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The GBE Rurtalbahn 2.0


Already in 1846 was based in Düren a railway committee to build with the aim of
a railway line from Düren to Trier. The planned route should follow the Rurtal to Heimbach
and further follow from there on Schleiden the valleys of the Eifel.

Eventually, the plan was discarded and built the Eifelstrecke about Euskirchen
and not about Heimbach.

The GBE Rurtalbahn 2.0 offers you the possibility to 30 kilometers the flair and
the stunning atmosphere around the Rurtal recreate reality.
Move the Regioshuttle BR650 by excessive curves and pay attention to the signals.

The track is completely PZB90 equipped and fully functional with Schuster signals
of the latest version.




++ RS1 Regio Shuttle included. (Including rudimentary PZB and Sifa device)

++ 6 standard tasks (Including announcements)

++ QuickDrive and "Quickplay"
++ GBE Roos and container trucks

++ Curve peaks

++ New GBE vegetation




++ Train Simulator 16 (Steam)

++ European Loco and Asset Pack (Steam)


19.95 *
* Prices incl. VAT, plus delivery