with music

with music

An integrated music box, driven ba a third weight, plays one out of two melodies every hour. Moreover these third weight is mostly used for further functions like e.g. a turning whaterwheel of moving figures.

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Product no.: H200

Black Forest house with carved baseplate, a moving woodchopper and a lot of amimals.

$919.90 *

Currently unavailable

Product no.: H110

Dark colored hand-painted Black Forest house with white timber framework and a moving woodchopper.

$789.90 *

Still in stock

Product no.: C600

Particularely decorated, white, bavarian Chalet with handpainted front, moving musicians and beerdrinkers which raise their glasses.

$839.90 *

Still in stock

Product no.: H111

Hand-painted Black Forest house with carved woodchopper and a small wiener dog beside a moving water wheel.

$785.80 *

In stock

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