Das GBE Loko Paket Vol.1.0

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We wish you a lot driving pleasure with our currently offered locomotives package.
In this package all previously published under GBE vehicles contained summarized.

For contents of the package:

The Munich-Nuremberg Express
(Note: The Munich-Nuremberg Express is included in the routes Addon Ingolstadt-Nuremberg.)
Included in the package:
++ The MNE control car
++ Wagon IC ABvmsz 184.0
++ Wagon IC Bpmz 295.4
++ Wagon IC Bpmz 295.8
++ QuickDrive (Quickplay)
The cab control car has the Sifa function, as well as a rudimentary (Implied) PZB.

Dostos RE160 S-Bahn Dresden

(Note, this train set is already in the Addon Dresden-Schöna included)

Included in the package is the set:

+++ Mobile control car DABpbzfa 767.2 in the 1st and 2nd class class
+++ Wagon DABpza 758.0 in the 1st and 2nd class
+++ Wagon DABpza 785.1 in the 1st class
+++ Wagon Dabpza 780.0 in 2nd class

Other features of Dostos:

+++ Mobile control car
+++ QuickDrive
+++ Sifa function
+++ Simplified PZB (AWS)
+++ Door closing sound
+++ Passenger view

The 110 series in the following variants:

+++ BR110 Blue
+++ BR110 Blue / Silver
+++ BR110 Blue / Beige
+++ BR110 Red / Beige
+++ BR110 traffic red

+++ All vehicles QuickDrive compatible.
+++ Rudimentary PZB (AWS)

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