Vollmer 47760 Kit Stadtkirche Stuttgart Berg

Vollmer 47760 Kit Stadtkirche Stuttgart Berg

Product no.: Vollmer 47760 Bausatz Stadtkirche Stuttgart Berg

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Itemnumber: 47760

Description: Kit Stadtkirche Stuttgart Berg

The model of this Vollmer model can look back on a turbulent past. As early as 1235, a church is said to have stood on the hill on the western bank of the Neckar. It was followed in 1470 initially by a new building in the Gothic style, which was replaced in the mid-19th century by a neo-Gothic church. After the almost total destruction in the 2nd World War, the church was finally rebuilt in 1954/55, so that their appearance today hardly differs from the neo-Gothic predecessor. Suitable for the church there is the staircase Art. 47759. Dimensions: L 20 x W 10 x H 26.5 cm.



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