Roll Shell

Roll Shell


We deliver roll shells for all type of pellet mills in dimpled or corrugated version. Our standard material is C50 and the reinforced version is in 100Cr6 quality. All roll shells are honed to N6 at the fitting  and have a perfect running true

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Product no.: MUY-100

Muyang MUZL 1200  ROLL SHELL 
dimpled or corrugated 
Standard Material: standard steel C50, HRC 62

Product no.: BU-120

Bühler/ Buhler DPHD 660.228

dimpled or corrugated
Standard-Material: standard steel C50, HRC 62

Product no.: BU-121

dimpled or corrugated
right rifling or left rifling
inside Ø 290mm, fit N6
Material 100Cr6, HRC 62



Product no.: CPM-151

CPM 7930-4 press roll
dimpled or corrugated
for wood dies
Standard-Material: standard steel C50 HRC 62