Trainsimulator Routes

Trainsimulator Routes

Discover the world of the railway on our extensive railway network.

All routes are compatible with the Train Simulator Classic from Dovetail Games.

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The Nuremberg-Munich high-speed railway allows you to carry a ICE at speeds of up to 300 Km / h.
Imagine this challenging challange.

Munich-Nuremberg Express - so is the name of the regional express line from Munich to Ingolstadt
to Nuremberg. 200 km / h Maximum speed these sets are on this line so as fastest commuter trains
Germany on track.

9.95 *

The Elbtalbahn is a double-track, electrified mainline and a part of the long-haul link Prague-Dresden and belongs therefore to the most important European railways. It runs from Dresden to Pirna and then along the Elbvalley through Schandau to Schöna.

Position yourselves to the challenge and master the challenges in the everyday life of a train driver.

29.95 *

The Vogelfluglinie was named after the way which the birds of passage choose since millenniums if they move in the spring to the breeding places in the north and in autumn again to the winter accommodations in the south. Railway and Europastrasse 4 lead from Hamburg via Lübeck and the 963-metre-long Fehmarn sound bridge to Puttgarden on Fehmarn. The bird's airline forms over Fehmarn one of the most important international connection for European trains, e.g., from Copenhagen to Paris

29.95 *

Enjoy a 72 km ride through the beautiful nature of the Eifel range. This stretch of section from Gerolstein to Trier follows the course of the idyllic Kyll along the Kylltal in its unique vegetation. In this version of the track the BR 644 from GBE is included.

29.95 *

Free decoupling of the BR644 tasks.

Of Trier-Gerolstein

For the customers, who have already purchased the GBE BR644, here again the uncoupled tasks from the Trier-Gerolstein route.

0.00 *

Already in 1846 was based in Düren a railway committee to build with the aim of a railway line from Düren to Trier. The planned route should follow the Rurtal to Heimbach and further follow from there on Schleiden the valleys of the Eifel. Eventually, the plan was discarded and built the Eifelstrecke about Euskirchen
and not about Heimbach.

19.95 *

"Klar Kimming - Clear horizon" - this is how the Frisians describe the vastness of their beautiful country. Here at the very top in the north of Germany, the word vastness develops its own meaning. Experience this vacation paradise in the everyday life of a train driver with this addon!

29.95 *
Founded as the Kiel-Eckernförde-Flensburg Railway Company (KEFE), the line was realised on 13 June 1878.
Along the Baltic Sea, this railway line connects the state capital Kiel with the rum city of Flensburg.
The journey time is 75 minutes on the non-electrified 80 km long line.
29.95 *

The Eiderstedtquerbahn Husum-Bad St. Peter-Ording is a 44 km long, single-track, non-electrified branch line in Schleswig-Holstein. This line connects the North Frisian town of Husum with important towns on the Eiderstedt peninsula, including Tönning, Garding and Sankt Peter-Ording.

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