GBE Saxionia-Wanderer Express

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GBE Weekend Action Package

In the VVO double-decker controled car, you take the Saxonia Wanderer Express from Schöna via Dresden to Riesa.

- 2 related tasks from Schöna via Dresden to Riesa
- Approx. 100 minutes of playing time divided into 50 minutes
- Train announcements with "Saxon dialect" included

- Train Simulator 20xx
- Route: Through the Elbe Valley from Dresden to Schöna (available in the online shop)
- Route: Riesa Dresden railway (available from Steam)
- Free GBE freight wagons must be installed (available in the online shop)
- European Loco & Asset Pack (available on Steam) *

* This product is already included in many DLCs, among others. at Hagen Siegen / Ruhr-Sieg-Line


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