Stickmix Almondo 1kg

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10 kg = 44.90 €

10 kg = 44.90 €

With crushed baits Our Stickmix Almondo is aimed at anyone looking for a perfect complement to the Almondo Boilie. An enrichment for any instant angler and for those who use a PVA stick as protection against Vertüddeln. But even as a groundbait this stickmix is ​​not to be despised! Stickmix dry! This sticky mix must be moistened for processing. For this purpose, seawater is ideal, unless you want to use PVA material. Some salt in the water fixes the problem with dissolving the PVA. For fishing with PVA, we also offer liquids that do not attack the PVA. Of course, there is the liquid matching the mix suitable from the same range

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