GBE Cologne-Koblenz Plus Pack Vol.2 Expert-Line Version

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GBE Cologne-Koblenz Plus Pack Vol.2 Expert-Line Version

Note: Mobile models of Expert-Line vehicles are not for beginners
suitable in TS.
Please read the manuals for the vehicles, which the manufacturer virtual railroads
the corresponding vehicles with supplies.

Drive 6 exciting tasks on the route Cologne-Koblenz.
To use are the local and long distance, and an extremely heavy container train.
You decide whether you want a Intercity individual cities
use or move to individual breakpoints in transport with the regional train.


++ Whole 6.5 hours gameplay
++ Different degrees of difficulty
++ train announcements


++ 16 Train Simulator full version (Steam)
++ Dispolok BR 189 Loco Add-On (Steam)
++ DB BR120 / Bpmbdzf IC EL (virtual railroads)
++ 111 series Regio EL (virtual railroads)

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