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The concept of dual-energetic martensite (CODEM) for the shape memory phenomena

The CODEM is a theoretical, experimental and application-related treatise on the subject of "Martensitic transformations in shape memory alloys" by Viktor Eduard Dr. Prieb. Dr. rer. nat. Prieb is a physicist-experimenter who studied physics at the Universities of Novosibirsk and Tomsk (solid state physics), an expert in the field of "shape memory" with 45 years of experience. His semester thesis from 1974 already dealt with this phenomenon. After his resettlement to Germany (1990), he researchs in the same field at the TU Berlin and in his own company. In the years 1995-2010 applied for and acquired five German and international patents and utility models, which can also be found in the appendix to this book.

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Моё учение о научно-поэтическом переводе

из опыта и на примера моих переводов «Фауста» на русский и «Евгения Онегина» на немецкий и других.

Артикул: 2012

Theoretical and experimental fundamental research of shape memory alloys dilatation in the temperature range of stress-free forward and reverse martensitic transformations.

Артикул: 2011


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