Vollmer 47636 Kit Railwaymen residential building

Vollmer 47636 Kit Railwaymen residential building

Product no.: Vollmer 47636 Bausatz Eisenbahner Wohnhaus

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Itemnumber: 47636

Description: Kit railwaymen residential building, Corner House

The Eisenbahner residential buildings are stately buildings from around the turn of the 20th century. Due to the brick construction, the houses look rustic and at the same time you can feel the romance of the industrial age. The cheap apartments for railway employees were and are positioned near the track system. The brick is not only at home in northern Germany, but was used everywhere due to its high resistance. With the residential buildings Art. 47636, 47640 and 47641 interesting railway workers residential district can be designed. Dimensions: L 8.6 x W 8.6 x H 12 cm.



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