Race Car Series 2020 - Engine Set - SPECIAL OFFER

Race Car Series 2020 - Engine Set - SPECIAL OFFER

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Standard Engine, Exhaust Steel, Airbox Plastic

Speziell Offer for the RACE CAR SERIES 2020 - everybody has the opportunity to by each one set "Engine" and one set "Body" for a special price. Only requirement is, you have to sign in to the RACE CAR SERIES and participate in 2 races in 2020. After that you get your 25% discount value as a voucher.

Products: Zenoah G230 or G240, Exhaust Steel, AIrbox Plastic, 

Parts can be limited due to high request, this can increase the lead time. As long as stock last

Thanks to the supporting companies MIELKE, SAMBA, T2M / FG, GENIUS

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