LSU suction device Laerdal Suction Unit

LSU suction device Laerdal Suction Unit

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Suction device Laerdal Suction unit LSU

Portable and high-conductive pump with
1x multi-way canister, 1x power supply cable, 
No other accessories

Suction power: Over 500 mmHg

Luftstrom>25 LPM

Maximum suction performance: 500+mmHg (67kPA)

Vakum area: 80-500+mmHg(11-67 kPa)

Volume: 46-56 dBA (80-500 mmHg)

Capacity: 1000 ml and 1200 ml

Condition: used, feasts strong sense of useCracks on the housing, a missing part - but no effect on functionality, tested and functional, for sale as pictured!

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