BR 120 (Taigatrommel)

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The class 120 of the German Reichsbahn Vers1.1

The class 120 of the German Reichsbahn was built for the GDR variant of the Soviet locomotive M62.
The locomotive was intended from the beginning for the heavy freight train service. Without train heating, it was occasionally tensioned before passenger trains only during the summer months. The top speed is 100 km / h.
For museum purposes, the Deutsche Bahn AG still has seven copies of this series.


ZAE tanker
So that the BR 120 has something to pull in the Train Simulator, we deliver tank trucks of the genus ZAE. 
These are available in three levels of cleanliness. In addition, there is a variant of the car with RandomSkin function. In this case, a cleanliness level is chosen randomly when placing the car, so that each train looks different.

In addition:

2 scenarios on the GBE route Dresden-Schöna
Version 1.1
-Better visible glass panels installed
- Adapted axes so that they no longer hang in the track

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