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The ICE 1 is the first generation of high-speed Intercity Express (ICE) passenger long-distance trains.This multiple unit also operates on the Swiss network across borders

Krauss-Maffei was commissioned in 1988 with the development and construction. The series designation is series 401.

On 2 June 1991, the ICE era begins.

Up to 280 km / h, the trainsets used are planned to consist of two power cars (401 series) and up to 14 intermediate cars of the 801 to 804 series. Occasionally, they are 
combined with power cars (402 series) and second class middle cars (806 series) of the ICE 2. 

- PZB 90
- swiss compatible

- Ebula manager

- 2 scenarios are included


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Free full-featured, time-limited DEMO

Just run gbe_ice1_installer_v1_01_demo.exe.

In the Trainsimulator select Quick Game, select ICE Demo and start driving.

Good luck from your GBE team
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The 412 ICE 4 series Version 1.04
Now with Ebula

Top Speed now 265 km/h.
Also the klimate version with green strips is included.

The ICE 4 is the new generation of Intercity Express (ICE) high-speed trains for passenger traffic.
Siemens Mobility was commissioned with the development and construction in 2011. The series designation is series 412.
A twelve-part variant is to be used and a seven-part variant is to be used.
The seven-part variant has three driven cars. 456 seats are offered over a length of 200 meters. The top speed is 230 km / h.
The twelve-wheel drive trains have six powered wagons and offers 830 seats on a length of 346 meters. The top speed is 250 km / h.

The 412 ICE 4 series
- two Quickdrive cable ties (7 and 12 pieces)
PZB 90
- Ebula
- 4 Scenarios are included
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