Compressor controls

Compressor controls

For every operational situation Mühlbauer air pressure engineering offers the suitable compressor control. To maximum 32 (32) compressors of different delivery volumes, makes and types can be adapted power-saving of every operational situation automatically. By minimise of the pressure tapes and largest avoidance of expensive postterms modern control systems work the way up extremely economically, the investment in such a control armotisiert already after a short time.

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RennerTronic control

The pressure regulation occurs within two adjustable pressure tapes. The borders of the pressure are given.


can be shipped within ca.3-4 days

RennerTronic plus control

The compressor control with enlarged functions. Real-time clock, basic load change circuit and a lot more.

can be shipped within ca.3-4 days

Phase sequence relay

Phase result relay for the rotation direction supervision in Scroll compressors and screw compressors.

Delta connection 3-4 kW

Delta connector to the lighter approach the electric motor. Avoids stream points. For engine to 4.0 kW.

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