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The Vogelfluglinie
The Vogelfluglinie was named after the way which the birds of passage choose since millenniums if they move in the spring to the breeding places in the north and in autumn again to the winter accommodations in the south. Railway and Europastrasse 4 lead from Hamburg via Lübeck and the 963-metre-long Fehmarn sound bridge to Puttgarden on Fehmarn. The bird's airline forms over Fehmarn one of the most important international connection for European trains, e.g., from Copenhagen to Paris
Please, get, doors close!
This distance leads from Lübeck via Oldenburg to Fehmarn to reach  Puttgarden. The areas of Lübeck and Puttgarden offer to the virtual railway employee numerous possibilities to experience the shunting traffic after. Unload the running ferries in Puttgarden and put together the suitable trains.


The addon contains also a dmu of the class ic3 and also a german dmu of the class 628. The 628 contains Sifa, PZB and controlable destination boards.

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