Viessmann 5241 decoder with cause

Viessmann 5241 decoder with cause

Product no.: Viessmann 5241 Decoder m. Stiften

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Itemnumber: 5241

Description: DCC/Motorola Decoder with cause

                                Load-controlled and RailCom-capable miniature multi-protocol locomotive decoder for DC, NMRA-DCC (2- and 4-digit addresses) and Märklin Motorola (old / new) with automatic format recognition. Adjustable minimum, medium and maximum speeds, plus a freely programmable ride level table (28 levels, interpolated for 128 speed levels), adjustable high-frequency load control, also suitable for bell armature motors, with 14, 28 and 128 speed ranges. Motor current 0.5 A continuous, 0.8 A max., 2 directional light outputs with additional functions: Function mapping (freely programmable function key assignment), dimming, flashing, uncoupler. Shunting gear (deactivated acceleration and braking ramp). The total load capacity of the function outputs is 300 mA. All outputs are overload protected, the decoder is additionally protected against overheating. It has a SUSI interface and a connection for energy storage, each on solder pads. Decoder like Art. 5240, but with 6-pin plug to NEM 651 S. Dimensions incl. Plug: L approx. 16 x W 9.5 x H 2.6 mm.



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