Married-Pair Waggons Vol.1

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From Hamburg up to Westerland, the Married-Pair cars have been successfully forming the backbone of the near traffic on the Marschbahn for many years now. The addon "Married-Pair Wagons Vol.1" represents the current state of the wagons since the takeover of Deutsche Bahn.

The train set is rounded off by the included class 245, which is of course drivable. This is a visually revised version of our existing model.

Two scenarios for our "Marschbahn 3.0" route are included so that you can drive the waggons right out of the box. Ebula timetables are available for the scenarios.



++++++ Train protection system PZB 90

++++++ Train protection system Sifa

++++++ Quickdrive consists included

++++++ adjustable train destination display

++++++ Ebula

++++++ Standard TS effects ( camera / weather effects )

++++++ 2 exciting tasks on the track Marschbahn 3.0 (track not included)


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