is just a coalescence in the female organs remained. The last study I did in the Institute of Obstetrics and Gynecology in Moscow. Here I was given the conclusion that my female organs without pathological formations, are without changes. I feel very good. "

And here's a quote about his own magical cure for Elena, who was examined at the Medical Centre of the Bank of Russia (Moscow) and was found where with her a cyst in the ovary, Gemahngenome in liver cyst in the pancreas and stones in the gall bladder. Seceded from the surgery and chemotherapy, she turned to Igor Arepjev.

"You came here for help. Here in this center, you have to say straight to work and live true magician. Very attentive and very patient in relation to us. Then, starting from about November of last year until today, has in my health improves considerably. According to data from the investigation are no stones in the gallbladder, the cyst is missing in the ovary, Gemahngenome missing in the liver, there is no cyst in the pancreas. "

Is it any wonder? If it would go against the will of God, would that miracle never happened. But if it can only make a person, it means that it is possible in principle. Consequently, one must study the phenomenon of Arepjev with the intention of training to all the doctors should first make it, and use with the intention of the formation of the corresponding equipment. For these and other unique results that still have their own scientific explanation necessary to confirm the open nature of informational medicine, open up magnificent view of the struggle with the disease, and consequently, the prospect of lengthening duration of life. But it is still the Vormärchen, and the tale is the regeneration of organs.

The regeneration of the institutions - the prelude of physical immortality. Science can not regenerate the human organism from the distant organs, and the science does not recognize such a possibility at times. Therefore, there is no precise explanation of the unique methods of cultivation of the organs. But one can assume that with the help of the informational technologies influence, developed by Igor Arepjev, it is possible to activate the stem cells, just the universal cells from which the organism builds any tissue, leading to the missing fragment Aufwachsung the organ or an entire organ. The uniqueness of the process of regeneration is not only that the organism stem cells Arepjev "John Rambo", and, acting on intellectually forces them to reproduce, but also the fact that he is ready to bring them a piece of information "command" to give as to which organ you have just created. And started out as one of the patients Arepjev previously removed gallbladder has to "grow", is just a grown gall bladder, kidney, and no third or second appendix.

First, Igor Arepjev only organs that are made of soft fabrics regenerated and now he has already learned how to restore bone tissue.

His own methods of healing and regeneration of the organs he describes in the book "Legacy of the future. The Bible of the future." Unfortunately, scientists can see the "whole" these technologies do not see why not, because you do not want to, but because You do not have the capability of the "vision", as we must at the level of cells and chromosomes work, unnecessary equipment is not there.

To understand at which level works Arepjev Igor, we have decided to give a description of the image that he "sees", "when traveling in the organism of man."


"I went and saw a large amount of negative information cells. They were stuck together like as if a force they did. It was the modified cells? This structure had individual adhesions in different directions. Furthermore, I also saw that hide what is in these cells: a strange cold container.

I went and looked - in some damaged cells had been destroyed the membrane. And I saw the whole structure of the cell, and they did not appear. They touched even the protection of the organism is not as if she did not notice ... I went and saw a small dark cells of some species. Dark, because there was a dark spot inside of them that had spread throughout the cell. And near I saw similar cells, but denser, heavier and larger.


Next I saw something like a battle. The small dark cells are attacked and began to destroy the red blood cells that carried the life. The large dark cells in the bone tissue is penetrated, the red cells during their simultaneous reproduction destructive, held on the fragmentation of the original cells, which were transparent in the white tissue.

Thus they violated the process of exchanging signals, contributing to the destruction of the compound and the systems of the organism ... I went and saw a different type of abnormal cells. They had receptors, such as arbors, and thus picked other cells, forced their way inside and changed it. These modified cells were directed only where there is only large bodies and where their migration spread in the formation of small protective cells that make up the organs, tissues, containers. This cell left behind by an education to other education a way - and was clearly visible in the organism. I went and saw that there were cells that stretched, grew, and a very rapid growth in the upper part of the body imagine provoked. These cells have evolved under the influence of the negative opinion - they suppressed the signals of this or other controlling center.

I saw cell next to me, she looked and changed it. I understand that I have sufficient speed for understanding, for diagnostics, have achieved for the restoration and for the rescue. But I also knew that something was missing. I looked around and saw other modified cells. And thought, where they come from? Can it really be that of distorted consciousness in the mind as if tears would arise? There was a darkness, there was a negative, which later showed itself on the physical plane. And if you do not umändert him, not by the level of the soul and spirit, transforms, and awareness in positive direction - it will not convert on its own.

I saw the Creator. And my sphere of light began to grow. The rays of light have started from the physical body of the Creator is to leave from. And wherever the rays ranged created a harmony and normalization of the events of the physical reality, and the most important thing was on the level of an original soul-saving. The concentration on the physical body of the single led of God to change the physical, bodily and mental structure of the original personality, it led to harmony, to the positive resolution of the tasks.

And God said, you learned with the idea of ​​a thought-form to form and organize them-an informational form and structure have to give it also to convert .. The standardized mental impulse - Provides information on any object at any distance from her again, because the eternal structures are constructed on the basis of light ".

Thus, in the organism "traveling", changing the cells to multiply and absolutely on any field to be at the required location and the correct program, breeds Igor Arepjev distant organs or their fragments. Examples of the regeneration of the previously removed gallbladder, ovary, thyroid, recovery of the deformed vertebrae, which were confirmed by the medical documents, there are many such examples in the center "Arigor", but particularly shatter the examples of regeneration Reproductive organs, to restore their functions that pregnancy and birth of children.

Says Suzanne Meditovna writes from Crimea: "Over the course of thirteen years, I could not have a child and after my two surgeries were done (I removed the ovary and left ovary), the doctors have given the finding that I never a mother. will be. In February of 2002, I turned to Igor Arepjev with these problems. In October, I made another trip to Moscow and after arriving home in November of that year, I did an ultrasound, the regeneration of the removed organs and confirmed the presence of seven weeks pregnant, has. And in the time appointed I became a mother. Here is the record of the birth of my daughter. I've got a daughter, I am very grateful. I have no words.

Documents, the former operations after the removal of reproductive organs and confirm the regeneration of these organs, and the birth of a child, I have given to the fund by Igor Arepjev. And here is my daughter! Now she's almost two months old, I am very grateful Arepjev Igor ".

What is happening here? It is unusual, as every fairy tale, it is a real miracle! Up to tears, it is offensive that science is forced to stand by the way, and at best to be silent, and the worst that - with foam in the mouth, to prove that "can not be, because it can never be" to them. Time has reviewed the science of the phenomenal abilities of Ninel Kalugin is not correct, accusing them in fraud. Today she sincerely regrets about his own awkwardness, but, after all, it looks like science has learned nothing from their mistakes.

But a unique work of Igor Arepjev after healing informative, and especially after the phenomenal regeneration of organs, which is a prelude to physical immortality. Still only organs to be regenerated (but they will not regenerate!), And one day, even the physical body will be regenerated as a whole. And death will die simply because of uselessness. If you consider that the intentions a crucial role to play in the formation of reality, then all of us, who do not want to die, it is simply necessary to think about physical immortality, any information that is associated with her to study. The more so that rational science has over the reality of the achievement of physical immortality, in the near future, seriously speaking.

The statement "Long and Happy Life" from the book "Planet of the free choice" was translated by Dimitri Eletski center "Svet" in the German language.

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