GBE EXTRA 2 " The Marschbahn"

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GBE Extra 2
GBE Extra 2 brings you back four new and exciting scenarios. This time with the 218 series on the march track on the way and experience the everyday life between Husum and Westerland.
- Train Simulator 2018
- GBE KBS 130 Marschbahn 3.0
- European Loco & Asset Pack
- BR 218 Steam
Terms of reference:

GBE-EX2 + RE 6 Hamburg Westerland
In the rush hour, the regional express goes from Husum to Westerland with stops at all train stations.

GBE-EX2 + RE 6 Westerland Hamburg
It is Sunday and the return journey to the mainland begins. You drive the regional express from Westerland to Hamburg. In Husum your colleague will replace you.

GBE-EX2 + IC 2072
In the middle of autumn you drive the Intercity 2072 from Husum to Westerland. They start with 15 minutes delay. Will you be able to catch up and reach Westerland punctually?

GBE-EX2 + Syltshuttle AS 1419
Winter has a firm grip on Germany's north. It is bitterly cold and snowing. Nevertheless, bring the Sylt shuttle on time from Westerland to Niebüll.

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