Viessmann 5233 Feedback decoder + occupancey d.

Product no.: Viessmann 5233 Rückmeldedecoder + Gleibesetztm.

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Itemnumber: 5233

Description: Feedback decoder with track occupancey detector

                                 Compatible with the Viessmann Commander, Märklin Digital System (Märklin Interface and Memory), the Intellibox by Uhlenbrock and the Twin Center by Fleischmann. The 8 inputs of the decoder can be connected directly to the track sections to be monitored for track occupancy or to trigger memory or IB switch switching functions and routes in the Commander. Integrated electronic track occupancy detectors record each on-board vehicle (locomotives, lighted or drag wagons) on these isolated sections. For this purpose, the center conductor is insulated in the case of three-conductor systems or a rail profile in two-conductor systems. Optocouplers in the module increase operational safety. In addition, the track voltage is monitored, thus the busy messages remain even in case of power failure. A 15 cm long flat cable with s88 plug is included.


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